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Adyashanti - Do You Want to Find Out?

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global oneness project Do You Want to Find Out? There's a collective consciousness of humanity and there's a collective mind structure, and its very easy to keep functioning In that mind structure while we think that we're not. Adyashanti, San Jose, California, Spiritual Teacher Until we've come to see that the whole entire mind structure, personal and collective, it hasn't worked. Its not functional. There's no such thing as a better idea in it that's going to have the answer. First, it has to start to collapse for us, and that's a big thing for a person. That's a huge thing. Not only to get out of your own personal conditioning, but to get out of the conditioning of humanity as a whole. This is where one comes up against fear, because when your consciousness starts to get to that place, you feel like you're leaving it all behind. I'm leaving the consciousness of humanity, but when you get there, it feels like I'm leaving the view that everybody agrees upon, that I've known my whole life that we all function, I'm leaving that behind, and when you get there, you realize you're never going to get back to it. I'll never see the world like 99% of the people see it, I'll never get back. When most people get to that point, they see something beyond, but then there's always a reason why they have to cling to it again. It might be "What will happen to my family? Will I still be able to raise my children?" These are great questions. I've been asked these questions. Adya, I'm feeling this thing but I have a six year old. And there's no guarantee that if I really let go, that I will be a good mom. Will I be a good mom?, they ask. Good question, isn't it. And unfortunately, I've seen that all the reassurance I can give them doesn't really help that much. Ultimately, I just say "How bad do you want to find out?" Because I can tell you everything will be fine, but its not going to help you. I can't let go because humanity is going down this rat hole, we're destroying each other, and if I wake up out of the whole context, will I be a part of the solution? Will I care anymore? Does that make sense? The only answer I have is "Do you really want to find out?" Anything has to be possible. But if someone really lets go, and then they don't get caught where they let go into, because you can get caught out there in the middle of nowhere or you can catch yourself, if you don't stop there, then its like you've come full circle. You've let go of the world so that you can finally actually be in it. But when you get to that point, there's so many good reasons why not to let go. And some of them are personal and some of them have to do with all of humanity, because you feel like you are leaving humanity behind. How dare I? Its the taboo against fully awakening. Its the taboo of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Am I going to care about the caterpillars anymore? Its creating a separation that's not valid, but you get the idea. Its sort of like leaving your clan.

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