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On The Streets: Syracuse Trivia

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Hey didn't see you there. I'm Ben McLaughlin of the Black Sheep We're doing interviews How many people do you think are in the Otto the Orange mascot uniform at one time I'm gonna say one. I'm assuming one I think it's probably like 2 44 69 The correct answer was actually 30 infants. But... very good. How old do you think Jim Boeheim is? Uh... 12. Very close. He's actually 13. 45. (Ben): 45! What a guess! Believe it or not, he's gonna be 107 in January 80 80? How disrespectful. How disrespectful. He is a young 36. Who's Jim Boeheim? Yikes! Ah! I actually have no clue who that is, so I could not give you an answer for that. Next question. When's my Dad's birthday? April? Nope September? Nope January? February? March? May? Yeah. Yeah! 1st? Nope If tomorrow is Sunday and the solar eclipse happened over the summer, Will I be in a massive amount of college debt when I graduate? Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I will be. So, which member of The Beatles performed here in September? Paul McCartney. The correct answer is John Lennon, but very very close. Very close. I can understand. Paul is dead. Yeah, you didn't hear that? Which member of The Beatles performed here in September? McCart- Something- It's McCart- (Hey Jude) Hey Jude! Hey Jude is the correct answer. I don't know if you've heard of this new trend, but it's pretty cool. It's called "the mumps" I was wondering, what do you think of it? Is it cool? Would you want it? No it's not cool and I definitely don't want it. Uh not personally I preferred not to be swelled like a (expletive) What's the girl from Willy Wonka? She blew up like a blueberry. Uh- Oh that's Betty Crocker. If it means I don't have to take any of my mid-terms or go to class? (Expletive) me up It's pretty trendy actually... It is pretty trendy. Almost too trendy if I say so myself. I just wish I was one of the first who got it. Me too. Me too. Alright next question. Who is your least favorite person on campus Just the first name. Just the first name Ben (Expletive) you, Ben! What is the name of your least favorite person on campus? Ben (Expletive) you, Ben again! God. A lot of hate towards this kid. Sure happy I'm not him! Who is- alright just the first name- first name only Who is your least favorite person on campus Sam Bull- Oh I mean Sam!

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