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Atlanta 2010.07.25 | Testimonials for Eric Hamel | Témoignages pour Eric Hamel

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Ascension Workshop | Testimonials Well, I only heard about Eric, yesterday! My parents told me about him, and I was like: "Okay I think it's a good idea to go!" Because, honestly, ... there is anything better I could possibly do with my time. Then to go, and listen to someone, who understands these things, ... you know! Really get in tune with yourself in just a short amount of time. when usually it takes me a little bit of time to get into a center. But with the energy in the room, it was a lot easier And, there is definitely, as he described it, in segments, it definitely felt like there are processes that were going on spiritually And the most unique one that I ... they are all unique ... but I meant to say that at the end, the overwhelming feeling of just energy and light if you want to say bliss, you know, coming out of it And, as soon as he would say that, he would say "It's complete now!" Oh! How did you know?! You know! So that was really cool! I liked that a lot! I must have had a few experiences like the speaker in the past I feel, this is not the place, I belong somewhere else, Started feeling that need for going to a different frequency And, I did start doing that a few years back, about 7 to 8 years back And, reached a very good vibrational frequencies at one point But then, this workshop has been a very strong way, to go back to those energies. And, get rid of some of the things I have probably put on after reaching those frequencies in the past. So, this puts me back right there, and feels exactly the same way, that it did, when I had an epiphany, a few years back! I was aware of the feelings in my body, just as muscular tensions. It was interesting to think the thoughts and express gratitude towards the way I felt love it and then let it go, well, the letting go part kind of just happened. And, aside from that, I noticed my ego playing games, and that was funny! So you were experiencing the sort of thing he was describing? Oh! Absolutely, yeah! It was an interesting way to pray! So, I appreciated learning that. Oh, you've been doing a fantastic job, Eric... You should continue to do that! And probably make more Eric in the world. Thank you for the wonderful message and this wonderful recharging session. It feels that deep down inside, I always knew what you were talking about. But it needed to be heard by you I guess for it to be put actually into actions. So, thank you for this wonderful session! I do feel lighter. I guess that I have concerns. My concerns are making me think: "mmmm, I wonder if that will stay with me", you know. It's great, to have such a person here Because, we feel that all of our questions are answered And, all that we wanted to know, we are getting today And, it's not only theory, we started doing it And the good thing, that I have already discussed with my friends, is that it goes in harmony, with what we already experience in life And with what's Neeta is talking about And, it's been such a great day, and such a great contribution We really feel different. And it's only half of the day! So, I'm looking forward for what another half of the day is! But, what a great personality! What an amazing leader! You can go with him, and just change your life! And experience amazing things, every minute! Thank you very much, for your service and your work, I appreciate it! I am a lot calmer now, then I was when I got here. And, I am able to think straight, more straight then I was able to when I got here. So there is definitely a noticeable effect. It just feels like a really high weight have been lifted off your chest. It just feels really light, and kind of carefree And, knowing that nothing can really affect you, the way that you have been feeling how everything else have been affecting you before. Just knowing that, is liberating in itself! Eric gives so much. I have been to many teachers, and they only give bits and pieces of information. And, Eric gives all of it! He's very powerful. And it's been very transformational! I do know that his work and his teachings right here are going to help me out, and contribute. Because I've seen it right now. And with experiences of before, with people like him, I've seen these effects come in, some right now, some a little bit latter And so on, and so forth! The first exercise that we did, the relieving of the karma I did feel a little bit of pain in my shoulder and my back And I was actually surprised that it was all the pain for all the karmas I believed I have had. But that's what I felt. Then the relieving of the emotions exercise we did, I felt a huge, when he was talking about having a ball in front of you and just put everything in there. When he relieved it, I just saw this big spiral, going all the way into the common ball of energy Yeah, it was a really really good experience, yeah! Since I've been working with Eric, I feel more peace in my life, my body feels more at peace. So that's the biggest thing, I think, I have noticed so far. So I'm very grateful! I think you are a great guy! And it's really cool that you are French!

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Testimonials about Eric Hamel's Ascension Workshop in Atlanta. The testimonials are in English and there is available English and French subtitles. Thanks to all!

Témoignages au sujet de l'Atelier Ascension donné par Eric Hamel à Atlanta. Les témoignages sont en Anglais, et vous pouvez avoir les sous-titres en Français et en Anglais. Merci à tous!


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