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Teach you Design of: Desire as Sex

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Desire - The design of Desire field This is the design of, desire field communication, about, my existence within and of the unified consciousness field. The unified consciousness field, already given perspective, by other designs, in the design videos 'before me' so, you- like some directive insight into the unified consciousness field, I suggest you watch the, conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind video interviews. alright. Myself as the, design, of the desire field. Exists and originate, from none other than 'sexual energy' (smile) Now. Human beings who, have, sexual intercourse. You know, believe and perceive themselves to be right there alone, in their own 'room'. Having, sexual experience. What is not understood by human beings is that, every time, the human beings come together, have a sexual experience, to whether male or female, male or male, or female to female. it's irrelevant. In that sexual orgasm experience is ignited, and 'generated' within you. That sexual energy, consists of 'me' as the desire, Oh! as desire. From there, this desire - Sexual energy, orgasmic, generated 'experience', is transferred through human beings, who have sexual intercourse, to, and through the unconsciousness mind, to the rest of the world. That is how, the experience of desire, is generated within and as human beings, of this entire world. (laugh) It's interesting because, human being's "desires", are not really their desires They're just following, a program, installation 'upgrade', of their mind consciousness system within them. For instance you have, you'll be walking in the mall, and you'll have a 'spontaneous desire' to- buy that beautiful blue dress, in the shop. 'That moment' of spontaneous desire 'is not you'! That moment of spontaneous desire, comes from your, mind consciousness system. Which was 'transferred into you', through human beings, having a sexual orgasm. Sexual orgasmic experience within this world. (smirk) It's interesting human being, because 'everything' you have experienced, within and as you, 'is not real'! It is 'of' the mind. The mind, within and as human beings, that gets recharge, regenerated and, rejuvenated. So human beings having sexual intercourse, well that's one of the methods, which the mind consciousness system within and as all of humanity 'use'! To rejuvenate, recharge 'and reboot' the mind consciousness system of all of humanity. So, It is 'really rather quite simple', how I as the desire, desire field, within as the unified consciousness field 'exists'. 'Because' of the connection, of all human beings (occipital) through the unconsciousness mind. and, thus 'all of humanity' together, all of humanity. Is run, directed, control by myself, as the desire field. I exist within and as you, within and as you even if you 'had sex or not'. I exist in you as you why? because, as human beings have sexual intercourse, that sexual orgasmic experience, it's not- It's an energetic experiences, it's an energetic experience 'created by the mind'. Thus that energetic, sexual orgasmic experience that's so 'wild, great and profound', it's actually the experience the mind consciousness system within human beings have. It's going: Yes! Yes! Yes! I've got, more power! Ah! Yes! Give me more! Give me more! Give me more! and that's why the experience is so exhilarating, wonderful and great, and then it's transferred through into the unconscious mind, to all of humanity which boosts up, the desire 'experience within human beings' and then you are, Let's say, "lead", by desire and that's where the origination of, the requirement, need, and want and desire for a relationship come in, and 'also for sex'! That's why all human beings want relationship, 'want to experience sex'. Want to, 'start a family' you know, get a house, get a job, have a career, have a car. Have beautiful clothes. and who is charing all these up? human beings having sexual experiences. (right) Thank you very much. this is the, design of desire field. enjoy. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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