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Demon talk show: How do i become a Demon, Patrick 1

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: How I became a Demon - Patrick My name is Patrick and, this is my story. Hundreds of years ago, I, lived in a home..with my wife and, my newborn child. We were..sitting down, for supper, it was evening. by candle light. and suddenly, unexpectedly, seven 'men', barged into our home. Our home.. was far away from..anyone or anything else, we provided for ourselves by ourselves These men seized..myself, and my wife, and..demanded food and drink. I was, infuri..infuriated. because how dare..these men..walk into 'my home'. It was, disrespectful, and uncalled for My temper shot through the roof..and.. I was becoming, 'extremely angry'. Two of the men..held me by my arms, as I struggled to, push them off of me, So that I was, able to get to my wife, because they were mishandling her. and then all of a sudden, right before my eyes, they killed my wife. I saw her, lay there. Her eyes still open, bleeding, dead. They took my child, who had started crying. My the feet. Hanged my baby, upside down. and killed my child, right in front of my eyes. like an 'animal' being slaughtered. The blood dripping, still baby upside down..after they killed my child. There was, blood..all over, the wall the floor. Where my child, and my wife had been these barbarians. I experienced myself 'hardening', within myself. The anger, the fury, the 'pain', my heart..felt as thought it had stopped. (sigh) In that moment seeing, my wife and my child drenched in 'blood'. These men.. Killing, with no regard, no consideration in anyway whatsoever. I was..'filled'..with everything, of anger, of hatred of fury of sadness, of sorrow, and I, "felt" these two men's arms, hands around my arms..fell down to my knees. (sigh) My head (sigh) bowing down, I felt hopeless, powerless (sigh) and helpless. but still the anger, within me, 'boiled'. I felt like..the devil himself. Wanting to re-havoc over..existence, the world itself. I could never have imagined that I would be capable of experiencing.. such emotion. I started, tears welling up in my eyes. I stood up slowly, and I said: I promise you this After death, I'll hunt you down. Life after life after life I will search you in every incarnation.. that you're born into, into this world. I will find you, and I will 'Destroy- You and your life and your world' as you have destroyed 'mine' in this moment. I will make you feel as you have made me 'feel'. You will 'Lose', Everything! until Nothing! is left. and you, experience the 'pain'..the sadness, the sorrow that you have done unto me. and then, I will kill you. You will not 'rest', as I will not rest. I will find you..and I will take care of you 'Myself'. There will be no place to run, and no place to hide, through out this existence. Life after life after life, I will find you, each and every single one of you. and you will, life after life after life experience, what you have done unto me. Right before your eyes everything that you've ever loved ever care for, will be 'lost'. After that..they laughed..and they killed me. They left me to bleed to death. My eyes still open watching, my wife and my child, laying there, already dead. and when I crossed over, I crossed over, with the promise that I had made and that's where my existence, as a demon 'began'. Fury, the hatred the anger the sadness the sorrow had become me. With the promise, that I would 'hunt down' and find, all seven men incarnation after incarnation life after life. I would destroy everything that they have ever loved and cared for. Until everything is lost, and then I would, kill them. The unrest I experienced within me they will experience throughout their existence. and I will continue infinitely. Thank you.

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 29, 2009


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