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EAP Program at SDSU's ALI

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Hi, my name is Tania and I come from Brazil My name is Musaad, I'm from Saudi Arabia My name is Mikhail, I'm from Russia EAP is an English program that helps you to improve your English skills to use them in university. EAP is 'English for Academic Purposes' For me it's the best way to reach my goal in a faster way. I heard about the ALI from a Brazilian friend, and I changed here from another school because they say a lot of things are very nice about this school and it's true! It's a very nice school! When I first came here to ALI my purpose was to learn English properly to be eligible to use it in an academic field. And now, eventually, I am a San Diego State student - thanks to ALI! The people here really want you to reach all the things that you want. In classes, students and teachers are really, really friendly. You feel so comfortable to be one of them. I like my teachers, I like the atmosphere in the class which they create It is not only studying, it is the whole life here in school. ALI is located in SDSU, so it helps all the students a lot to meet Americans and has other things to do. We have a lot of entertainment, games to go to, and cinemas... It's a very good place to study and live! I have made very good friends here in the ALI from the East and the West. From Europe, Asia, Africa, and South of America. Here in the ALI, I met a lot of people from all around the world, and it's very nice because we can learn about the cultures of other countries and introduce ourselves and our culture so that people know more about our country, also. It's a very good experience. For me, here, all the things are special: The teachers, the friends, SDSU...all the things For me it's the best place to study! I will always remember that when I walk into a classroom, I will know something new! I will always remember the good times that I had here in the ALI! I will always remember the first time I came here and all the people were so friendly with me! And the first thing I said was: 'I want to study there!' I recommend ALI because the teachers support us a lot and all the people here are very nice, the people in SDSU are nice and California is the best place to live!

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Posted by: sdsuces on Jan 15, 2009

Student testimonials about the EAP program at the American Language Institute in San Diego

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