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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~14:31:25 - 14:46:26

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-Miss to touch! -Start over! -You were n0t doing it right. We're starting over. -Are you entering from that side? -No. -So, you'll look that filthy when they show your video in America. Why are you spinning the rope that slow? -Edith! -You're taking forever! Ya! It hurts! I see! You want to hurt me? Wow! What a way to jump! -My leg got caught -Let me try! -Let me see! -Edith, come on in! Where's Simeon? Khasu, spin the rope! -Edith! -They have been given permission to film Edith, even in school. -Hey, you're out! -What side were you on? That side? -This side. A,B, C, D... -Two at a time? -No, One at a time! -Edith, why don't you get out? -No way, leave me alone! This part is easier because it isn't steep! -Right here. -No! -So don't spin that fast like a bike! -Guys, my arm hurts, get out first. Memory, that's not fair! -So should I get in? -Yes! Keep spinning. -3, 3, zzz... -Edith! What's three z? -Edith? -3, 3 z... -Bad, bad, bad! -It's all your fault. -You were spinning like a bike, too fast. I will pay you back -Oh yeah! I don't think so!! Let's her try it. Nobody was spinning that fast. No way! I am not jumping in if you are going to spin that fast. No, that's a "Miss to touch", that's hardware. -That's it. -Spinners take your spots. -Let's start again! -Spinners take your spots. -Slowly. Miss to touch, miss to touch, hardware, no miss. -Not fair! -Charles touched the rope. -Let's continue. Miss to touch, miss to touch hardware -No way! You're spinning it too fast! -No way! It's Edith who's spinning it fast. -Miss to touch hardware! -Out! -Charles spin! -You're spinning it too fast! -But you're spinning too fast! -Spinning fast when we are about to enter? Scared are you? -I thought I said I would do it! -You weren't skipping with me! -I was doing alright! -You'll get you kid. -Don't do that to me. -No. -Is it Noel? -Spin slowly. -Frasier, it's Frasier. -Don't do that or I'll quit. -Ok, I will stand here then. -I wore a pair of slippers. -Throw it! -,Just grab it, ok? -No way I won't give it to you! -Go and stand over there. -Not fair! You stopped spinning! -Who told you that? -You stopped spinning the rope. -It's because you stepped on it... -You stepped on it. You're dazed out, you pulled it up like this. Ok, let's play hopscotch. -Or you could use bran. -What? -Bran. Grab the bran so we can sprinkle around to make a hopscotch ring. -Your place would be better for hopscotch. Let's play. -What's with this kid? -The afternoon would be better. Hey Edith, let's do it this way, we have hopscotch and we have jump rope. -Do all that in this area? -Or play the "square" game? -In this place? -Yes! Square is better. Or Sand in the bottle. -That will mean running. Will I be the first one? -It's not fair, you're always first? -No, Edith, you always get the first pick. That's not fair. -That's your problem. -What? What did you say? -We're not taking it. -What? Noel, get the ball! Noel? -I don't know where it is? -Simeon, bring it. Samson are you returning that ball? Those are Samson's bricks! -Do you know Samson? -Take them back! -Ok! Frasier, go get the ball at home! -There! -Where's that ball? -I thought it was lost? -Who did you leave it with? -I think it came back. -I thought it was you. -You borrowed it yesterday. Go get it. -Where did you leave the ball? -They left it down there. Memory that's enough. We'll need twenty bricks. -They'll keep falling if you touch them. -That actually works out better. -Yes, do it like that. -Yeah, that's good. You know the field by those trees. -Edith, can I have some water? -By those trees! She keeps it up there. So that they fall easily. -Edith, can I have some water? -Fine lets get some water. Where are you going? -He wants water! -Who wants some water? -Charles. -I thought it's the filmmakers. -Don't say that, they'lll hear you. -Look at you. Don't walk around half naked a lot. -No, they know that I'm going to go take a bath now. -So who is she getting the water for? -Charles! -Is there any left? -There's no water. Go get it from that house. -But I didn't comb yet. Maybe it didn't show in the video? -Yes. -Miss to touch hardware! -Leave it, it has worms. -Edith can you give me some water? -Here, drink it. -Where's the handle? -There's none. Fruit. Let's have some. Edith, hold this. The ants are crawling all over me. You whine too much. -Are you eating? -Have some. Let's go play. -Yes, let him take a video of you. -Let him film us. Nancy, look, you dropped the bricks. You ate beans! Frasier, they're calling you! -Who went to get the ball? -Simeon. Go Frasier, he says he can't find the ball. -Didn't I see a ball on the path? -Where? Over there! Maybe. I will start with the big one at the bottom. -Did you find it? -No! I thought he was getting it from where he'd seen it! We'll knock it down! -They are filming the mission... -It's beautiful! I saw the ball today in that ditch. -Which ditch? -In the morning today. -Tie that up... -Who's doing it? The white people are coming. -That hurts. What? -It hurts! -They don't last. Who wants it? Edith! They're breaking it! Remove those stones. So who's playing? Speak up so we can split the teams. Who said 'one' first? -We said it first. -And we said no, someone else has to be first. -They can't say they're first. -Who? -Them. Hide and seek! Ok, lets divide the teams. Hey Memory! Memory! Edith, let other people go first! -No! -The other team will go first. Edith just wants to be first in everything. You're going to be first again? And Noel, Sunganani. Well I am going to be with Edith, you'll be with Memory. Achitanthwe, go stand there! -Lindiwe move, Silaju and Hilda too! -Here? Poke Silaju.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Producer: Jason J. Price, Ya-Hsuan Huang
Director: Jason J. Price
Views: 222
Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008

The Global Lives Project is a collaborative effort of volunteer filmmakers, photographers, architects, artists, programmers, designers and everyday people from around the world. The goal of the collaborative is to document the wide variety of human life experience and share it through a unique video installation that can be assembled anywhere on earth, while at the same time producing a dynamic online video library of the human experience. The project's third shoot was in Malawi in June 2007. Edith Kapuka, a 13 year-old girl from Ngwale Village outside Zomba, was the subject.

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