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Време лудо

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Crazy times - Hunter Good old happy times. Nice, sunny weather. Youth, Belgrade and rock and roll. In the good old times, when I was young, it was as though everybody around me was singing and laughing. Crazy times, new times. New views, new people, new music, new fashion, and one more thing is also new… What is that? Drugs! Oh, screwed up. Along with EKV, AZRA and many other music groups. Wow, it’s really hard to cope with this new, unexplored beauty. Everything moves so fast, so sudden… Zagreb, Rolling Stones, sky is the limit, 18 years… and Mick Jagger. ...chaotic and incredible indeed. I’m in the middle of a pandemonium, and I’m not sure if it’s only a dream or it is actually happening. Everything moved so fast, and suddenly... boom, bang, my first shoot, my first fix. I thought I was in heaven. My school friends were going to London, but not me, me and my new friends travelled east, to places where people sing and dance, to India, my brother. It was as if we were on another planet, with music, peace and love. Everyone was happy, people were smiling and singing. I was high and smiling all the time, literally, like there was no tomorrow. Anyway, looking back to those days, it all seems too short to me now, because the heaven turned into hell. Only fifteen days later… Teheran, my world turned upside down. My friend smashed his new Seiko watch when he realized that he had lost the dope. Chaos was all around. Teheran – drugs – death. We were in hell. Digital stories for transformation "We all have a past"

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Duration: 2 minutes and 30 seconds
Country: Macedonia
Language: Macedonian
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Producer: Hunter
Director: Hunter
Views: 201
Posted by: metamorphosis on Apr 22, 2009

дигитална приказна за трансформација на тема: „Сите имаме минато“ во која се опишува личното искуство на еден поранешен зависник од дрога

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