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Zeus:Alright It's getting darker, we just had a great dinner in Sweden Zeus:It's very fancy here Zeus:I see some similarities with London Zeus:Edward decided to get himself some maize(corn) Edward to Starix:You got cash? Edward:Can you land me some please Zeus:It's awesome here, right? Zeus:It's so, I can't describe it Starix:It's calm here Zeus:Exactly, no rush Zeus:Live music playing Zeus:Maybe I should gift him my cellphone? Seized:We haven't walked around like this for a long time Zeus:It's always CS, qualifiers, such tension Zeus:The main thing is to prepare for Fnatic tomorrow Zeus:Timati(russian singer) bought himself a T-shirt here Zeus:Mmm, corn Zeus:Delicious, right? Zeus:This guy is so talented Zeus:Edward is unhappy with his corn Zeus:"What the fuck did u give me m8" Seized:This place is perfect for ladies Zeus:Man, wtf happened to swedish girls, they are, not...pretty Zeus:Men are fine but girls, ugh Edward:This store is called Kappa Zeus:Kappa Zeus:I am sure Volvo owns this one Edward:Did you know that RobbaN started playing and streaming again? Seized:He's like an official streamer of SK now Edward:Dude's making money "Seized starts talking about dennis, while Edward says that RobbaN is a decent player, here comes the confusion" Zeus:For how long was he inactive? Seized:A year Starix:More Seized:He (dennis) played in Katowice last year Edward:RobbaN?Are you high? Seized:I am talking about dennis Zeus:Hell yeah we are talking about dennis "Slight confusion continues" "Can't identify who, but he is afraid of flying, so he took a boat to get to somewhere" Seized:Belly undies Zeus:So you can't get a boner? Starix:Let's turn left Zeus:You sure starix? Seized:I see a bar there Zeus:It's all closed anyway, Swedes don't work for so long Seized:Dude, it's friday, maybe they will work till' like 2 PM Zeus:Do you know who are the laziest people in the world? Zeus:Greeks, their whole life is Fiesta Zeus:They work for 4 hours and the rest is Fiesta Seized:They smoke pot Zeus:Everyone smokes pot there, even kids, it's all good there Zeus:Maybe there are parents who just sterilize their kids Zeus:So good here

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