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FOTY Travis Mills 011118 QN v5 C

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) and my guys were in Afghanistan and we got a phone call in 2012 on April 10th And we went out there like usual, set up shop and... this guy Brandon, he went out and swept the ground with the minesweeper and nothing alarmed him. There wasn't anything under the ground and he came in the short haul and took my backpack up When we hit the ground the bomb went off and it happened to take off my right arm and right leg automatically they never found those pieces. They just integrated. The doctor said Mrs. Mills, his right leg is ripped open He's gonna bleed out if we don't take 2 inches off his right leg And you're in charge of the medical history now... so you have to sign this piece of paper So she did. I went to surgery and the next day on the 18th she came in and I said don't gotta do this. I understand why you're here but this isn't the life you'd choose. This isn't anything I'd want for you so why don't you take Chloe? The house is yours. And you can just live a happy life because I don't have much worth anymore. She was like...I was thinking about that... but then she's like, but handicap parking you She was pretty offended. She said that's not how this works ...and we'll get through this. I was pretty upset, angry, embarrassed... questioning how am I gonna be a father, how am I gonna be a husband I got the chance to meet a guy who's a quadruple amputee. I was the second. There's only five of us right now. Total. Fortunately. And he comes in my room about a month in of my recovery And the first thing out of his mouth was "Hey man welcome to the club" "I don't want to be in your club." He's like "It's kind of late now, don't you think?" But like you know, life goes on. He said, I walk, I drive, I do most anything I wanna do. And you can, too. And this is not gonna stop you. It's just how you respond to it now. You know...looking at my wife there, my daughter. I'm thinking...they're gonna be here with me and I'm gonna get better You know...the only reason getting better is worth for her Alright, that doesn't happen ever so...sorry about that I started to just do as much as I could. Learn how to dress myself, feed myself, use the bathroom by myself My daughter and I learned how to walk together at the same time. So I have video of her...taking her, you know when she started to walk like holding people's hand and walking, holding my prosthetic arm. and I had short legs on, we were walking around together. I was fortunate at Walter Reed to go on trips And they'll teach you things that you can set up confidence in yourself You can still get out there and do things. As great it was to go out there with my wife, because I needed non-medical assistance. I needed someone to help me get my legs on or grab my stuff A lot of guys that miss a single leg or double legs that can't manage by themselves they don't get the chance to take their love ones because in no fault to the government or anything like that there's only so much funding And I thought well I'd love to help build these guys confidence with their love ones My kids are gonna obviously get to a stage where I'm embarrassing as a dad Not because of my legs, my looks, just because I'm their dad I'm embarrassing But while they get to that stage, my daughter I don't let her think that she's been slighted or cheated by anyway I go to daddy-daughter dances. I bought a soccer net and a soccer ball so we can practice with my short legs and wrestle and play in tube and fill them in Travis is a fun dad, super fun dad.

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Posted by: weilee on Jan 17, 2018

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