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PreSonus StudioLive Digital Mixer Webinar Part 5 - CCI Solutions

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[♪♫♪♫...............Music Playing] [cont. from Part 4], I'm going to go ahead and record the soundcheck using Capture. What's "Captue?" Capture is really designed to be the most easy recording application ever invented and it's specifically for live recording and being able to record live recordings very easily. Now the cool thing about Capture is it integrates perfectly with the StudioLive mixer.

There's no set up. As soon as I launch Capture, I don't have to configure anything.. It automatically sees my StudioLive mixer. It creates the correct amount of tracks. It assigns them to the correct audio stream. I don't have to patch. I don't have to do anything. So basically, it's literally this easy. So, as you can see on my screen of got Capture loaded up. I just hit "Create Session." We're going to call this "Open Hands." Find a location... and I just hit 2 buttons "on all tracks."...hit "Record"...and now we're recording.

Now I'm going to go ahead and just get the band to play a song, And I'm going to start working channel by channel, kind of getting a sound check to happen. [Speaking to the bands] And you guys feel free to adjust your phones if you need anything because that's what sound checks are for. Okay. Go ahead. Hit it!

[Drummer taps sticks together to count off the band] [Band begins playing ♪♫♪ ♪♪♫♪♫]

[Rick speaking] This first thing I'm going to do is work on the vocals. [Music continues - Lead singer begins singing]

[Rick speaking] So I'm going to solo the vocal and listen to it.

[Solo vocal singing - Rick continues] So we can actually load a Preset. So let's just try this Preset.

We'll hit "Recall".....Boom!

Let's see what that sounds like. [Voice continues singing through microphone]

Okay, so it still kind of sounds a little "boxy." So I'm going to go up on the High-Pass filter a little bit.

[Timbre of the vocal begins to change - vocalist continues singing]

That sounds better. [Rick brings up the rest of the band into the mix]

Okay, this is the kick drum now. [Rick isolates the sound of the kick drum]

So I'm just going to listen to it, and it sounds like...[Rick listens to the kick drum]

It sounds pretty good in the house, but I'm going to take a litlle of the mud out

around 400 Hz or so...[Rick adjusts the mix for the kick drum]

[ ♫♪♫ - Music continues with the band and vocal coming up into the mix]

[Rick makes some additional adjustments] - That sounds pretty good.

Okay, that's a snare. Let's try a Preset on that one. So we hit "Load" - Snappy Snare....[Rick isolates the snare]

[Snare drum playing] [Rick speaking] I'm adjusting it a little bit.

[Rick raises the level of the band with the snare in the mix]

[Rick speaking] I'm going to listen to the acoustic guitar now.

[Acoustic guitar, isolated, plays through the speakers] [Rick speaking] It sounds a little thin. Let's try a Preset on that too.

So load "Acoustic Guitar." [Guitar continues playing - sound isolated from rest of the band]

That sounds pretty good actually. And do the High Pass filter.... Let's listen to that in the mix...

[Rick brings the rest of the band back into the mix - begins isolating keyboard]

[Rick speaking]...and keyboards, and of course that's when the song ends [laughter] Okay guys...Hey, wait a minute. Where are you all going? You all going someplace? Oh, the band's going to Starbucks! Well, you know what? It just so happens that I don't really need them any more. That's the reason I recorded to Capture. [♪♫♪♫.....Music Playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Nov 2, 2012

In Part 5 of this PreSonus StudioLive demonstration, Rick Naqvi of PreSonus talks about the innovative recording software created especially for StudioLive mixers called Capture. Capture integrated perfectly with the StudioLive mixer. There is no set up. There is no patching required. You’ll see Rick, together with a live worship band, shows how easy it is to get a live sound check while the a band is playing. This includes soloing a vocal and adjusting the high pass filter, clarifying the sound of the kick drum, using a preset on the snare, adding a preset to the acoustic guitar to give it a richer sound.

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