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I still feel this They didn't do a very good job with this I need my chapstick Can I use chapstick? Can I use CHAPSTICK? It's chapstick... ...what can I even do? Ugh... Why can't they just make pants without pockets? Can I look at it? I don't even remember... No, they usually, they hook you all up... ...and go, "Ok, you ready?" ? ? ? I was just sitting there... ...they were doing their stupid dentist stuff... ...and then, I was done. Yeah. They didn't tell me. They didn't tell me when they were gonna start. Mom, give me my frosty! D:< :D D:< I feel so fat. You're fat. :O I'm so sorry! I love you, mom! My chap-my lips. I can't put my chapstick on, mom! Did I get it? Is it even working? This must be how the Kardashians feel. Why do y'all wear makeup? It doesn't help. There's this girl I work with named Jessica... ...she's one of my managers... ...I thought she was cute... ...and then I saw pictures of her on her Facebook... ...and she was wearing makeup... ...and she wasn't as cute. (political opinion) She's cute without makeup. Aw yeah, she's HOT withou- with makeup on. But I'm just saying, it's like... don't even have to, you look good without makeup... ...why are you doing this to yourself? Are you recording? Well, gimme. That's what I WANTED to do. do I turn it around? This is the guy from the Pink concert. The Pink concert. The big pink foam finger I got. He was there, this was the dude. We might not know where... ...We might not know how... ...but baby tonight... ...We're beautiful now... ...we'll light up the sky... (We'll open our mouths? ? ?) ...'cause baby tonight... ...we're beautiful now... We're bEAUtiful This is the part where I put my arm around Scott... ...and he puts his arm around me. And we have, like, that moment... Right? And then we go: We hold onto each other. That's enough. I feel fine. Yeah, I know what's going on- Cel- Celebrating 75 years of good...that's all it says. I'm fat! I'm faat. Wait. Where's that "Do" and "Do Not" list? What if it says "Do not wear beanie"? Do not wear beanie. Okay. That's a DO. I feel like an old wise Chinese man. Do not go into the forbidden forest! That was stupid... Wait, you wanna see something really cool? I'm gonna use your phone. No, I need the video. Whoopsies... Excuse me, this is your Captain speaking... ...We seem to have run into some unexpected problems. Don't worry! 'Cause your Captain is f**kin' goood at his job. He is f**kin' good. We should be back on track in about... 3... 2... 1...

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Posted by: 7hdez on May 17, 2016


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