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Social Equality

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Social Equality On the subject of Equal Money, it is important to observe... that... the tendency is to use... the people that act in ways which is seen as criminal or evil to obtain money - is blamed as evil and criminal. The fact of the matter is that one should rather consider that the people with money that use a system to protect them and secure their position in the face of others, so that they are in a safe place in this world with everything they desire, they are presenting a picture to the people with no money, that will cause them within their secret mind to develop ways and justify ways to try and obtain money, which will end up in so-called criminal activity. The real criminal in the story though is those that are using systems to protect themselves from the have-nots - deliberately, and do nothing about changing a system where there will be Equality for All in All Ways, so that this kind of points is no longer necessary to exist. So, it is important... to not look at news and information in the way it is presented, but to go and look behind it, at the system that is promulgating, that is promoting, or that is causing the various behaviours that is seen as socially unacceptable. The real social unacceptable situation is that there is a system that creates polarities and opposites, and that divide people into groups - specifically haves and have-nots, on a planet where nobody... is special: everybody is made from the dust of the Earth - is Equal as that. Therefore the systems that support everything and everyone in this world must be as Equal - as a Statement of Understanding that one is from the same Source, the same God - which is the Physical Dust, and the Air you Breathe. That is your proof that all beings are created Equal. Beings are the ones that is causing the inequality. This is done through systems! This is the point that Desteni stands for that must be stopped. There must be Equality in All Ways. Not only in the way you eat, the way you shit, the way you breathe, and the Substance of dust and water you're made up from. So investigate and expose the way the system is causing anti-social behaviour that is justified and judged... to keep a system of control in place - that is not necessary if Love in Fact exists. Prove that you love your neighbour in the actions you take and how it support Life on Earth. Prove that what you do is the Best for All. Don't just pay lip service. Stop all religions because that is lip service and it only... is based on someone attempting to make money and have a special secure life based on a so-called belief system. Equal Money for All: an Equal Support System, an Equal Resource System - an Equal System where there is food and shelter for Everyone on this planet Earth is inevitable. You're either going to be with us in getting this done or you will stand as part of those Elite that want to be special and want to have power over others, which is in itself an anti-social behaviour pattern. We suggest you stop that and consider all beings within this reality as Equal. Do not look at intellect. Intellect is purely a sideshow based on DNA programming, on specific education opportunities. Look at the functionality and the outflows of an Equal Social System within which there will be through time a change - and again everyone will be able to walk this Earth without fear of each other. Stop - all - this - control! If you're unable to see what I'm saying, understand that you're mind-controlled. That means you're perceptual reality has been... shaped that you're unable to see what it is you are doing! Stop! Reinvestigate what you've become! And... Embrace All Living Forms as Equals and Find Ways to Coexist - in Peace. End of Discussion. Song: Madness Artist: Robot Virgins

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Posted by: destenifr on Sep 25, 2010

On the Subject of Equal-Money - it is Important to Observe, that: The Tendency-Is to Use the People that Act in Ways, which is Seen as Criminal or Evil to Obtain-Money is Blamed as Evil and Criminal. The Fact of The Matter is, that - One should Rather Consider, that: The People With Money that Use a System to Protect-Them and Secure their-Position In the Face of Others, so that They-Are in the Safe-Place In This World, With Everything they Desire = They are Presenting a Picture, to The People with No-Money, that will Cause-Them, within Their Secret-Mind to Develop Ways and Justify Ways to Try and Obtain Money, which will End-Up in So-Called - Criminal-Activity.

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