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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Manchester giving lecture on spirituality 6 of 7

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grass is also available there, then what’s the reason they are here (in cities) as a prisoners? If they can reckon, they would have run away. The only reason is that animals don't have that (particular) creature, through which they can reckon whereas you (humans) do have that creature by virtue of which you reckon. People become Hafiz because of that very creature. How can one be Hafiz by this brain? Actually that creature becomes Hafiz and human recites by the tongue. There is a method by which Divine light is given to it by chanting/Dhikr of 'Ya Hu' and imagining of ALLAH & MUHAMMAD (PBUH) through this when it (creature) will be strengthened! It become Hafiz and remained here, but now (after getting strengthened with light) it gets out from here and goes straight to ALLAH. Saints have vision (of ALLAH) by this creature (in the forehead). But once all other creatures (in the chest) grownup, then its turn comes. Question: What is the identification of the creatures/souls, whether they have grownup (become adult)? Answer: The one who has these souls inside them (chanting Allah-Allah), they knows only, others cannot identify. Once this soul (in forehead) will be strengthened, the movement will start, then it will be realized that there is someone (person) in motion (inside). Then there are certain practices by which it can go outside (of human body). Now, eject it with the jerk, in the beginning with jerk it goes little upwards, then more and more upwards... That’s how it works. It is a proper knowledge, which is imparted. The saints have spent 12 years in jungles only to attain this knowledge. Once they had vision (of ALLAH), they returned back to their homes. Once approached the destination, now does not matter if they live in forests or at home. Question: There are certain people whose hearts does not start chanting/Dhikr, despite of their struggle, when they go out (from homes) they commit sins? Answer: Means Allah does does wishes them (does not accepted them). Question: And there are people whose hearts are chanting (the name of ALLAH); they also go out and still commit the sins? Answer: They (one whose hearts are chanting) will continue committing sins until Satan Nafs himself does not get purified. Right now heart is chanting Allah-Allah, but that Satan (self) is stronger than this (Qalb/heart) but when the heart meditation completes and becomes strong enough, and then it will overcome that Self. Right now it (heart meditation) cannot stop it (nafs). Now (without having heart meditation) he commits sins and does not have any guilt but once he commits sins with Heart meditating, person feels guilty and will repent. This creature (qalb) also feels guilty. Then that person thinks how to avoid sins. Allah says "I like those people also, who reflect on the ways to stay free of sins”. The one without Allah-Allah in heart is sinner remains sinner and this person with heart meditation/ Allah-Allah in heart is also sinner at the moment but one day this Allah-Allah will make him pious. His journey has begun and started taking medicine, so one day he will be cured with this medicine. Secondly, that person (without heart meditation) will commit sin, sin will be written in his account not good deed and this person's (with Allah-Allah inside heart) if committed sin, sin will be written but he is also chanting Allah-Allah, thus the angles are also writing that good deed in his account. Then hereafter will be scale (hypothetical scale used to measure good deeds against bad deeds on Day of Judgement) So he is better than the one who does not chant Allah-Allah. When person commits minor mistakes! Somebody’s hearts are chanting, if they speak a lie when they spoke lie, the angel sitting on left (shoulder) says “I am going to write he spoke lie” The angel on right shoulder asks “when what time he spoke lie?”. The first will reply "at 3 o' Clock". Then (one on right shoulder) says that “he was chanting ALLAH ALLAH at 3 o' clock” Then one (on left side) keeps on thinking and chanting of Allah-Allah compensates his sin. It is said that “good deed eats up sin”. This is how it erases/eats. Question: Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) said there are 14 TABAQ inside the heart, please explain it? Answer: I have already told that human being can go (to higher realms) by virtue of these creatures/spiritual entities, at those stages. Question: Sarkar, you mentioned that some people oppose you in Pakistan. They are opposing here (in England) as well. Please explain what do they say about you? Answer: There major stance is that don’t go to him. He is a magician. Whoever goes to him becomes his. Whosoever comes to us, this is what we talk. If chanting name of Allah starts in anybody, then he can’t be stopped (coming here). Then they (scholars) give him thousand kinds of ideas, but when he rejects all those and then they (scholars) say the magic has been prevailed upon him. They are mostly the scholars (who are opposing). Ordinary people have no need of going against. They are scholars/theologian. Those who were seekers of Allah, where they would have gone? They went to scholars. Few scholars bayat them, they were asked to become disciple and were asked to give donation, that's enough. This way it became a source of earning for scholar. That's what they did, isn't? Now since eight to ten years, he is attached with scholar the way people are offering their prayers, in the same way he is also offering his prayers. The way he (scholar) is reciting The Quran, he is also reciting in the same way. They didn't have the thirst of God, but this person has that thirst, but he also became like them. After 5-6 years, when he heard about heart meditation (dhikr-e-qalb), he came here. Then chanting of Allah-Allah started within him, and then he stopped going there. Thus, business of the scholars got disturbed and they became our enemies. The reason of enmity is that young generation should not visit us. Otherwise they will slip away from our (scholars) hands. We say that if there is anything objectionable you come and tell us. They even don’t come to us. First of all they made a base for the enmity (based on the book spiritual journey).

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi giving talk on spirituality in Manchester, UK.

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