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The Future of Mobile - MOCOM 2020

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You can only create, what you can imagine. In the year 2020 mobile media and communication has radically transformed the economy and our daily living unimaginable in an earlier age. Everyone has access to information on his mobile devices and contributes to the community. However the media as you know it has exceeded to exist, mobile has turned the world into an global information hub and has opened radical new business opportunities. The 21st century has unclosed the power of the information age, looking back to a not so distant past. The road to the mobile media revolution began at the beginning of the 20th century. 1906 the first US Patent for a wireless phone was registered. 1973 the first mobile phone call was placed in New York City. 1979 the first commercial mobile phones were presented in Tokyo. 1982 Nokia introduced its first portable phone. 1991 the first GSM network opened in Finland. 1998 the first mobile content, a ringtone, was sold. 1999 the Blackberry was introduced starting the era of mobile E-Mail. 2001 the third generation of mobile phones was launched in Japan. 2007 we reached over 3 billion mobile phone subscribers. The introduction of the iPhone is the start of the Touch-Device era. 2008 over 1 billion people have access to the internet, while 600 million people have access to the web through their mobile handset. 2009 the social network facebook welcomed its 200 millionst user, while twitter has become a mass-phenomena. We reach more than 4 billion mobile phone subscribers. 2010 the offline and online worlds are getting closer. Mixed Reality is enriching the mobile experience. 2011 build in sensors, like GPS, temperature, humidity, light- or compass-chips, create new mobile business ecosystems - the sensorconomy.   2012 we reach the barrier of 1 Trillion Networked Devices. Machine 2 Machine  (M2M) communication, Smart Objects, Ubiquitous Computing create the Internet of things.   2013 is the year of mobile broadband. LTE is offering up to 50 Megabyte of network capacity for each users. People are living in the "smart cloud." 2014 India, Africa and other emerging markets have reached 70% penetration rate. 2015 Mobile Payment is becoming a mass phenomena, driven by Near Field Communication (NFC). Devices are adapting to our lifestyles and environments - its the start of the physically personal device. Nanotechnologies enable physical transformation according to their use and complete personalization in the process. 2016 the NY Times stops the delivery of printed newspapers and offers ePaper Readers for 1 USD. News Corp., Burda, Springer and other publishing companies follow in 2017. Everyone reads the news on plastic paper and updates it on the go.  2017 is the climax of the mobile economy boom. The market of mobile media is bigger than all the other media channels together. This year the introduction of Multi-Language with Instant Translation is bringing down the global information barriers for text and voice communication. 2018 the US Governments starts an initiative to increase mobile public security, the Mobile Agenda. The location and mobile data streams of each person will be tracked, analyzed and saved. We reach more than 8 billion people worldwide, 5 billion have a mobile phone, 2.5 billion including mobile internet access. The generation of "digital natives" has entered the business world. 2019 Privacy, Information Access and Control have become essential issues in the worlds economy. Cybersecurity has become one of the most critical issues. In the year 2020 our world of mobile media is disruptive, engaging, interactive and controversial but truly international. It is up to you how our future will look like. Don't lean back, be active and shape the environment of the future of mobile media and communication. Mocom 2020 is an open think tank to envision the future of mobile media and communication. Join the conversation at

Video Details

Duration: 5 minutes
Year: 2009
Country: Germany
Language: English
Director: Monty Metzger - Ahead of Time
Views: 10,412
Posted by: montymetzger on May 14, 2009

Ahead of Time in cooperation with SIMYO present MOCOM 2020 - a collaborative vision of the future of mobile media in the year 2020.

MOCOM 2020 is an open think tank for mobile media worldwide. More information at

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