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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~19:02:00 - 19:17:01

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These were on top, they've been slightly blown by the wind. No, these ones were under. These are the ripe ones, the ones that look like they've just been molded and put there... -Yes! -Do they put them there as soon as they finish moulding? -Yes, they're left to dry right here. -1972. -So, don't they get smashed? -No. -It just becomes clay-like. -They put another brick on top. One's destroyed. Will Felix come? Most likely. He comes to mould bricks every Wednesday. Yeah, I find them moulding bricks. Doesn't he envy his friends when they're singing? I think he does envy them. But why did he drop out? Because he was going out with... If he could decide to join us. Let's form a choir group. It should be Gold something. The Golden City. -That choir doesn't do it for me. -Which one, Martha's? -The songs! They only have, like, three songs. -They keep repeating! -Yes! -God didn't write them. My mother... it appears she wrote some songs. We were really late tonight in knocking off. Knocking off. -I'm starting to feel sleepy. -Me too. Your friends have started work. What? I wanted to start dreaming, but I can't. I've already started dreaming. Yes, they're doing like this, like that. -Hallelujah! -Hosanna! I've started right now, what more when they tell me to turn the other way! Then I'll be very unhappy. Even though I was discouraging not turning around, it's not that I'm going to do it. You should go up, then down. When you sleep, put your head on the other side. If you say so, but have you seen where you want me to put my head! Gosh, are we going to sleep today? When you actually plan to sleep, you end up not falling asleep. You dream of a big lion chasing after you! Yeah! And then you're suddenly awake and not asleep again anymore. And you see the big lamp. It happened to me before. Tell me, what did they say? What did who say? Oh my, soon it will be time to work again. Goodness, we have to turn again! We should go wash the plates. I'm asleep, but my eyes are open. Look, there's so much dust. Should I turn around this way, I won't turn the other way. It's very, very, very... I'll turn that side, it won't show. -They'll be kicked? Slapped? What? -Slapped! Yes, now let's get into the blanket. We were supposed to do it like this, then I bring it to you like this. On this side. See? What about the legs... Now it's all good! -Yeah, I think it's all good. -Yeah. Getting sleepy easily. It's time to keep quiet now. -Now is time for announcements. -From the radio. [Imitating radio announcement.] "President Bingu's remains have been cast away." "He will be laid to rest tomorrow at Namasalima village, T.A. Malemia." A Joyce Bwanali. Did you ever hear them mention Joyce Bwanali that day? She died yesterday. In Mkwamba. At Bwanali's as well. It's time to listen to "News from the Districts". [Local Popular News] Brought to you by Chibade. Edith, that one from there, I don't know from where, could be from Mkwamba, has started cooking Zibabe. A bucket similar to Fanny's. -The green one? -Yes, that one is from... -Who? -Magalasi, isn't that a woman? -Yes. -There's a helper in place of Bessy now. -That one? -Yeah. Ellete gave me a watermelon today. I didn't share the other day, I shared a donut at Zione's place. I just told her she's my in-law. Yes, my in-law. You just start the in-law relationship because someone has food. You just pretend, in-law, can you share with me? Well, that's how it begins...

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 26, 2008


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