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6 Transição Acelerada 2

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In the first video on accelerated transition I talked about transformation. This time, I want to talk about recovery, retrieving something that has been lost. And, again, let's draw on nature for inspiration: Let's talk about the river path. "Accelerated Transition 2 - The River Path" DO NOT WASTE THE CRISIS And what is a river? The original version of this story, I learned from Professor Gustavo Alberto Correia Pinto. Sending you my love, Gustavo! The river is the path the water takes as it flows downhill towards the ocean. And we’ll draw this comparison between the water and the land path it follows, an individual’s relationship with his or hers environment, and the relationship between a company and its market. The water always starts a river from somewhere higher than sea level. The river always starts with a very clear purpose, which is flowing down to the ocean. And it’ll accomplish that as efficiently as possible. For example: The water falls, it does not rise. This downwards flow is the path of least resistance in order to fulfill its purpose, which is traveling downwards to the sea. It is like a child: From early-on we can tell this one has a knack for playing ball, that other one has a knack for writing one maybe talented at doing math, or drawing, or speaking, or dancing. It's what the child is best at with putting in the least effort. If they follow this natural gift, they’ll thread a path towards success for sure. When following its natural path, every river has bends, it’s a spiral design have you ever noticed that? That is the result of the things the water has to fight along the way. When the water meets an obstacle, a trunk, a stone, it embraces the obstacle and continues to flow downward, but, by embracing these obstacles it gets richer, it takes something from the obstacle, and it also changes it, it is no longer the same after the river has run through it. When the obstacle is too big, the water touches it builds up in volume, which it didn’t have before, until it has enough volume to overcome the obstacle. When it manages to overtake it, it generally falls from a high place, a waterfall, and builds up, full of oxygen hitting the ground downstream and gaining a life it didn't have before. This relationship between water and the earth in its path gives rise to a river, with nutrient-rich water, wholesome water, living water. Like a child, who is free, spontaneous, creative, joyus in its way of being, full of life, with a sparkle in the eyes. It is also like the childhood of a company, its founder inspired and excited, with a sparkle in their eyes, foreseeing possibilities, betting on the future, making mistakes, learning, innovating, growing and building his or her path. But, as they grow, both a child and a company are at risk of losing all that wealth, that glow, that vitality. Just like the river. And the risk here is our mental model. When men look at the river, just as a production element, and not as part of of a living system, rich and interdependent ‚ he straightens its course. To rationalize its path and its use. By correcting the river’s path, obstacles are removed and the waters run fast, but lose their richness, become depleted, lifeless. People call these waters "dead water". And of the child and the company? The child will be “educated”, straightened to fit the mold of society's expectations. "Sit up straight! Greet your aunt! Hands-off there!" And that will continue into work world, where everything has been set into a manual of how to be successful. "Be analytical! Be objective! Dress like this! Respond like that! " "Show that you are hungry and there is a fire in your belly!" And in march, our youngsters go to the slaughterhouse of souls, to become "Another Brick in the Wall", the Matrix. It’s no different with the company, if success calls for a more rational and controlled approach, subjectivity and a critical view will be replaced for the objectivity of the research. The annoyed founder will trade in the sparkle in their eyes by a fire in their belly, it’s as a matter of survival. It is a strong company, big, profitable, but it’s also slow, entagled in red tape, with a loose culture, deprived of innovation, lifeless. It doesn't have to be that way. Life is beautiful, it's beautiful, it's really is. I believe in that. The good news is that the potential for vitality and creativity in a child, in a company, in the river, is there, only it has been supressed and squashed. To release it, one just needs to stop straightening it, fitting it into some mold nature is there to teach us, leave river be, wild, it will resume its winding path whcih yields excellent efficiency towards its purpose. With people and companies, the drill is the same. The potential for life and creativity is there, but it’s harder, because we prefer a known discomfort to any comfort that must work at, anything unknown. But, this is where the virus comes in to give us a push. Like the father who throws his child into the pool hoping it will learn to swim. This is an opportunity for us to rethink, a lot, and accelerate others. As we were already doing before the crisis, with attempts to put life and human-beings at the center of it all. In education, for example, a revolution has already started placing the students and their individuality at the center, rather than teachers and methods. Many companies are already investing in their culture’s evolution to make themselves more meaningful for society, in addition to being big and profitable, of course. Particularly because young talents are on a quest for purpose in addition to high-pay and prestige. And consumers increasingly better informed, don’t believe in the false advertising of companies that say they’re corporate citizens, but not really . And that is why those critical, entrepreneurial, creative souls with a sparkle in their eyes are being called to the plate, to rescue the souls of businesses. Could it all go wrong? Of course yes. But, quoting Albert Camus: "Once suicide is no longer an option, optimism is all we have left." I believe in a lifestyle where the best of life is in everything, at all times, and not just in our spare time. Let's believe together and make it happen, research is important but we know what we have to do. Let's go through it together, build a new normal. I’ll see you next time!

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