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Pre Sell Crowdfunding Campaign 101

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>> Hello and welcome to the "Launch Your Dream Book" program. Today we're going to talk all about pre-selling or crowdfunding your book in order to create revenue that will help pay for services like buying books in bulk or if you want to invest in services. So this is a great way to do that. So today I'm going to go over what a pre-sell is, what crowdfunding is, and how you can set up these campaigns in a very successful and efficient manner. So to get started, let's talk about what a pre-sell is. So there is a slight difference between a pre-sell and a crowdfunding campaign and I'm going to get into that. But a pre-sell is basically when you sell your book before it's available. And it's usually sold on your personal website or on a landing page that you create. Pre-selling your book is a great way to gain capital funds for your book costs. So if you decide, "Hey, you know what, I really want to put some extra money towards my book cover design." Or, "I really want to invest in editing." Whatever that may be, this will help you gain that capital if you don't, if you're not going to self fund your book and you need the additional resources. It will also help generate buzz about your book and get people excited. I find that when you do a pre-sell, people are starting to see the book. They may see the book cover or things that you're working on or little excerpts from your book and it just gets people excited and interested in what you have going on. It can also attract speaking opportunities and PR interviews before the book actually launches. I've seen a lot of students, just sharing their book online has opened up so many opportunities like speaking or clients, you know, people start to see them as an expert in, you know, in the book that they are talking about. And so, there's a lot of great room for opportunities to come your way as well. And it just, it can set yourself up for success. If you need additional funds to pay for certain services, this is definitely a great way to do it. Now similarly, there is crowdfunding and you can do a crowdfunding campaign. This is slightly different from the pre-sell, although most of the materials are going to be the same in each that you would need and I'll get into that in a little bit. But basically a crowdfunding campaign seeks individual investors who believe in your idea or product and want to see it come to life. So, you'll notice there's different platforms for this – Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe. I'm sure that you've seen many of these websites out there or maybe even you've funded some cool ideas or things that you like. You can definitely utilize these platforms to create a funding campaign for your book. This one, and I'll get into the differences, but with the crowdfunding campaign, you have to, since you're using their platform, there are some more rules and regulations with it. But the nice thing is that it is a platform that you can use and it has kind of all of the presets available for you, of what you need to put in. So it gives you just kind of a well-rounded execution of your campaign. But again, it is a little bit more involved. And it's the same thing. It's a great way to generate buzz. Because it's on a crowdfunding platform, it's not that they'll necessarily promote you but, you know, some people do go to crowdfunding sites because they want to look for new and inventive things or they are really looking to invest their money into something or, you know, they just want to see what's going on or maybe they get an email from the crowdfunding platform. So, you know, there's a little bit of an edge somewhat but you still have to be very proactive with either campaign. It gets people excited and again, it attracts the opportunity to speak and do PR interviews before your book is even out. So with all that, it's really important to get clear of your goal for either pre-sell or crowdfunding campaign. First, you want to decide which one you want to do or if you don't want to do one at all, that's fine as well. You can self fund any of the resources that you want to do or you can do the DIY option which costs you close to nothing. Pretty much $0 if you choose that route. None of these routes are good or bad or preferred or not, these are just, you know, the examples of what people have done, what I've done, Joshua's done. You know, we've all done this in some capacity and so, you just need to figure out what works for you. So once you figure that out, you want to get clear on how many books you want to sell. Is it a personal goal? Is it a financial goal? Just get clear on what you want to sell so that you have an idea of what that looks like for you. And, you know, just a tip. If your goal is because you're comparing yourself to someone else's success, definitely go back to the drawing board and set a goal that you want. I see this happen over and over and over again as we see, you know, people that we follow that are New York Times bestsellers and they have this huge platform and we look at what they're doing and we're like, "Oh, I need to be doing exactly that." But, you know, that may not be where you are in your journey and so just kind of let go of all of those comparisons and get clear on what it means to you, and what that looks like. Okay, so what makes a successful campaign? First and foremost, authenticity. Your audience wants to see the real you and I think by you genuinely sharing your content and saying how excited you are and how this is a dream come true and, you know, the general excitement that you have for your work, that is what people are going to connect to and relate to and they're going to want to naturally support you because they're excited for you. And I've seen this over and over again. If you are authentic and you feel that, you know, you're truly – this is a creation, you know, it's something that you've created and you feel so good about and you want to just share that with the world, people see that. So that's first and foremost. Any campaign that I've seen that's done extremely well, there's that layer of authenticity where you can really tell that that person went after it, you know, worked really hard and truly believes in what they're doing. So, to make the right combination, there's also a couple of things that you can do. One is, you can make a short and compelling video. This is usually seen in the crowdfunding campaigns on sites like Indiegogo or Kickstarter or GoFundMe. People will create short, short little videos and we give you some resources in the handouts in this module to kind of look at if that's something that you're interested in. But honestly, even your iPhone or your computer, just something that shows that element of "there's a real person behind this book" I think is really fun. So if you can, you know, hire someone to create a video for you, then I definitely recommend, you know, even just doing a quick little video of why you're so excited. I remember one student posted when she got her proofs in the mail, her book proofs. And she did a little video of what it was like getting, you know, getting it from the mailman and coming in and opening it up and having a book in her hand. And its just was really cute and compelling. And it wasn't anything – it was done on the iPhone, but it ended up getting a lot of shares. And, you know, it brought people back to the authenticity, like this is real, this is exciting for someone and it kind of brings them into that journey. The next thing is you want to ensure the copy is compelling and fun and also showcases to the consumer what they'll get out of your book. What is your book like? What is it not like? you know, what are they gonna really find of value? And again, we do have, in this module, we do have some email templates that you can use and I'll get into that a little later on. Next, incentives. You know, what can you offer them? Is there something? Maybe you can offer a digital download of a meditation or a cooking video or a bookmark or, you know, whatever kind of goes with the theme of your book, just offering a little something more. So if they pre-sell it, they get this incentive whereas if they just buy it regularly, they won't get that. And you can also do a good promotion. So maybe you do, if you're doing an eBook, you want to do something like a $0.99 eBook or maybe you just give free shipping if you're doing the pre-sell and you'll be sending out all of the books physically. You know, kind of think about your lifestyle and your brand and what you have in the book and what you can offer people to give them a little something more. And we give some ideas in the handouts, again in this module, so you can kind of take a look and see some of the different ideas and what people have done. Okay, so how can you run it? For a crowdfunding campaign, you can use your pre-existing websites like I mentioned, like GoFundMe, Indiegogo, or Kickstarter. If you're doing a pre-sell, you can host it on your current website or you can get a landing page. You can use something like or I think Squarespace. And again, we have these in the handouts, we have some resources, so you can take a look at those. You can run it for a shorter or longer period of time but typically the shorter, the better. If you can have it in a very condensed period, maybe two weeks or three weeks or something where people don't lose momentum. If you do something that is four months long, people will kind of wait because people like that hard deadline and so if you give them a hard deadline, they'll be more likely to buy it right then and there. And then also for the crowdfunding campaign, you know, this is just a tip that many of our students have brought up is to opt for the option that allows you to keep the money even if you don't reach your goal. So I'm not sure – I know that Indiegogo is like this because I have researched that before but if you, say, for Indiegogo, you're creating a campaign and you set your goal at $3,000. Well, if the time comes, the deadline comes and you don't reach your $3,000, you will lose your money if you don't opt for the option that you can keep any money that you make even if you don't reach your goal. So it's just a good tip. Of course you want to reach your goal but you have to also decide what's more important, you know, for the book and for the pre-sell and just get really clear on that. Okay, so what should you do? You definitely want to promote your campaign on a daily basis. You can alternate between social media, individual emails. I always recommend, you know, posting visuals. So if you're on social media, maybe on Facebook, you know, you post a little graphic of the book or your excitement about it. And then on Twitter, you can, you know, just do a quick tweet with the link and the excitement. And then also individual emails. Something that I've done in my business since I've started is every day, I email one to three people and just introduce myself or say, "Hey, thank you for this." Or let them know about something that I have going on. So think of the close people in your life, people that maybe have supported you or you think, you know, you want them to know about the book, maybe they haven't seen it on social media. Don't be afraid to individual – you know, send out an individual email and get people excited about it. Send regular updates about your book to keep people engaged. Again, this is I just think really fun as well. During the different stages, you know, you can say, "Oh, moving on to layout." You know, "Check out the header on this," and you can do a little screenshot of the header on your layout. Or, you know, the book cover. When the book cover starts to come to fruition, you can showcase, you know, the different book covers or how you sketched your original idea. I love doing that whenever you kind of have the original idea and you can sketch it down and then you give it to a designer. So maybe it's something like that. Or it could even be, if you're doing it yourself, you can showcase you actually doing it yourself in the back end, but just giving people regular updates about where you're at, I think this just gets them excited and also if they see it, it may spark their interest to share it again and you get more shares with your campaign. And always thank people who donate. You know, send an individual email, it's a great thing, a thank you note, but always remember to thank people and get really excited. One of our students, I remember, anytime someone donated, she would publicly thank them and put something that reminded her, like, it reminded her of them. So she would put a little graphic and how she knew them and just say thank you publicly. And I think that was so smart because not only did the person feel really good, "Wow, she just thanked me and also put a little something personal in it," but also it worked as a sharing device because people were able to see that on both social media accounts. So I thought that was kind of fun. So you can get creative with it but definitely always say thank you. And connect with people that can help promote your campaign. Friends, family, followers, people that have been interested in your work, anyone that you can think of to just say, "Hey, I have this book coming out. I'd really love your support, if you could share the links. I made it easy for you, there's some links below with some different tweets or Facebook messages." And just make it really simple for people to share. And again, we have some templates, some email templates for you in this module, in the resources so you can check that out 'cause we provided some of that for you to make it really easy. Okay, so items that you'll need in place. A book cover design is helpful but not necessary depending on what type of pre-sell you do but I do think that having some sort of visual even if it's just a graphic that you create that says, "I'm writing a book." You know, "I'm doing this campaign." "I'm doing this pre-sell. Check it out." You know, having a book cover is nice 'cause it visually showcases your work but you can also showcase that in other ways. The back cover text. You know, what is your book about? Essentially, this is something that'll be really good for people, so especially if you don't have a cover design because people will want to know, "Well, why should I invest in this book? What is it, you know, "What's in it for me?" essentially. So having that is really key for your campaign. Shipping clarity. How and when will you ship your books? So this is something that if you do a pre-sell, say, on your website and you just have a link that says, "Okay, buy this book. Here's how much it is, this is what you get." And they pay for it and say, you just use something like PayPal, that, you know, you'll need to decide, "Okay, well, now I have all of these people that have bought the books. How and when will I ship them?" And, "What will it cost me?" and, you know, "What kind of mailers do I need?" And this is important because you'll want to think about this before, you know, as you're getting all of this together because that could take in the consideration, "Okay, if it's $2 to ship with Media Mail and the shipper cost me $1 and the book cost me $3, okay, that's $5. So I definitely shouldn't give a percentage off my book. You know, I should instead offer these bonuses." Or do you want to charge shipping? Do you want to charge $2 or $3 for shipping? All those things just get, just get clear on that. It's, you know, there's no one right or wrong way. And again, in the resources, we also give you some different shipping information like different shippers that you can buy and things like that. The other thing is the pre-sell or crowdfunding landing page so you'll definitely want to have a page, whether it's on your website or whether you use one of the crowdfunding sites to do your campaign. You'll definitely need a page to be able to send to people. And incentives. You'll want to ensure that you have the incentives. Is there anything that you can offer them for pre-ordering your book, preferably free or low cost to you? Definitely I'm a fan of digital. Anything that you can send electronically is the best because it cuts all of your costs, but some people, you know, want to do a little something extra and that's fine as well. Okay, so now I'm going to go over some examples that I found that I liked or just have some different angles to them. So this one was Jeff Walker and he is the guru with launches and launching programs and anything basically online. So he had this book come out called 'Launch Up' I believe or no, just 'Launch'. And I thought this was, this was fun. He said he had an extra $291 in bonuses when you get the book. And you can claim your book and your bonuses here. So I just thought the way that he worded it and did this way really fun, is that he encouraged people to buy the book and then they get all of these digital bonuses. So for him, it was really no additional cost other than time but he put a value to that and encouraged people to buy his book, not only the book but then you get all of this value. You get almost $300 worth of bonuses and again, it's just a way to do it, but I thought that was really unique and fun and is a good way to get people excited about it. Now again, Jeff Walker has a huge list. He, you know, has the time and resources to do this, so it may not be for everyone but it's definitely just an example of something that you can do. The other example that we have here is from Joshua which I just took a screenshot of one of his, one of his emails that he sent out. And he basically did a pre-release copy of his book for just $0.99. So what he did is, he had the book available for $0.99. I believe just the eBook. And then he offered different incentives that people could get. They could get the NYC release party live from anywhere, the audio book version, recipes, a bonus certificate, a live class. You know, all of these, all of these kind of bonuses really didn't cost anything to him because they were already in place. But by doing it this way, he was able to boost his sales with the $0.99 and get a higher ranking on Amazon. So he actually did his after the book was already on Amazon, so it's, this would be, you would do the work and then have the book on Amazon and then do some sort of really big sale and that's what he did. But you could cater this any way that you want. I just really liked the bonuses. I think that the way they worded it, that's 96% off the cover price of $24.95, plus you get all of these bonuses. So that's something that you can think about with your own pre-sells is, "Okay, how can I word this so that it's of huge value for people?" And that's what I really took away from Joshua's. Now little old me, I have an example of what I did for my pre-sell and I simply sold my book. This was my first book and I think I may have told you I didn't have any money to invest in it at all. And so I decided to do this pre-sell, so I simply sold on my website for $12.95, so the original price was $14.95. I gave people a $2 discount and I shared on social media and through email and then I offered these bonuses. So I made magnets and bookmarks and these little business cards and that's what I offered people. Again, it was so, so simple. Literally, I just had the book cover, my little, "About the book." I had what they got, which is, you know, a discount on the book and a bookmark and a magnet and a payment link. And that was it. It was very, very simple. And I think I ended up pre-selling over 200 books. So, this was the very simplified version of a pre-sell and it still did well enough for me to not only pay for the services that I need but also to invest in buying books for events and things like that. So it doesn't have to be, you know, Jeff Walker, the type of big launch or even the way that Joshua did it. It could be very simplified and something like this. Now for those of you that maybe don't want to do any of that, you can, again, do a campaign when your book launches, that is really very similar to this. So you can still – maybe you're self funding your book, then you can do a campaign where you use these resources and maybe offer certain incentives for them buying on Amazon in the next, you know, five days or something like that. So there's many, many different options as you can see. We just wanted to lay some out so that you can kind of see what you are working with and what you feel comfortable with because again, every one is so different and so the best thing that we can do is provide the different structures and then you can kind of tweak to make your own. Okay, so if you have a zero to small list, that's definitely no problem and here are a couple of things that you can do to start building your list to get people excited about your book. The first thing that you can do is build launch partners and this is basically reach out to resources that may want to help you promote your book. Maybe you have a few Health Coaches that were in your coaching circle when you went to school or maybe you have a connection with your local newspaper or you know, just really anyone that you think would be good to share it. I know I have one friend who, she just, she's someone that you can go to when you have anything. She's just someone that's always sharing and always promoting other people's work and so she would be someone definitely on my list. She's not a Health Coach, she's not someone, you know, in any sort of field but she's just someone that shares people's work and so, think of people like that in your life and start creating a list. And you can even do this now before the book launches or before you have any of the pre-sell stuff information but you could just once a day or twice a day, you can email someone that you're thinking of and say, "Hey, I have a book coming out and I'd love for you to be on board whenever it launches. Let me know and I'll keep you on this list." And then you can even start building this side list of people that'll promote your work once it comes out. And start small in your request. And so by this I mean, just like I said, you can reach out and say, "Hey," you know, "would you be interested in checking out the book?" And you know, sharing with your, sharing with your Facebook followers or something like that, you know. But don't, you don't have to, you can start very small. You don't have to, you know, give everything away or you know, I wouldn't ask if it's someone that you're an acquaintance with, I wouldn't ask – or someone that you even don't know, I wouldn't ask for a list of things. Maybe just ask for one thing. Like, "Hey, would you mind reviewing it?" Or, "Would you be interested in sharing it?" Or, you know, just something little especially if you're just kind of testing the waters. But definitely people that you know, that are in your circle, just kind of get them interested and on board so that when the time comes, they're not blindsided, like all of a sudden, you know, "Lindsey now has this book and wants me to promote it but I knew nothing about it." Just kind of give them some, just some warm leads essentially. And lastly, promote online so you can use the book as a way to grow your list. You can offer a free excerpt from your book as an opt-in on your website. You can, you know, offer some sort of incentive or bonus with the book, just to get people excited that the book is coming and, you know, give them a little piece of what you're offering. So it can be an excerpt, it could be, it could be something very, very small, maybe a video, a cooking video of one of the recipes from the book. Something like that, that just gives the person a taste of what you're offering. Alright, so as I mentioned throughout this module, there are additional resources and email templates in this module. So I definitely encourage you to check out the Checklist and Resource Guide which has basically your overview of, "Okay, what is it that I want to create? Do I want to do a pre-sell? Do I want to do a crowdfunding campaign? Do I want to do a mix of something? Or do I simply want to self fund it and use this as a way to help with my big launch of it on Amazon?" Whatever it may be, that'll just help you get clear with your goals, and then it's also a Resource Guide so that you can see the different services that you can use, like the different crowdfunding campaigns or different email, landing pages that you may need or if you want to buy little book goodies, you know, what websites are best for that. So there's just some resources that will help take you and guide you through making those decisions. There's also sample email marketing, which I think this, in my opinion, is gold. I wish I had this. So there's sample emails and they take you through different ones of what you'd be emailing someone and what you'd be asking of someone or requesting of someone or simply when you're sharing that your book is available for sale or for pre-sell in this email campaign, so – and you can tweak them to your own and then there's also an example, so you can see how someone actually used it. And then lastly is the landing page guide. So this is more for if you want to do a pre-sell, you know, some of the things that you'll need to think about when getting a landing page or doing a page off of your website which is probably the most recommended but you can also, if you don't have a website yet that's totally fine. You can use one of these resources to create a simple page that showcases what your book is and, you know, all of the pre-sell information. So again, use these guides to help to create a successful campaign for your book and, you know, use all of the information in the module and use one another. I think it's really important to bounce your ideas back of off one another, your accountability partner, in the Facebook group. You know, make sure that you're reaching out and you're getting the support that you need. Alright, well, this is how to do a successful pre-sell or crowdfunding campaign. Use the resources and good luck.

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Pre Sell Crowdfunding Campaign 101

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