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08 Closer

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Okay, so over the course of this video, we've looked at why our industry exists, what are the important things that we provide to our clients and to the world in general, and the importance of what our jobs and what we provide is, we looked at integrated pest management IPM, the method that Orkin uses to not only control pest but to provide prevention of these pest for our clients. We looked at a process that we refer to as AIM, A-I-M, assess, implement, and monitor. A program that we use to help not only us as technicians understand what IPM really is, but also a way to help us communicate what IPM is to our clients so that we can solicit their assistance and their help and their understanding into our approaches. We also then looked at the basics of some of the biology and habits of the most common groups of pests that we are asked to provide control and prevention of, the cockroaches, the ants, the rodents, and the flies. We did not look at control because we will discuss those when you're with us here in Atlanta. The thing we wanted to look was just what are some of the basic things that all these animals have in common. This is to give you an understanding of why the control procedures are what they are. So what's next? During your time here in Atlanta, when you come in for your training, we will look at all of these control procedures in the Rollins Learning Center. We'll spend time here in the learning center in classroom type of settings and in some hands-on settings, looking at the detailed procedures and how we go about providing pest management for our clients. We'll talk about the equipment that we use. We'll talk about the various pieces of non-chemical items that we implement. And we'll discuss the chemistries themselves as well. We'll look at the chemicals, the active ingredients, that you have available in your country and we'll discuss what of those materials are the most appropriate for what pest and give you recommendations on what's the best to use as you deliver this service to your clients. Not only will we spend time here in the learning center, but we will also spend time in branch operations. We will go out into several of our branch operations here locally and allow you to spend time with some of the Orkin service professionals as they provide service to their clients. You'll have the opportunity to ride with them in their trucks, observe their work, and even help them in their work as they deliver this service. You'll have the opportunity also to talk to them, to pick their minds, and get a good understanding of what are the thoughts they go through as they're delivering this service to our clients. Now when you're here with us, we'll spend time looking at all these things, we'll also have some time for you to meet the support staff that will help you through sales, through marketing, all of your support personnel that are here for you to help you, make sure that your operation is as successful as you want it to be. We'll spend a lot of time here going through the learning center, going in the branches, and we'll focus on the pest management, but we're also gonna talk about sales, about marketing, and about management. We want to give you all the tools that you need to be successful. We're here to help you with all of these areas and to make sure that you get all the tools that you need. Now when you first arrive, we'll have a short little quiz about the information that we looked at on this video, so be prepared and answer just a few questions to help us make sure that you have that good understanding of the basics of our business. So don't worry, it won't be too hard. But we just want to make sure that we've got all our bases covered so that you have all the tools you need to run a successful Orkin operation in your country. I look forward to seeing you here in Atlanta very soon and helping you develop your operation and making it the best pest control service in your country. Thank you.

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08 Closer

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