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Money and Profit are Detrimental for Human survival

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When there's the depression where it deepen in economy, and a lot of people don't have money to buy things. there're still goods out there, there're still the abiliity to produce some there's still the resources, there's still the farms people want to work and make things but they don't have the money they can buy things, so there's something terribly wrong out there. we have a great deal of earth populations straving and suffering. And the resources are there, our ability to produce are there, our ingenuity is there, yet some people have a lot and others don't have anything. And today that's really shameful with our technology. It's really very very abusive and absurd, because we have all the technology today to produce abundance all over the world for everyone. People always ask how much will it cost to put up these new cities, Do we have the resources to do it? that's the question, not how much does it cost. That's the old question during the monetary system. Money is an invention of convenience, for purchsing goods and services in the scarcity environments. it is the scarcity, say, of water, it is priced and its price is high, if we find in abundant certainly the earth opens up and the abundance of supply of fresh water soothes evrey routine, then nobody cares. There's only a policeman in front of something that people have need for, and don't have access to so you put a guard there, but if lemon trees, or orange trees and apple trees grew all over the places, you couldn't sell it. imagine, if you will, if you can, an island of ten thousand people, with ten billion dollars on the island available no resources, no arable land, no water, no fish, you have nothing, so what is real value in the future? Resources. Now, in a non-monetary based society, resorce- based society, people have access to anything that they need, somewhat like the public library. they go down and access a camera or a bicycle, or a wrist watch, anything that they need is available without a price tag. That would mean, we must achieve a level of production that's so high, that scacity no longer exists. Many people wonder what'll we drive people, if they'd access to all their need, well, what will happen to incentive? what will motivate people? or something gain, what's the gain, although the gain is that materials available, what will motivate them on to do better that what they have. Need. we will always lack, and the fact that we'll always lack meaning that we can not achieve perfection, we can not achieve truly dynamic equilibrium we will always be in some form of this equilibrium what the eliminates some scarcity that is accentual in centered change toward problems soundly in general. When nations or groups of people do not have to access to resources, their behaviour is difficult to manage that becomes aberrant, they lose their mental equilibrium, they can not arrive at an appropriate conclusion, once people are free mentally, of death, obiligation, servitude, then they can see new horizions that they've never even dreamt. a way of looking at things, the their earlier systems which everything attributed to Gods or demons. This is where we get into applying the scientific method to society. Yes, now, this is not in the book yet. the scientific method priced society something people don't think about much, but we only know where the answers may lie, it is in the application of the method of science, with human concern and environmental concern. The future by design refers to the application of the methods of science, not scentists. The methods of science through the social system. Naturally even the matters of science undergo changed and as they change, so would the future. if we use the scientific matters throughout the world, and the probability will drop to zero. A probability of human suffering will disappear, debt-probation, poverty, all things tend to disappear. because there's no basis for it. WE MUST BECOME THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT JOIN US Transcibed and Translated By Brian Kim

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Posted by: pound on Oct 22, 2010

Money is the problem, the profit system is the bigger and monetary system is the worst...

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