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Untold Story

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It was the year 1519 and Hernan Cortes and his ships had landed at Yucaten. We in TenoChtitlan were all confundido (confused) as to why he would become allies with our rivals the Tlaxcalans. There were rumours that they wanted to conquer and rule us. A couple of days had passed I was with my father helping him farm and we heard horses de Marcha (marching) in. The sounds of swords hitting people causing them to el grito (scream), buildings clashing, horses screaming in agony. It was terrible. Cortes and his army had taken our Emperor as a hostage in favour to la regla (rule) us. My padre (father) as well as his mates had a plan for a rebellion against Cortes Due to disagreements with the Spaniards, Cortes and his army had to leave to settle things with them. It was a day we had all waited for Cortes had went out to fight although once he came back we managed to force him to flee the city All the people in TenoChtitlan cheered with joy as Cortes had finally fled the city and we could return to our daily lives. A couple of days had passed and my padre (father) died from rahses all over his skin (la piel), this started an epidemic and millions were dying. It was el tiempo (time) when Cortes could attack us as we were débil (weak) and had lost many civilians. Cortés came attacked us again and gained control over us. We were forced to adapt to what he wanted which was the conversion to Christianity as well as speaking el español (Spanish). This was extremely difficult for us as those who didnt adapt to these requirements were matarse (killed). We lost many of our loved ones, our religious beliefs forver gone.

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