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UK declares linguistic war on the world: the first 750.000 teacher-soldiers will reoccupy India within the next 5 years.

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- Like football and so many sports, english began in Britain but now it belongs to the world. It's spoken by more then a billion people, it's the language of internet, it's the language of business and it transcends borders, cultures and device, helping as not just understand each other better but to foster you to respect. In total 2 billion people worldwide would be learning english by 2020 but ther'is a million or more in every continent who still deny the chance to learn english. So today i want to brake it to make a new gift to the world, I can maybe help anyone, however in poverty, however farway, to access the tools they need, to learn english. This week i use my visit to China and India to begin making reality of these new committements. First of all announces, the British Council, working with partners in pubblic and private sector, to set a new websites of free learnears and teaching english around the world, to ready access to new materials, resources and qualifications they need to develop the skills and this is used why when I'm able one-to-one tuition in any place, in any part of the world. It will put english teachers and learners in touch with the partners in Britain and across the globe. In second, to trasform english language teaching, we would need to diametrically increase the number on quality of teachers. So, I will announce in India later this week the British Council programme mastertrain to train up 750.000 teachers of english in India for the next five years. We will use lastest technologies and new pubblic and private partnership to make dinamic english learning and teaching with practise material available to a vast new audiences. So in this way, with more teachers, with more courses, more websites, a new media channel we will open up English to new countries and new generations. Britain is taking up the the board task to make english accessible wide across the globe.

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Posted by: era on Jan 30, 2008

17 January 2008.
PM announces new English language learning resources.
The Prime Minister has announced a boost to English language learning, teaching and training facilities for people throughout the world.

In a message recorded especially for international students, teachers and educational establishments ahead of his visit to China and India, Mr Brown said that the British Council and its partners will set up a new, comprehensive website to provide the very latest in English language resources

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