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The year is 1978. Tenants at 840 Shotwell have a new landlord. Rents are expected to increase -again. We want to go down there to his office and we'll sit there. And we say, you call the new owner right now. and see what she says about coming down to meet us right now. That way we put more pressure on her. And if he calls the new owner and says 'she wasnt there' of course she is out of town right now. The new owner is on a big case, all of a sudden That's what's gonna happen. A confrontation was avoided by giving the tenants a six month lease. That year, almost everyone in 840 Shotwell moved out. Bill Camerlo stayed. This is where i used to live. Right here. 20th and Bryant. The courts we used to call it. I used to live on the top floor. This is almost just working people. All working people without all the factories that used to be here in the city It used to be a labour town. All the labor people used to be in these neighborhoods. My friend Dawn, his godfather used to live in this building here. And they said they had to get out of there because the rent went to high. Another friend of mine owned that building He moved out of there, because his father sold that building. This corner house right here, my grandmother lives in She is having trouble with rent. Bill Camerlo died in a head-on collision in 1987. His ex-wife Julie now lives in Daly City After that in 78 I've never been back to San Francisco. I've never been back. I've been living in this apartment for ten years now. I have a wonderful landlord. I also ended up on housing After all the homelesness and everything I The last and final time was at the Mission Bell Motel that was getting ready to tear it down and they had families in here A lot of families that could not afford rents around here They were so ridicoulous and we ended up getting emergency housing because of the school that my kids were at so now i can't afford to live somewhere. My daughter works at In & Out but she is also going to the Academy of Art University and so she is the one who is really paying the bills here One thing I learned in all my years If you keep your mouth shut and you sit back you wont benefit from anything You can make a difference Next clip: Supervisor Harvey Milk in a 1978 interview in his camera store.

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