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Seunghwan Seo - Seoul, Korea - Korean (Global Lives Project, 2013) 04:00:00 - 04:29:59

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So why - why didn't you keep operating the business when it was so popular? No, the thing is - Seriously, not lying You took a break for about a month Didn't you take a break for about a month? My mother was sick Oh, that... lady? The old one, the old one — Yeah, that's ah... the The one that was here since the beginning You're talking about the one with the glasses, right? — Yeah, yeah Yeah.. Oh, she's been sick? — Yeah. She's in hospital Ah... So that's why No seriously, every time I got on the motorbike here Everyone was like 'Wasn't there a thing here before?' So for about four or five - — But there's a lot of us in the first place About 40% are... So you know what we were thinking? That we'd open up a street food stall here. We really did consider that. Not lying. But then you started up again so we flopped the idea, but We did have an eye on it — There's a reason for everything It's delicious. Thank you — Sure It is delicious. He's very good. So anyway, let's Calmly take it bit by bit The representative talks about results, but Results don't come out straight away. No — But see, the representative in the first place — Did you go there? — No No, meticulously - no, not meticulously See.. This job in itself Contains results that are immediate to the work, as well as results that take time. But the thing is -— I wish Hochul had told me — What'd he do? Eh.. I just didn't know — Oh Pretzel? — Oh, that they take a bit of time? — Pretzels and those things... — Tortillas? Maybe they're pretzels... You idiot, you should obviously know that it would take 10 minutes How? — Kid, pretzels and tortillas cook in the oven so it takes 10 minutes The thing only stays in the oven itself for about 5 minutes, not 10, but They make the actual dough like this And that takes about 5 minutes so... it takes 10 altogether Oh, come on It might be alright in Korea, but drunk driving has the death penalty in some other countries You shouldn't do that — No, I - I - I was only going to drink about three shots — No, I thought he was finished — and I was going to drive, but He strongly opposed that I should drive... — I know — That's why I said that before Eat a lot Because of you - because you said that kid, now we're going to have to go to the workshop — Awesome, right? Yeah, it's awesome — Crafty, huh? — No, not really So tomorrow... who's going and doing the thing tomorrow at the office? — What? Because... once he's helping, who's going to teach him everything? He's going to ask what everything is and stuff I asked that before too, but the representative said not to worry about that stuff So he's staying here from now on? — Yeah, the representative is staying here Yeah yeah— Okay — If the representative - — It's all good — Yeah, it's all fine then And we can get Hochul to work — Sorry? Hochul can start working straight away Really? — I don't know.. it's complicated Well, he could actually do that — Yeah — Yeah. Hochul lives in Yangjae-dong, so it's not far from here Yeah — Mm — He leaves right next to Yangjae - dong Oh, really? — Yeah Oh, then Hochul can just stay here — Yeah, so Hochul can stay here Ah but... Hochul... The kid is a bit... There's something a bit wrong with his head — It's alright. We're all just making our clumsy way through it Why are you worried about that? No, but — Just go have fun — Hey, But he can do that stuff right? Like explain while looking at the text message —Of course he can — Ah I told you I saw Hochul, right? — Yeah — I saw him this Thursday — Yeah Hochul was so scary His head is split like - like this Why's he hiding it? Not hiding - it's split — Oh... — The operation So he split his head and his heart is like by nature - So he got an operation for his heart too And to add to that, the... his leg — Yeah Is it a general ward? — Yes, a general ward Ah so... Man... seriously You know how you sometimes get angry at Hochul? — Yeah... When you see him, you definitely won't be able to get that angry Oh... — Seriously, not lying — Oh... He - — You know, if it's that bad, it explains it He's going to make a Companion Card (ID for disabled people). Seriously he... Don't say too much to him He.. He always jokes around and stuff, you know You know how he jokes around and stuff? He's an amazing guy If it was me, I would have committed suicide I get what you mean — Yeah... — So how'd he get a job here? Do you know how - how much he gets per month? He gets 120, kid (~$1200 AUS) Oh really? — Be quiet You say too... you give him too much stress Kid, The reason why I say "Hochul, you did this really well", and saying hello all the time is because at first, well, his face — Where'd you go before? No, he didn't go. It's a pretzel so it takes a while And he's waiting because it's just near here That kid. I nearly sat down, and I've had to come back again — Anyway... When I saw him, I couldn't say things like that too him — Oh really? Yeah. He's your friend... You - because you're his friend, Look after him... Take care of him. Okay? The world's really small, and When you take care of him, You never know. That might positively benefit you later Yeah, I guess it could — Alright — You guys Seriously... Alright? Don't tell him off too much To be honest, I'm a bit frustrated as well But.. You should still tolerate it He's physically not normal Seriously.. I nearly cried. Really Jaeyong — Yes? Do well — Okay — Alright? No but I - when I heard his suggestion I said that I liked it. That it was a good idea. Didn't I? Is it really a good idea? — It is a good idea. We need it I - Seung Hwan, you've had a lot of social experience But I'm not a totally stubborn person, right? Like I told you, representative I really do like you But I have one thing I really dislike about you One thing I dislike — What is it? That you don't give definite answers That.. That I don't like — There's a reason for that Of course there would be reason. But I... The... From the listener's point of view — Because the company.. See If I give a definite answer, Okay. Here's how it is. So what I'm saying is Listen well Jaeyong says something to me directly — Yeah And that issue is nothing to do with a personal relationship between me Jaeyong and I, but An issue which affects the entire company — Yes Then, I can't talk about that. Because There are people I need to discuss the issue with prior to making it a definite answer There's Director Chae - Director Chae currently, and you And at the call centre, there's Director Lee And there's also Supervisors Lee and Park So if I give a definite answer at this point, The person is going to be a bit surprised And it's hard to organize transportation So regarding me not giving definite answers, You need to think a little about my work with all of those other people For example, the call centre gives me the same suggestion that I was thinking about "Make the drivers do this" But then, I don't give a definite answer Then the listener or whoever has asked is frustrated. But You need to think of it from my point of view - so from the view of someone who works in my position And that, to me, is a very important neutral point Yeah, that's right. And... It - It really is important But the thing is you don't give a definite answer.. And then forget about that agenda Oh, that I'm really sorry about. Really — Yeah... But that.. I... As you know, Usually I leave from the workplace in the morning And I leave again in the morning for work So I'm just so busy. There are times where I honestly just forget Yeah, seriously — I completely forget — Yeah, just really honestly I'm just - just really honestly speaking here Ah, that I'm sorry about — Alright But sometimes I'm like 'I really...!' Like this time, with Jaeyong I completely forgot — Exactly — But the problem is If I tell that to Director Lee or someone else, Whoever I tell prepares the system But I'm the only one who knows, and then I forget — That's what I mean That's why there was a problem Like that time with the pay, with the advance payment I did think 'Oh, he asked for the payment in advance' but then I forgot about it Exactly. That's what causes problems It might not sound like much but If you say something like 'Alright, I'll do that' and See, you gave a definite answer. But then You're the only one who knew about it, and that wasn't communicated. And that's why we had a problem— I really did forget though There's no one like that now No one who's asking for payment in advance anymore So we're alright now... But back then, because of things like this... Ah... And I've seen it all happen for a while now, you know? But there's no one who can I can simply tell that stuff to. Fuck, it's annoying It was just one day — Because I - I keep my word And it's that from here, the way we take things We feel a little different, that's all Because that again... Who? You? No, it's not like that... That sort of stuff Yeah, that sort of stuff is okay That stuff is okay Personally, instead of other areas I think that there are areas that we need to focus on, representative Where are you going? Oh there... I think firstly, a bit with the internal operations... Like now Concentrate on them a bit more... And make at least a small advancement But the thing is, right now our business division There are a lot of roles on just those two people Director Chae or Seo Jun... They have huge roles So if you don't support them steadily internally, then it doesn't work no matter how much I try to support them externally So I'm saying let's get the balance right Do that, and then next time get the teams outside together just once This I... When he was talking about Jaeyong He said "Would the representative listen?" I said "Even if it's just us, let's get half - I'll get at least half of what we need -" Because you say things like that, the representative went in before saying all that stuff Don't worry about that I'm going to make at least half of what we need. The important thing is that we go And to gather that notion And then, we'll go, right? And if we go... The amount - whatever it was - he said he'd give it for us Do you really think he would have used the money if we hadn't had this conversation? And this is just what I think In the beginning, the representative estimated about 80 (~$800 US) for the amount we use, right? Because it was calculated like that But if he gave about 50... For example He said he'd do this and this But the reality is that That data... It's just an estimate - he's only got vague data So if we go to the workshop Then we tell him directly how much we need as a necessity Logically. And if we argue it like that Everyone will need at least... about 100 Do you know how it ended up being like that? Do you know why the number became about 100? — Why? At first this is what he said He was talking about 80, saying "If so, I'll give 80 for the workshop fees" "The hourly pay is up to you. It's all unpaid. Not paid work, but unpaid" "And that's what I mean by each person will be accountable for their own hourly fee." He kept talking like this So I said "Boss. The workshop - the employees are going to the workshop for a morale boost" "How does it make sense for it to be unpaid? If it's going to be like that, I'm not going" "How does that make sense?" "So the company is meant to be burdened with all..." "Isn't that obvious?" It's not even many times a year - it's one or two times a year. Isn't it obvious?" And then "So... Would 100 do it?" — Ah, yes And that's how that - that happened. But I said this before. Shouldn't he be thinking 20 for each person? The reason why I said that Mm I know what you mean —Yeah... You get it, right? Because — Mm.. He keeps like... Honestly, from an owner's point of view, he needs to save as much as possible I was just going to go head to head by saying what I said and then negotiate the rest, but He was saying before that 100 is more than enough — "There will be money left!" — Yeah... Yeah he keeps enticing that, but Well, still... — It's alright — Eh, the representative Is definitely not a bad person — It's honestly hard to have an intention He's not even able to talk about things or bring them up I haven't even worked here for that long But out of everyone, I've worked here the longest So.. I must be something right about me than I thought I mean — That's true — Yeah... But before that. Before, Mm — You remember Joo Hwan who used to work here? — Yeah Joo Hwan said something That there's a reason for why employees are hired, then leave, are hired, then leave In a short period And it's that there's no one who's worked here for a long period of time So basically, he was saying that there's some reason, logically, why employees haven't worked here for a long period of time — True Yeah. Even people who have worked for a long time... For example "Seung Hwang, you. Like you -" "Because you said you'd work here for a long time," "If you continue working here even after a year," "There is a possibly that I'll come back to work here after failing whatever what I do after this" "I might come back to the delivery business again" "And if I come here - "— It'd seem like it was on a totally different scale— Exactly. "And you're still here," "Then wouldn't you think 'Wow.. this company's alright'?" — Yeah We needed a big booster, but so far, there hasn't been anyone like that "So from now on, you should take that role." And that sounded a bit It was right Joo Hwan has a good intuition — Yeah... Joo Hwan is quite... Yeah. He's very sharp — Yes, he's sharp — Yeah And I I'm not on the company's side... I'm not taking a side, but I'm the type that tries to keep by my word So I — Joo Hwan, even around you Doesn't talk about the company's business a lot Yeah yeah. Because I I'm not on the company's side or anything I'm not on the company's side I do understand the employees' point of view But because I've worked here a long time, I tend to be wary of the atmosphere And I didn't say anything but When I heard what Joo Hwan said... That guy Can be convincing. And when I heard it I thought 'Ah... He's right' I agreed with him a lot — He matured a lot, that kid Yeah... Personally, I've heard that he's doing something right now And I hope it goes well so that he doesn't have to come back here But if he does come back, I think I'd welcome him And the atmosphere right now... Jae Won... Ah... Honestly speaking - — Jae Won's currently last Jin Soo... Is a bit How should I say this? He's lacking a bit of enthusiasm... passion. That's what I personally think Because — But we have to create that for him — No, what I mean is We can't know yet. We haven't watched him work for that long of a time But if you make that motivation for him... He could He could be really fired up — Yeah, he could! So right now, because it's only been a short period I can't judge him But for now, I think he's really funny Jin Soo for example, has potential But now... You just have to wait on him for a bit Look at Jae Hyun. He's so funny, it kills me He's always up in your face and - — He really does create a good atmosphere He makes it really entertaining He's good at work too... Seriously If he can do it, he tries to do the work himself You should have told him to take the rubbish out... with the rubbish collector... the rubbish What? — It's so messy. The rubbish bag is like... Oh, maybe we should have taken it out We were trying to save the bags so we filled it up as much as we could So that we could chuck it out all at once — Tell Jae Hyun to chuck that rubbish out completely when he has the time He hasn't chucked it out yet — You dump the rubbish in the bag, kid The bag... It's still there If we go up... Isn't it still there? — There's not even bags there What? There were heaps Not the recycling bags. The rubbish/garbage bags. There's none — Ah... The rubbish bags? They...They're there I thought they were there too No, I mean that the one filled up before isn't there anymore Not there? Really? — I'm telling you, Jae Hyun chucked out the huge black bag out here before I told him to chuck it out If you go to the office, there's a big yellow one And next to it, there's a recycling bin, and then another one Like this.. It was in front of the desks And under it... What's it called? If this is the blue container, if you open it - We keep the garbage bags there — No, no! What are you talking about? — The garbage - Ah.. a conversation Really requires communication - with no communication... I'm telling you, no — I don't get it There were heaps of filled garbage bags You know the ones we just chuck into the garbage bin - the bags The full ones — Yes — The representative is saying that we hadn't chucked those out Yeah... But — But what I'm saying is - — Yeah. That they're still there? Yeah, they were still here — What on earth - Go check it yourself So Jae Hyun chucked all of it out? I thought it was all still there I looked for it to chuck it out myself, but it was already done Really? — ...Take a bit of a broader view on things! Don't' see things so narrowly— I'm not seeing things narrowly.. I just can't see Anyway... I think Jae Hyun is really funny He's really alright of a guy — Yeah, the thing I was really grateful about was that - I... He said it before Jae Hyun has 2 people in his contact numbers on his phone. Did you know that? He doesn't have your number. He has mine and Director Chae's He has mine and two other people's, and Ah... When he showed me that "Jae Hyun, your phone numbers..." "Oh... The rest... I can just look at my recent history" And when I saw his contacts, there were only 2 people "Director Chae" and "Deputy Seo" When I was first considering whether to hire him nor not I actually called him around about bedtime And when I called around bedtime, the guy picked up his phone And he said "I didn't think that I would be picked," "But I'm glad you called, although late" He... I've never even seen him But he himself.. I thought that was really conscious about whether he caused any problems or not But — He is really self- conscious about that — Yeah And he came, and I saw him And as I talked to him he kept... At first when we talked for a little bit, it wasn't too bad. But when we talked for longer He kept wandering off in the conversation from the main point.. A bit hazy So I was a bit... yeah — Excuse m-! Ah... When I move, the camera moves and everything So I worried about what I should do But now... at least — Oh man — I could see some sincerity in him And on his own accord, we had a few conversations Apparently he previously had worked in 'Cham Cham Cham' Because before then — 'Cham Cham Cham?' The food delivery company? — Yeah, food delivery. Cham Cham Cham Because a junior I used to know used to run a flour factory And when the flour factory ordered delivery through Cham Cham Cham, I visited the place... So I know the work conditions there And when he was first there as part of the kitchen, he did a lot of dishwashing But because he did it so diligently, The boss put him to delivery, and that's how he got a raise And when I'd heard this — I'm really sorry. It's just that when I move The camera follows me and everything over there runs around So I watched him— Ah... And... He's really — A jewel. A jewel. Yeah. When he did the speaker thing... I really thought... Usually I wouldn't even say this but I said it before You can tell what kind of person Jae Hyun is You know... Become employed, stay for 3 months and then quit because it's too hard and tiring I said that before "Jae Hyun... I really like you... Can't you stay at our agency for a bit longer?" "When it's March, Summer's over and it'll be cooler and stuff..." And I kept - kept "And then... When it becomes winter and it's too cold to work and it's hard to work," "I'd understand you leaving then" "Can't we work together until then?" "...Okay." is what he said So I was very thankful and touched But Jae Hyun went through a lot of difficulties Ah... Well I complained a lot and grumbled a lot, but It's nothing to what he went through Because day time work is really hard Day time work is easy during the winter, of course But it's hard. It's hard during the day in the Summer.... But he's the type that doesn't complain and silently works He works silently but also puts in his best efforts You can tell when he does a course We can - we don't need anything to judge anyone by - we can tell when they do a course But he really... really works hard So... So how I see it is You, sir... Personally, I'm giving you the power to make your own decision, of course But Jae Hyun is really an... an okay guy. He works okay Because other guys, when they don't like something they say things like "I don't want to do this. I'm not doing it." But he doesn't say anything like that He doesn't even do those things... So Around Autumn...around about Autumn How about giving him a raise? By then... By then it would definitely be enough - the As a person... when you receive a raise suddenly It makes you feel good And it could create motivation in someone And by then... — Yeah, if it turns out like that.. I don't think that'd be a bad idea So — But he needs to show some results first But even now — If he just does it like he does now... this - this Right now, he's in good light. And If he just keeps going like this — Yeah, if he just keeps going - and continues to go like this, The results naturally will come through — Yeah. And if he does continue, he's not the type to be crafty And he's not the type to outwardly give an opinion himself or anything, but He does what he's told to do So if you tell him "Put the posters up as you come down the hill" He'll put the posters up as he comes down So he's not the type to take up work himself, but Even just what he's doing is... quite And if I could hold someone with an extra 10 (~$100 US) to the company, If it were me, I'd do it even if I had to give them 20 And — It's just my opinion And regarding his characteristics, He got a raise to a team leader at Cham Cham Cham But... with his friend... The worked together but he became team leader and so It's really hard at Cham Cham Cham to reach certain positions Food companies are extremely tight — No, not that To get a position... The boss there is a bit nuts And if you didn't do a year of delivery, he wouldn't give you a job position Anyway that kid he - so he If that wiry boss is going to give him the team leader position, He must have really worked hard — Yeah. He works really hard But the reason why he stopped working at Cham Cham Cham was because He's really vulnerable to stress — Yeah, he's really weak with stress — Because Compared to other people — He's mentally not tough — If the atmosphere doesn't really go along with him and If there's some sort of vibe against him, it seems he cannot stand it — Yeah, true He's very weak to that So... So if you just make the atmosphere a bit more comfortable for him He follows through so well. We used to watch a TV drama 'Wan Jang', remember? That sort of style... Honestly, our company didn't actually have that stuff, but now we have it I'm not sure if there were job titles before But the director's here now As in, he's got the title as a 'Director'... And I'm not much but I have 'Deputy' as a job title And it's really comfortable - Like Won San to me Uses plain language, but when there's issues to do with work, he says "Deputy Seo, Deputy Seo" He's older than me... But he still treats me like that and the titles are being really set and concrete It really has so — And the employees rely on you It's changed a lot — Yeah.. And... So For example, if Jae Hyun got the title as a Deputy Under that... Because until now Because right now the people currently coming into work have complaints - Representative, aren't you feeling a more relaxed these days? Because at first - at first even in the beginning when I first came When you came to do the accounting, You didn't just do the accounting and leave You had to sit there and all the employees would complain and tell you all of their difficulties, and you'd get stressed from that That's right, isn't it? But honestly... There's nothing like that now, right? Right? I think it'd be a bit more easy for you. Because all that is gone as much as you don't touch the accounting - But the accounting, honestly.... welll... We did notice... A bit... Whether it was desired that we do it ourselves And it might be because of that But if it's communicated that it's wanted that we do it ourselves, If you give Director Chae 100 as a sort of public fund then Here, it - No it... Because our drivers are different to the drivers from before Eh... We went from 8 to 7 The negatives... In my case, if I keep doing the accounting, it's a minus for me — True Yeah... It's going to keep being a minus. Rather, I earn more when I actually do the accounting Because I just use my own money when it comes to me So it doesn't matter because I use my own money Because other people say they don't have cash on hand so a lot of them ask me to do it So when I... Because I do it.. But if I keep doing it and with the cash on hand... If you keep doing the accounting, in reality that's the best Yeah. The best thing. — I did think to do that — But as of yet... Yeah If that works If that works, then now... now this... It really... It goes around tightly in order of your job title Instead of me just using my money, we... if the company increased a bit And for the time being, if you, the representative just did it I mean when we're moving offices... Originally, it would be good if a female employee stayed here — It's difficult for employees to do it — Yeah... I should move out of that whole accounting business too, actually Yes, you should be doing the operating And... There are parts on the operation that we need to focus on... If you look at it another way, the work might just divide and be distributed among the employees So because you, the representative have to have a role while you are at our office, If you do the accounting, and when it's more organised, We'll need a new employee once we've changed officies At that point in time, through that person — I was planning to Leave someone here so I would take care of the delivery area instead Yeah exactly. That's not a bad thing There's this thing among the employees to. This is a customer service business If the female employee comes in, they could bring drinks Or — I'm going to hire and keep one soon — Exactly This — They'd calculate the money smoothly - It'll really relax the company's atmosphere And we - we honestly... The thing about accounting is If work finishes at 4, we finish it exactly at 4 Then we wait for the accounting text message to come through... Well, I don't I just — Hello? — Trust that it'll be right and just go ahead with the accounting but For example, Jae Hyun stays after a whole hour after work's finished Because the accounting text message it... He does the accounting, right? So when work finishes at 4 he does it. He starts it then Because that's when work's finished. He starts the accounting stuff then, and then the text comes 20 minutes afterwards And then he sees whether it's his goes through it, comparing his numbers with the ones in the text message He always leaves an hour after work finishes That system in itself is wrong Because... Working times in itself actually... You know that office times includes both coming into work and leaving work. Right? Accounting is also included in the time coming into work and leaving work - No I mean - It's the norm for work times to include the time for accounting But... If there was a female employee, she would do the accounting beforehand And straightaway... Did you get a call? What time is okay? — No, it's not that He didn't have the key in the car - He seems like he's taking a bit of a rest - He can't get out because he doesn't have the key That was what he said — That he can't come out of the car? — Yes. It won't open Ah... Just leave him. No — So For the moment.... we should just take one step at a time in the near future The representative did say this once That we should get over that period where we're sweating our guts out to earn money Because whether we earn money like that, or try less harder, we'll earn a similar amount of money anyway But the thing is... Your work life needs to be fun. Really And I just... — You're out! You came out... — Go back in! — Have some food Come and eat — Didn't you call me before? What're you doing? Go back in! — I did I was going to wake you up to get some food in you But you were completely gone, so I couldn't Sit here — Would you like noodles? Noodles or... — Hey? — I feel like anything Eat noodles and... — Tell the owner over there Yeah get him something with soup Oh, the thing's alight now — Eh... So... Let's just go at it bit by bit like now And now... We'll be saving a lot of fuel... And if we do it like this, A good day is sure to come soon The thing is This... How should I put it? The... b...bait? Bait? Ah... What do they call it? Anyway it's called 'b-' Extra fish food — Yeah, yeah You chuck things like that to lure people in Because To people who see this and follow you, all you have to do is treat them as you do already But you don't even need to treat them the same the people who see it and don't even consider whether they'll follow you or not And really honestly... You'd know this, representative We're all pretty good at coming to work and leaving on time except one person, right? — Who's that? Jin Soo! — But recently, Jin Soo's been coming a bit earlier No but - Eh... Jin Soo — Is the kid not good? No, he's not particularly bad... But truthfully, the hard thing About Jin Soo is that... Do you know where he lives? — A one - bedroom, right? No, no, no. That's Jae Hyun Jin Soo lives near the entrance of Seoul University Same thing Jesus... — No, no. It -

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Seunghwan and his co-workers continue eating, drinking, smoking and talking as the sun begins to rise.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Seunghwan Seo.

This video was produced by Sam Queen, Rachel Gist, Jee Young Lee, Michael Stulberg, Marisol Park, Nayoung Jung, Joel Elliott, and Cole Quinlan.

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