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Group Travel: Freedom Meets Comfort

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[Samantha Brown] Hi, I'm Samantha Brown. Want to hit the road, but maybe not all by yourself? Join a group! [Hit the Road? Join a Group!] ♪ music ♪ [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown] [Not one to travel alone? Join a group!] Not everyone wants to set out on a great travel adventure completely alone. So joining up with a group can be a great way to solo travel while still enjoying the comfort of a tour guide, dinner companions, and the security offered by group tours. I've got 3 recommendations for you. For those who love to learn, Road Scholar programs focus on learning while traveling and cater to the 50-plus market. [Road Scholar Adventures in Lifelong Learning] They've got roommate matching and small groups, [Roommate matching, Small groups] which gives you the chance to make new friends who enjoy travel as much as you do. Now, Grand Circle Travel provides river cruises and land travel for the more mature traveler. [Grand Circle Travel] They have roommate and price matching services. [Roommate matching, Price Matching] They also list their top solo trips every year [List top solo trips] and keep a solo travel online community, [Online community] so you can connect with others and make new friends even before you take your first trip. You like drinking copious amounts of red wine— [repeated in onscreen text] I like drinking copious amounts of red wine. Send. [repeated in onscreen text] Now you might not believe this, but Adventures by Disney has adults-only trips. [Adventures by Disney Adults only trips] I know, right? They go throughout the world, and they focus on culture and history. Now, these trips often have a very robust online and Facebook community that forms prior to the trip, and tour leaders tend to give special attention to the solo traveler. For more of my travel tips, visit [] [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown]

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Joining a group -- all the freedom of solo travel with the comfort of an experienced guide, dinner companions, and the security of a tour. Samantha Brown has tips to match your interests with top group adventures.

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