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Unknown (2011)

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Did you sleep? No. I'll sleep at the hotel. (lady in booth) Welcome to Berlin. (German male) Can you tell me what you remember? I was in a taxi. I crashed. I don't know how I got here. You have been in a coma for 4 days. We couldn't find any identification with you. What's your name? I'm Doctor Martin Harris. I've been gone for 4 days, my wife is out there in this city she doesn't know, Excuse me sir, do you have an invitation? That's my wife, over there. Liz. Do I know you? What's wrong? It's me. Your husband. Martin. (German) You are Doctor Martin Harris? Last time I looked. Is this some kind of a joke? Do you know this man? No. Please...Liz...Liz! (Doctor) There are no rules for severe trauma of this kind. Memories get lost or fractured. I'm not crazy. Somewhere there's proof I'm me. I was in your taxi. We crashed. How did you find me? I need to know what happened. (Taxi driver) It's not safe for you. There are people watching. [truck honks, tires screech] They had me convinced I was crazy. When they came to take me, I knew. It's a simple code. (male voice) Do these mean anything to you? It's my wife's writing. [gunshot] They have passports credit cards, family photos. [with a sneer] You really don't remember anything. Get your hands off me! Who are these people? They can become anyone. The question is, why would they want to take your place? I don't know who this man is. But you have to arrest him, or many people will die. There is no Martin Harris. He doesn't exist. [kettle screaming] I am Martin Harris! I didn't forget everything. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Nov 14, 2010

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