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EGO WORKSHOP - We are not in control

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Robotic Consciousness teach us, this is the most difficult lesson, to teach us that we are in a robotic consciousness, what about the 'Dark Lord', who says "you are nobody"? What are we saying, when we say we are in the state of robotic consciousness? So we answer: Travel down the highway, 90 miles, 300 miles, and you wake up in the end of two hours and you say 'how come I'm here already?' Because you were thinking about other things so how come you were driving a car, watching the traffic Or sit for 10 seconds, 15 seconds, and try to tell your mind: "Don't think" Don't think. And a thousand thoughts will come just in this matter of 15 seconds, but, at the same time he has a purpose. The Dark Lord has a purpose, in convincing us foolishly that 'I am robotic?' Look at what I built, the empire that I built. Today someone told me about the Forbes magazine, which by the way, what we said over here, when we said wealth... people acquire wealth, it's all robotic. And without Kabbalah it's robotic. And the richest people in the United States right now are people who acquired in the last 10 years and all those who acquired all that wealth like the Rockefellers and all, dissipated, Kennedys... it's gone. Or it's almost gone. I mean, what happened? Because all that was robotic. People are placed in that position of wealth, but didn't he acquire this wealth? That's the first trap. When he sees that you are convinced that you are already the one in control of your consciousness then he doesn't bother you anymore. Then he doesn't even bother you. Then that means he wouldn't even pay attention to make sure that your wealth trip continues, because he stops the moment he sees that you are convinced that you have not come into this world and things around you other than other than "avoda", other than work related to Light, everything else is robotic consciousness. If we do not come to this conclusion, then we can never achieve our purpose. Never. No matter what we do. End.

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Posted by: kabvids42 on Jun 17, 2018

We are not in control

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