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O - Self Dicipline

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Self Discipline - Osho This is Osho communicating about self-discipline self-discipline is an intensely, specified momentum directive principle of self as self self-discipline is self-respect is self-honor let's look at self-discipline, within this process we are currently experiencing we have covered extensively within a reasonable amount of interviews with regards to the mind as thoughts feelings and emotions which were referred to as the mind consciousness system which, humanity believe and perceive themselves to be the self-discipline from the perspective of the process of each and every single individual human being who dare endure on and within this process of stopping the mind and realizing themselves as Life from the physical of oneness and equality as all as one as equal self-discipline, here, must be specific thought it's interesting, self-discipline goes hang in hang with self-motivation and self-will if you do not will yourself and motivate yourself, to stop your mind of thoughts feelings and emotions then naturally, you will not have the self-discipline to assist and support yourself effectively and specifically in every single moment thus self-discipline incorporate the specificity of you of each and every single thought that comes into your mind to stop it absolutely to apply self-forgiveness immediately, instantaneously in that moment so when a though steps up within you, you stop immediately when you experience reactions or feelings or emotions just coming you stop- immediately that is your will your motivation because you know or realize from understanding, what we have been expressing that you are not the mind of thoughts feelings and emotions that self-discipline that self-motivation and that self-will to stop the mind for you- for the first time in eons of time to realize, and experience yourself as Life of oneness and equality as all as one as equal self-discipline is absolute there are no half-measures in this process in other words if it is just a I am just doing it- just doing it because it's here and I'll do it situation then it will take you longer in your process of stopping the mind the process of stopping the mind is seven years possibly even less maximum five with absolute! self-discipline self-dedication self-commitment self-will and self-motivation and it's interesting because one's able to come up with extensive amount of excuses and justifications and reasons for why, application seems difficult seems hard when it's all got to do with you your expression of yourself, who are you? in other words, are you self-discipline as you and disciplining yourself? to be self-committed and self-dedicated and stopping each and every single thought in every moment not even allowing or accepting yourself to participate in any! emotions or feelings in anyways whatsoever within that! I have an interesting- I have an interesting observation within this specificity and intention excuse me within this specificity and intensiveness with your intention with the word intention I would suggest you watch the design of intention while I am here for anyone watching this video interview has not yet seen it so the specificity and intensiveness of your application in self-discipline you will find extreme enjoyment interesting I experience extreme enjoyment in that experience of myself of honoring me in every moment of being- absolutely self-discipline in not allowing any thoughts feelings or emotions to govern or control me and also within the specificity of applying self-forgiveness it is the experience of it is profound, it's astounding and amazing it is the experience of literally each breathe you take breathing Life, within yourself and then you actually start realizing but I am becoming alive, for the first time thus I suggest, extreme self-discipline not being 'hard' on yourself, discipline not allowing any thoughts feelings or emotions to govern or control you in any moment whatsoever, stand up as you and take your own power thank you very much this is Osho on self-discipline Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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