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We can say that the business of CEBEO has certainly continued to grow over the past few years. Not in the saturated market and the traditional story, but mainly in specialised wholesale trade. Here, we notice a strong growth in lighting thanks to the LED penetration. Secondly, we also have our home and building segment with its innovating products and the energy efficient solutions that are requested in the marketplace and at the third level, we were able to show significant growth in the HTAC market. Today, our growth is four times as big in our specialised activities than in our traditional business. It is important that we continue to make the difference there and when we see that 30% of our turnover comes from specialised activities whereas five year ago this was only ten percent. And we want to continue on this path. For us, Schneider Electric is a very solid innovative player for everything concerning efficiency and E-solutions. They have a very strong market focus and we can take optimum advantage of their innovative solutions. That is why it is important that they continue to be present in several markets, the residential market, tertiary market, industrial market in order to provide innovative solutions that we can commercialize together so that we can make a difference toward our customers, both end customers as well as contractors. We hope that Schneider Electric keeps investing and reinforces these efforts. A very important aspect of those goals and that we strongly appreciate is what Schneider Electric brings in the field of innovation and market approach, and the fact that we can work with the sales teams to create full transparency and to handle everything, not only the expansion and distribution of products, but especially to find solutions where we can create value together in the chain to the installers and to the end markets and for that, I expect from Schneider Electric a complete transparency and communication. A much better collaboration between direct sales and indirect sales that serve us to jointly realize projects. I am certain that, if we work in tandem from the beginning in the sales process and communicate well, we will be able to realise a much better future together. And that is what I want from Schneider Electric. Especially good communication, good collaboration and transparency and the decisions on projects we can tackle together.

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