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[contemporary music] Welcome back to our ongoing series on Data Governance & Privacy. I'd like to welcome back George Kurian, NetApp CEO and Sheila FitzPatrick, NetApp"s Chief Privacy Officer. Last time we spoke, we talked about our world, the business world, the concerns that we have around data governance and privacy. Now, I think it's important to turn the tables and look at it from the lens of the customers. What do they need to think about when thinking about data governance and data privacy? I think it's a broad set of topics that we will share through the series as you mentioned, Jennie. I think the two or three key takeaways from me would be that first, what we would like to share is that in the NetApp experience, we have been thoughtful about data privacy and governance issues up front and by doing so, what we have been able to do is keep those obligations in mind, but still take advantage of modern advanced data management and technology architectures that can drive our business forward. I think from the experience that we'd like to share with customers is by thinking about these problems judiciously up front, it doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of the leading technologies to drive your business but you can do so in a risk-mitigated, legally compliant, and thoughtful fashion. So balance is important. Do you have thoughts about that? Balance is absolutely important and I always, I start talking about the legal issues associated with cloud computing so it's things like data privacy, obviously, Data sovereignty, where's that data located, what jurisdictions is it flowing through? Who owns that data? The issue about the data controller versus the data processor. What happens when a third party enters that picture? So if you have a cloud provider that outsources to a third party that manages the data center, have you asked those questions? Are you addressing those issues? So I always like to say I am not anti-cloud by any means. But I think it's important, as we've done at NetApp, where we can help our customers do is ask the right questions up front. Don't go in and just automatically move to the cloud because it's the sexy thing to do, it's cheap, it's efficient, it's the buzz word. It's a great technology moving forward, but if you do it wrong and you don't take privacy into consideration, it can be your biggest nightmare. So we have built such an outstanding program that we can use as our model to help our customers develop their program. I think that's an important point that you're both making for our viewers. That you need to find a partner that can discern the difference between data privacy and data governance and the impacts that that's gonna have on any technology investment. Thanks again to both of you for joining us today. I do look forward to the rest of this series and what customers are gonna get from these insights. Be sure to subscribe to the video and podcast series at so that you don't miss any future installments. We are also sending Sheila out on the road to bring many of these topics we're covering in this series to a live, interactive, executive round table in cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. NetApp has also put together an online assessment to help you evaluate your current data protection strategy and discover the NetApp data protection solutions that best meet your needs. Once you subscribe to this series, you will get a link to conduct this assessment. See you next time. [upbeat contemporary music]

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