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Church Chairs Provider

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With the internet today, there are many providers of church and sanctuary seating. 在当今的信息化时代,出现了很多教堂椅的供应商。 But not all companies and not all chairs are created equally. 但并不是所有的公司和产品都是一样的。 So how can your church select the very best chair for your purpose? 那么如何才能为您的教堂选择最适合的教堂椅呢? The answer is really very easy. 其实答案很简单。 First, gather information about the company and chair provider. 首先,收集关于这家公司和教堂椅供应商的资料。 And secondly, get sample of the chair and evaluate it. 然后,获取教堂椅的样品并进行评估。 When evaluating the company, ask three questions. 当您在评估这家公司的时候,问三个问题。 First, is the company responsible for the design and manufacturing of the chair? 第一,这家公司是否全权负责产品的设计和生产? Or are they a reseller of someone else's chair? 还是说他们只是零售商? If they are a reseller, 如果他们只是零售商的话, There is very little to no possibility that they are going to control 那我们就很难控制或是知道 The quality of the raw materials that go into that chair.他们使用的原材料质量。 Or other aspects of the 和其他可能会影响到质量的 Manufacturing and the delivery of that chair that impact its quality.生产和运输因素。 Secondly, how long has the company been in business? 第二,这家公司在这个市场里有多少年的经验? Do they have endorsements? 他们是否得到认可? Are there recommendations? 他们是否得到过其他人的推荐? Is there any history of financial problems? 他们是否曾经有任何资金周转问题? Is there a bankruptcy? 他们是否破产过? Have they failed to deliver product to churches that have paid for it? 他们是否曾经未能向已经付款的客户准时交货? The third question is will the chair providers send a free sample chair 第三,他们是否愿意提供免费的教堂椅样品 And will they certify that the sample they send 并且是否愿意保证样品 will later match the product they will provide? 和之后生产的产品的一致性? There are many reasons why the product would not match the sample, 样品和而后大规模生产的产品不一致有许多原因, And they’re not in the best interests of your church. 但这都不会是您想要的遇到的。 Line the samples up. 将样品排列好, Visually compare finish details like seams and corners for finish quality. 先从表面上比较成品 (包括布料的缝接和椅子的边角)。 Compare chair comfort over a period of time, 通过正常使用方法, Similar to how they will be used. 来比较样品的舒适度。 Don't make the mistake of choosing an overly soft chair that won't provide support for an hour or more. 不要选择过于柔软的教堂椅,因为这并不能保证它的持久性。 Now, exam the sample very closely beginning with the frame of the chair. 现在让我们近距离来检验一下这些样品。首先,我们从框架开始。 Ensure that it’s a 16 gauge heavy grade 1010 rolled steel foundation. 确保它的底座是由16ga (厚度1.5mm)1010冷拉钢管做成。 You'll actually want to take the time to knock off one of the plugs, 其实,您可以花时间取下其中一个底角, And measure the gauge of the steel. 测量钢管的厚度。 What we found is that a lot of manufacturers today 我们经常发现现在有些制造商 Are representing a 16 gauge steel 打着使用16ga钢材的名号 When in actuality they’re providing an 18 gauge steel, which is weaker.实际使用的则是承受力更弱的18ga(厚度1.2mm)的钢材。 The higher the gauge of these measurements, the weaker the steel. 钢材越薄,承受力越弱。 Don't buy an 18 gauge foundation, 千万不要购买由18ga钢材制成的教堂椅, It's not nearly as strong as a 16 gauge foundation. 因为这远远达不到16ga钢材制成的水平。 Ensure that you have solid 1 inch weld lines 检查是否有坚固的1英寸熔接线 because that's going to strengthen the frame up and stiffen it up. 因为这可以加固框架。 Ensure that the paint is a very high quality electrostatic paint,确认喷漆是否是高质量静电漆, Which is bonded to the paint and will last a lifetime. 因为这可以保护喷漆使其效果更为持久。 Here’s another hint. 下面来说说另外一个小提示。 Pop off a plug and look inside and see if there’s rust. 取下底角后,检查钢管内部是否生锈。 Nine of the fourteen samples that we have acquired from our competitors had rust inside the barrel. 我们从竞争商那里拿到的14件样品中,有9件样品都存在钢管内部生锈的问题。 That speaks to the lack of preparation and the lack of care. 这也说明了他们缺乏准备和对制作过程的不谨慎。 Because that rust will become a problem on your chair, 锈迹会渐渐成为一个严重的问题, Maybe a year, maybe two years. 可能是一年,也有可能是两年。 Also, look closely at the design of the frame. 另外,仔细查看框架的设计。 One of the popular and less expensive manufacturing techniques used by many of our competitors today 其中一种非常常见且较廉价的制作技巧 Is to use just a band of steel to support the foundation of the chair. 就是使用一根钢带来支撑整个教堂椅的底座。 That band of steel is not only flexible but as it flexes it will eventually wear on the little spot weld这根钢带不仅脆弱且容易在焊接处 And that will break. 断裂。 Unlike the Church Plaza chair 不同于竞争者的产品,Church Plaza教堂椅的 Which surrounds our base all the way around with heavy gauge steel, 则使用厚重的钢材环绕整个底座而成。 Full 1 inch weld lines and a 5/8 inch cross bar. 完整的1英寸熔接线和一根5/8英寸的横梁。 This frame will support twice as much as this frame. 这样的框架与竞争者的相比可承受大于2倍以上的力量。 And while that may not seem like a lot,也许这样看起来并没有什么大的区别, Over years of use, this frame is going to last a lot longer. 但是经过长期使用,我们的框架会更加持久。 Look closely to ensure that the foundation is quality, industrial grade, plywood, not some substitute. 紧接着仔细观察座底是否由高质量工业级的胶合板制成。 This happens to be a one-half inch true quality grade piece of plywood from a Church Plaza chair. 这恰好正是一块使用于Church Plaza教堂椅的1/2英寸高质量胶合板。 This is a piece of imitation plywood, strand board. 而这则是一块仿造胶合板。 They have different names but basically instead of the quality wood, 这类胶合板有着很多名称, You have pieces of wood that are glued together and pressed together.但它们都是由多块木板粘贴和积压而成。 Costs much less to manufacture, 虽然这大大降低了生产成本, Not nearly the holding strength of the quality plywood. 但是它的承受力却远远不如我们使用的高质量胶合板。 Also look for the fastening systems. 同时,检查教堂椅的紧固系统。 Many chair manufacturers will still use a simple wooden screw that goes in, 许多教堂椅制造商通常都会使用一般的木质螺旋, That has only 20% of the holding power 但它的承受力仅仅只有 Of this steel to steel T-nut that we put into the Church Plaza chairs.Church Plaza使用的钢对钢四角钉的20%左右。 These T-nuts are actually embedded deep into the wood with large claws holding. 这些四角钉被紧紧地嵌入于木板中,然后再被钉爪固定住。 And a steel to steel combination这样一个钢对钢的组合 Makes it the strongest available fastening system on the market. 使得整个紧固系统成为现在市场上最为强硬和牢固的设备。 There are only two of us, who offer polymer base, polymer foundation chairs in the marketplace, 现在的教堂椅市场,只有两家公司提供聚合物基,聚合物底座。 And there are some distinct differences between our foundations. 而其中也有一些明显的区别。 For example, the fastening system on the Church Plaza is once again 就拿我们之前提到的紧固系统来说,Church Plaza使用的是 a steel to steel embed T-nut, 钢对钢四角钉, Our competitor uses a screw that was designed to fasten dashboards to automobiles. 而我们的竞争对手则使用通常用来固定汽车仪表盘的螺旋。 And what theirs does is actually go through thin plastic with basically a wood screw, 这样的木质螺旋只是轻轻地穿过塑料板而已, It doesn't hold as strongly, 既没有起到有力的紧固作用, It doesn't last as long. 也不会持续很长时间。 And if you want to back the screw out and remove the foundation to recover it, 如果您又想要从底座上取出螺旋的话, This is your better choice. 我们的产品将会是您最佳的选择。 Next you’ll want to look closely at the foam and fabric of the chair. 接下来,让我们一起来研究一下教堂椅的泡沫和面料。 These can be very expensive raw materials for a chair provider, 对于教堂椅供应商来说这些都是非常昂贵的原材料。 And you need to be careful that you’re actually getting the highest quality available. 所以您应该尽量寻找质量最好的产品。 This is a real opportunity for the chair provider to cut costs 这同时也是教堂椅供应商最能减少成本的机会 which are not in the benefit of your church. 但这并不是您想要的结果。 You should, for example, on the fabric 例如,在面料方面您应该 Be looking for some type of a great selection. 寻找更多的选择。 That happens to be the Church Plaza selection card and there are other fabrics available. 这正好是我们Church Plaza的面料卡。 But you also want to make sure that the specifications are noted, 但是您也应该确认面料卡后有详细的说明书, And that the chair provider will give you certifications for those chair specifications. 并且供应商愿意提供相应的证书。 What we seeing today is a lot of chair providers are making claims 如今很多供应商都提供一些 That simply can't be backed up.根本不可能达到的材料 You want to be sure to have the a fabric with a strong backing on it,您需要确保有一个强劲的面料, That backing not only will help support the wearability of the fabric, 这样的材料不仅可以加强面料的耐磨损性, But it's going to make the seams much stronger, 而且可以是缝接更加牢固, And much more unlikely to separate in years ahead. 且更不容易分裂。 You’ll want to look closely also at the foam. 您同样需要检查泡沫的质量。 Terms that you want to become familiar with 对于泡沫,您需要了解的词汇是 Are Virgin Foam which means it’s not re-manufactured foam 未二次处理泡沫 And High Density Foam. 和高密度泡沫 Some manufacturers will provide a Virgin Foam, 一些供应商提供的未二次处理泡沫, but it’s actually a very porous, 但这样的泡沫却是多空渗水, Not a high density foam 密度不高 And the wearability of it 而且在耐磨损性和 And toughness of it is really in question.强硬度方面也存在很多问题。 You’ll also want to see if there’s a dual layer. 您需要仔细检查产品的双层泡沫。 Church Plaza in fact introduced the dual layer foam concept to the industry some years ago. 其实在好几年前Church Plaza已经在双层泡沫这一概念引进到市场里了。 Where a firmer under foam provides the body, 这一概念是将较坚固的泡沫作为主要坐垫, but yet there’s softer top foam. 而将较柔软的泡沫放置在上面。 Now there are a lot of games being played regarding this dual concept foam. 很多供应商通过双层泡沫来做各种文章。 This is one well-known manufacturer 这是一家知名制造商的产品, whose put bedding on top of significantly less foam than what is in the Church Plaza chairs. 但他们泡沫材料的质量明显较差、较薄。 We all know what bedding does 我们都知道这种材料带来的结果 It tends to bunch up, and it’s certainly not foam. 它非常容易团在一起。 You can see it pulls away and is not going to be in the best interest of your church. 您可以看到它团缩在一起,这绝对不会是您所期望的。 Another manufacturer will actually advertise that they have Virgin Foam, 另一个供应商声称他们使用未二次处理泡沫, They don't say ALL Virgin Foam. 但他们并没有说是这完全是未二次处理泡沫。 These are the games churches have to watch for. 这正是一些您需要避免的问题。 This is another well-known manufacturer 这家有名的供应商 who provides a high quality, high density foam for the top提供了高质量和高密度的泡沫上层 Advertises a dual layer, 但作为双层泡沫, But the under layer is in fact a very cheap re-manufactured foam. 它的泡沫下层却是由非常廉价的二次处理泡沫做成。 That is going to break down far before this one does. 下面这层泡沫很快就损坏。 I guess they figure that the church will be out of the business 我想他们可能是想以当上层的高质量泡沫来掩盖下层的偷工减料 By the time this breaks down.也许他们抱着当泡沫损坏时客户已经不在这个市场的念头吧。 You have choices when it comes to foam and fabric, 您可以通过选择高质量的泡沫和面料, And they’re in your best interest to make sure you’re getting the best quality of both. 来达到您对产品的最高期望。 You’ll want to exam the warranty closely. 除此之外,您也应该审查供应商提供的保证书。 You’ll want to exam who offers it, and specifically what is covered in that warranty. 您要了解谁提供了保证书和其涵盖的内容。 For example, many chair manufacturers today 举例来说,很多教堂椅供应商都是 Resell into the American market through American resellers,通过美国的零售商将产品重新销售到美国市场, They don't actually stand behind the warranties, 这样说来,他们并不是保证书的真正提供者, So in this day of internet businesses, you want to find out exactly 所以您需要清楚地知道 What type of company is standing behind that warranty.到底谁才是这份保证书的提供者。 Also, you’ll want to know what is covered. 并且,您要了解这份保证书的内容。 For example, some warranties will only cover the weld lines on the frame, 例如,有些保证书只写明对框架上熔接线的保证, While ignoring the overall service ability and wearability of the chair itself. 而忽略了教堂椅本身的用途和它的耐磨损性能。 Others won't cover the fabric specifically, 有些保证书则不写明面料成分, Others will have nuances. 有些则与现实产品存在细微的差别。 What you’ll want to do, for example 而您应该做的就是 We've worked closely with the Church Plaza to give a 25-year workmanship, 相信我们25年的工艺 a 25-year on the foundation, a foam warranty. 经验和品质的保证。 The kind of things that a church really should be looking for 一个教堂真正需要寻找的就是 When they’re looking for a stewardship purchase. 有效的管理采购,来保证产品的持久使用。 Now compare the prices of the chair,现在让我们来对比一下价钱, keeping in mind that the best quality is about stewardship.但请记住好的质量正式产品的持久性。 Quality, value and trust are going to be what you are looking for, not just the lowest price. 质量、价值和信任往往比低价更重要。 The right chair will last a lifetime for your church. 高质量的教堂椅将在您的教堂被持续使用。 The wrong chair will end up costing you a lot of money. 质量欠佳的教堂椅则会是您花上更多不必要的钱。 Call the 800 number on the bottom of the screen 拨打屏幕下方的电话 And talk to one of Church Plaza’s sales representatives 来咨询我们的销售人员 And find out how you can receive your free sample chair. 并找到获取免费样品的办法。 Blessings and Semper Fi. 最后送上我最真挚的祝福和问候。

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