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Thaïland got Talent : chanteuse ou chanteur ?

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What's your name ? My name is Bell Nuntita What are you going to show us today ? I'm going to sing two songs I've remixed myself Let's do it ! Bell Nuntita - chanteuse free lance - 27 ans Just being close to you, sharing the air with you Even if we're just friend, it's hard to resist There's always a question on my mind. I want to know your feelings. I just can't tell how much I love you Attention : 2e chanson ! I know I'm just no one I know it can't be possible There is no hope for me, no matter what. Since you have nothing to do with me No matter how hard you tried, you wouldn't love me. And soon, all my hopes will be faded away. Even if I love you this much, it's just meaningless to you. I'd just been hoping too much that one day, you would love me too. Despite the fact that it's impossible, and i'm not the one for you, it's still ok. Let me keep you in my heart till the time ends. Don't know how long it will take for me to erase you from my mind. Don't know when I will be able to love again. I love her already ! You deceive me ever since we first met. It is really impossible. Isn't she pretty ? She is ! I have to say you really nailed it. But when the song was changed, I was like, stunned. We all were ! What do you say ? - I actually sensed something. - What was it ? I knew she was not what she looked like. But when she started singing, I thought I had lost my senses. Then, she changed her voice. So I can rely on my senses again ! Anyway, I must say it was pretty good. Let's see what the judges say ! Miss Nuntita, I said it is impossible. It is possible, now. I vote YES ! YES, from me too. Thank you ! Just keep on deceiving us, please ! You just got 3 YES !

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Duration: 4 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: Thailand
Language: English
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Producer: Unknown
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Posted by: marcobertolini on Mar 19, 2011

Bell Nuntita interprète sa chanson d'amour d'une voix féminine très sensuelle. Jusqu'à ce que...

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