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9_Abhimanyu Caught in Chakravyuha - Mahabharat (English)

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The war was at its peak One fine day, Duryodhan told Dronacharya, Acharya! It seems you want to ruin our kingdom, that's why you didn't get Yudhishtir yesterday it appears you are on the enemy's side. Dronacharya said, Rajan! I always wish for your welfare but you still blame me. Yes! Keep one thing in mind that whoever has been saved by Lord Krishna cannot be hurt by anybody. But today, I will make a Chakravyuh you will see that I will kill one of the great warriors of the Pandavas. But you should make sure that Arjun should remains far away from Yudhishtir. After saying this, Dronacharya started making a Chakravyuh At the same time, Duryodhan challenged Arjun for war, and Arjun left for the battlefield. Yudhishtir got worried. He had a question in his mind who would dismantle the Chakravyuh? Then he remembered about Abhimanyu he ordered Abhimanyu that he should go and dismantle the Chakravyuh. Abhimanyu said, Maharaj! My father has taught me how to destroy the Chakravyuh but how will I come out? That I don't know. Yudhishtir said, You go inside to destroy the Chakravyuh I will follow you and kill the enemy. Then Abhimanyu said with pride in his voice, Maharaj! I'll dismantle the Chakravyuh and remove all the hurdles for you and the people. With no time, he boarded the chariot. Then he attacked Dronacharya heavily standing at the gate of the Chakravyuh. And entered the Chakravyuh, brave warriors of the Pandavas also followed. Abhimanyu fought with bravery inside the Chakravyuh. At the same time, he saw that the best warriors of the Kauravas has been defeated. He had destroyed the army of the Kauravas. All of the Kaurav's soldiers had died one by one. Whole Karavami had been ruined and the soldiers were running away leaving the battle field. After seeing this, Duryodhan was very very upset Dronacharya, Shakuni, Shalya and Kaurava came forward to help Duryodhan. On seeing them, Abhimanyu roared like a lion everybody stopped in their place nobody was able to understand anything. To deafeat him, Abhimanyu shot an arrow towards Karn which pierced Karn's armor and forcefully into the Earth. Then Abhimanyu, started shooting arrows like rain everybody was amazed and wandered how this young child was such an expert. When he takes out an arrow, puts into his bow and shoots, nobody could even see the actions. His actions were fast as lightning. Dronacharya could not contain himself after looking at Abhimanyu's patience and gallantry. He came to Kripacharya and praise the acts of bravery Duryodhan heard this and lost his temper. He said, " Friends! This Acharya has some attachments to the Pandavas that's why he is safe guarding Abhimanyu We should not rely on him and kill Abhimanyu collectively." Listening to this, Dushashan said, Maharaj! Don't worry about this This youngster has got much love and affection now, I will set him right and saying this Dushashan ran towards Abhimanyu. As Abhimanyu saw Dushashan coming towards him he too lost his temper. You are the wicked person who had tried to undress Draupadi Stop monster, I'll finish you. Saying this, Abhimanyu shot 25 arrows together at his bottom he fell down unconscious but after sometime Dron, Kripa, Karn, Aswathama, Priyat, Kritavarma these 6 warriors surrounded Abhimanyu but he never felt nervous and he killed the warriors with his bravery. Seeing this, change the situation entirely and ten thousand soldiers started running for their lives away from the battle ground. Jaydrath caught Abhimanyu alone leaving all the Pandav soldiers aside. How long and with how many can he fight alone, gradually the Kaurava army surrounded Abhimanyu At the same time, Karn said to Dronacharya Acharya! This young warrior is killing Kaurav soldiers and warriors, please show me some way to kill him. Then Dron told him, there is only one remedy to kill him you make him weapon less and kill him. Because as long as he is armed even god cannot kill him. Karn fired rain of arrows immediately and knock off his bow He killed the horses, rowing his chariot with his **** And suddenly, Kripacharya attacked the young Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu fought with his sword and shield and started killing his enemies. Dronacharya shot an arrow after chanting a mantra at Abhimanyu's sword and broke it into two pieces. Karn also destroyed his shield by shooting an arrow. Abhimanyu took a wheel of his chariot and attacked Dronacharya, At that time, blood was flowing out from the body of Abhimanyu All his clothes became red with blood. So, they combined forces and broke the chariot wheel into pieces. Then Abhimanyu took a club in his hand and attacked Aswathama A war of club started Ashwathama now realized that he was unsafe. So, he ran away from there. The son of Dushashan came with a club and attacked Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was alone and he was already tired from battle and he was not able to move his club properly. But despite this, he was fighting with the son of Dushashan gathering all his strength. Both of them fell down on attacking each other unconscious. But the son of Dushashan became conscious first before Abhimanyu could regain consciousness and get up, he attacked him on his head with his club. Young warrior had been fighting this war like a thunderbolt for quite sometime. Now, it was all over. Looking at the scene from heaven even God became restless. They discussed Dronacharya along with 6 other warriors killed the lone Abhimanyu. This was a vicious act. After the death of Abhimanyu, the Pandavas felt a terrible loss. By then the sun had set. Both the armies put down their arms and went back to their camp. Everybody at the Pandava camp was grieving because of the death of Abhimanyu. All of them were thinking the same thought that after sometime when Arjun would come how will they tell him about the whole distressful event. After sometime, Arjun returns from the battlefield what he sees is everybody's faces full of sorrow, he questions them, what's the matter? Why so much grief? Where is my Abhimanyu? Let me see my Abhimanyu otherwise I'll sacrifice myself. I'll sacrifice my life. Nobody had the courage to give him a reply. At last, collecting his courage, Yudhishtir narrated the whole episode to Arjun in a sad voice. After listening to the whole event, Arjun was very sad. When he knew that Jaydrath was the root cause of the death of his son, Abhimanyu he was furious. He said in front of all, " Brave warriors, I vow that if I cannot kill Jaydrath before the sun set of tomorrow, I will be responsible for the murder of a brahmin and I will suffer punishment of hell. If I cannot kill Jaydrath before sunset of tomorrow then I will sacrifice myself in the fire."

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9_Abhimanyu Caught in Chakravyuha - Mahabharat (English)

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