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Recent Child CrossOvers 1: Life after Death Research:Desteni

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Recent Child Cross Over 1 - Life after Death Research Hello..I am a little boy who..died, and my name was..Kaylile..Hilgam and..I died, when I was five years old, and..I died..very painfully, and..I 'remember' that I was walking, in foresty 'forest tree' area, and I was running.. and, I fell, and I hit my head..right here (head back), very hard..and then.. my whole body I remember hitting my head, and then my whole body went 'all, numb'..and I died. well when I woke up again I remember it was all happen so fast but and, so slow. because I remember hitting my head..and, the pain shooting down my body, and my whole body going numb, as I was paralyzed. and I closed my eye, and I 'left'. and..that's how I died. and I am now in..'heaven'..and..I am, 'enjoying myself very much'. (laugh) because.. it's body, here is 'too small' kind of let.. here's a big word: 'express', myself like I want to. where as, in heaven..I am able to express myself as I 'choose', like.. I enjoy at the moment..going to children..who are sad, and finding, this world difficult because of their parents.. and then they become angry at their parents because their parents don't want to allow them, to just live and be and express themselves. and then I just 'jump in there' as myself as them and then I just.. take out all those systems..and the sadness, because it's not necessary.. and then have them do what, 'they would like to do'.. whether their parents become angry at them or not, and I show them that.. their parents aren't angry at 'them', their parents are angry at themselves.. because 'they're sad', because 'they are not allowing themselves'.. to live, and express they would like to, in this world.. because they've got too much..ideas and problems..inside them. So, that is 'me'. I am going to bring 'the next child'. thank~you. (smile) Hi, (smile) my name is..ashinthia..and my surname..was eluardo.. and, I died when I was..five, 'almost five'..I a dam..because, I was swimming..and then, I dived from a rock, and then there were other rocks at the bottom and I dived in and i.. It was so quick, I remember the water..I remember bumping something..I remember.. you know when you're like..just become, not conscious, as though you've.. drifting away to sleep, I remember that, like drifting away to sleep 'but under water'! and..I drowned..and I died (smile) but..'I am now in heaven' (smile) and.. i, am enjoying myself very much, you know what would be the perfect world for children? 'a world with no parents'. (laugh) Parents don't have to be 'parents'. they're able to know what should parents do? is just let their children enjoy themselves. (right) Parents don't do that, parents say: 'do that, do like that, be like this' 'this is not supposed the way to do it, this is what you must do it how, like', 'you don't want us here''s like we are ok when we're babies.. and then apparently when we're grown up we're a problem..but why? Because we're just, learning to 'express ourselves' and then.. when we don't do it the way 'you want us to do it' then it's a problem. Because what happens when we are babies? when we are babies, we're be able to be..controlled. 'We are just fine', that's the way you want us and that's just fine. But then when we grow old, we can't be the way you want us to be you know.. so parents maybe just, you know..give your children a 'chance'.. to just express themselves and see what you are able to learn 'from the children'! I know you've said it sometimes already don't hear us. So that's how I died and i'm in heaven and i'm great and I am..enjoying myself.. it's actually no different, to here, at the moment because I died so young and I was quite.. my experience..but.. my experience in heaven I was 'great', so it's from pleasant to great. (right) I'll come back though, but 'first'..not have a world full of parents.. you know as parents are defined in this world at the moment.. OK! (laugh) ha ha..that's me, i'm gonna bring..the next.. Ok i'm gonna said bye now. Ok bye. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: You can Assist in Research by Identifying Family of these children, Contact: [email protected] CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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