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... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... You know, when you are captured by the topic like it or not, you get to know things. This was the woman who requested me to write the history of this place. ... She then was a head of the administration and she asked me to write the history. So I started writing because of her request and the memoirs by Karpov then were handed over to me and they said to draw from it. I studied it, they are from 1967. And then having read them I visitied all the old people in the region. I visited them in Tioply, I went to the mines in Djibariki and met people there. I also went to Topolinoe. Have you been there? Have you seen Adychansky passage? Have you been there? Did you go at night? ... Did you see the steep passages? They are so scary... and by the way there are camps have you seen them? ... Did you take photos? Here I have a photo. ... Sasha Smolyanov, my student, his farther was a journalist he passed away, and he took these photos in Topolinoe. It's short of Topolinoe you went there. it's a camp Is it the one you saw? ... ... ... And this photo was taken by a journalist then. Smolyanov. It was long time ago. He passed away long ago. He was a war veteran. ... ... ... ... All of them are gone by now. They were taken down. Very few, generally very few remained. And the camps were in Djibariki Khaya. There was a mine and also hmm, well, they were on the island called Bordoy. For women. ... ... There were two camps for women, Malinovka which was on 125km and this one in Bordoy. All other camps were for men. In fact every 10-12 km there were camps starting from Khandyga. And I also studied the history of Alyaska - Siberia. I know that at 288 km of the Magadan highway they found a plane, remains of a plane that was flown from Alyaska to Krasnoyarks. So, it happened so that at 288 km tourists found that plane. It was in the mountains and it turned out, according to the documents they found out that that very plane crashed in 1943 and then they found out the names of the pilots, and in Khanduga they raised a monument and their remains were taken there. I was studying it and I searched for their relatives in the whole Russia. Rememeber I would write to the Ministry of Defence and I wrote to... the Archives of the Ministry of Denfence. I got a reply that... actually there were two planes. One crashed and the other witnessed that crash. The crew from the second plane had survived but the one from the first had perished. Then they informed Moscow and from Moscow

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