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Gregg Braden about meta-physical healing and different levels of inner conciousness

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i was trained as a scientist, my background is in the hard sciences - physical sciences, the earth sciences. in the 60s and 70s when i received this training there was no .. ahh .. no room for the possibilities and kind of things we are talking about now... the kind of things that suggest that our inner world and - thoughts, believes, emotions - in any way effects the world around us.. it was through direct experience.. what i began to understand was that this was "the great secret" that everyone knows except us in the west almost any other culture that we go to .. from the monestaries in egypt and tibet and india .. bolivia and peru.. they all know that there is this experience inside us.. in our bodies that effects our world in some way and our science has not allowed for that historically i was trained as a scientist and was trained to look around me for answers so i began to these places.. i began to go to the monestaries.. to all these places that i mentioned.. and it was through the direct experience of sitting in the presence of people who have lived.. and practiced and through people like Louise Hay where i am blessed to share the stage with those people what we begin to understand is ... that is the place where science got it wrong .. two places - two assumtions... that science has made .. modern science.. and they are comming full circle now to correct that but the first one is that "the space" we believed is empty is not really so empty its full of a living essence.. full of a material that we are only beginning to understand.. ... number one.. and number two... .. the fact - and it is a fact now - that we may have experienced inside of our bodies.. that influence the world beyound our bodies... .. through the conduit of whats in that space. so it was through going into the monastries and talking with indigenous people... looking at them eye to eye, heard to heard.. god to god... when you just perform that miracle.. when you just perform those miraculous healing.. what is it that you made inside you body to make that happen... and if i did not understand what they told me i would ask them again and again and again ..until i understood that they created an experience producing an effect inside their bodies that my science never told me that it was possible.. or existed. and that was the path that led me i just want to emphasize... science is good.. i believe science is good and served us well ... simply it is incomplete. so it was that path that allowed me to flash out the missing pieces that we are only beginning to understand today.. marrying the best science of today with the wisdom of our past to a greated understanding.. .. brings us back to the understanding that we can do something within our bodies that influences not only us... but literally influences the physical reality of our world and that changes everything.. it changes everything what we in the west believe about our selves. so as a scientist i also came to understand that this is a very different way for people to think about themselves in their world. and i found there is a learning curve this is not something people typically talk about in a technical organization they dont wake up in the morning and say... what kind of feelings, what kind of dreams.... what kind of healings did you have over the weekend.. rather they talk about... who won the football games.. who won the lotteries... but this is where it brings us.. the relevances in our lifes we all have experiences every day .. wether we are conciously aware about it or not... those experiences are physically effecting our bodies in our world what western science is now beginning to understand.. only in the last years of the last century and in the first years of the new century it is know a scientific fact that the space between things is anything but empty it is full of a living pulsating essence it is so new.. scientist yet have to agree on a common term they are calling it a "quantum hologram" - doctor edgar mitchell the former apollo astronaut calls it "natures mind" - steven hawking calls it "the mind of god" others call simply call it THE FIELD in 1944 the father of quantum physics Max Planck identified the existence of this field .. he called it "the matrix". underlying everything we see .. including our bodies .. he said.. there is the existence of what must be a concious and intelligent mind this is his language in 1944 he said this mind is the matrix of all matter and its from his work that the movie series began and... .. and many of the ideas that we have today so what we know is this: we have the opportunity to influence that field in ways that we now only beginning to understand its done through the human heart - its not a thinking process thoughts are important - but the ancients made a distinction between thoughts, feelings and emotions

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A Gregg Braden interview in the Louise Hay Film. He talks about meta-physical healing and different levels of inner conciousness.

| 28min | feb 2008 | © Louise Hay Film |

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