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MyKabbalah Lesson 6 mission 2 Engsmall

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The Story of Creation Welcome. You're back. That's amazing! As I promised you, I want to take you now with me on a journey to understand and to experience what happened there before the big bang. What was there before physical existence, Why do we want to do this? Very simple. Because this will give us the sense of why we're here, the purpose of our soul in this world. It also will let us understand the reason for anything and everything in our life. Let's start right away. What does Kabbalah say about all this creation? Before everything existed, before there was a physical reality, before people were around, and buildings and the very building blocks of all existence--before atoms. There was only one thing--spiritual light. Well we learned already about that light. We know that the Light is the force that fulfills us. It includes all the fulfillment we're looking for. And that Light comes from a source. That source, we don't really discuss. We don't really know what it is and we can't really explain it. But that's not even the point. The only thing that really know about that source is that it created everything. And that this amazing Light we're looking for in our life, is emanating from that simple source. So now this Light, just wants to share, just wants to impart. And to fulfill. It needed a recipient. Think about it, there's no real sharing if there's nobody to receive it. Alright. I can stand right here, right now wanting to share with you the most amazing wisdom. Something life changing But if on the other hand there is no one there to listen, I haven't done anything. This has no meaning. The most amazing word, the most amazing wisdom has no meaning if there's no receiving at the other end. So, what the Light did, is what everyone of us would do, it created a receiver. It made sure that it can share. This receiver, we call in Kabbalah, the Vessel We learned about the vessel already. We learned that the vessel is a desire to receive. We are that vessel. In that reality, when the Light and the vessel existed, nothing else, we call that existence: the Endless World And that Endless World, we the vessel, were there and we were receiving the Light constantly. Endlessly. It was so fulfilling. And so empowering. The reason we feel that we want to be happy, is we are looking for Light, we are looking for fulfillment. It's because we were there in the Endless World. We were receiving that Light. When we are disconnected from happiness, disconnected from joy, it's the most unnatural thing for us. We are immediately looking for a way to fill ourselves up because it's not natural for us. The reason for this is this is where all our souls are coming from. Our souls are part of that vessel and now we are here. So there's only one question to ask: What are we doing here? If that world was so perfect, If the Light was sharing with us endlessly, and we were created for the sake of receiving that Light, receiving all that fulfillment, why are we here? Why do we have a tikkun? Why is it that we need to go through a process? What's the opponent all about? Well, you know what? Kabbalah teaches that we chose it. We chose to leave that world. We chose to leave the perfected Garden of Eden and come to this earth. To this place, to this physical reality where we are disconnected. Would you do that? I bet this question is running in your head right now. Why would somebody do that? The teachings of Kabbalah teach exactly that reason why we chose to leave this perfect reality. We call that study, the deep study of The 10 Luminous Emanation. It fills up 16 volumes of Kabbalistic writing, and probably will take about 30 years to learn. And guess what, we summarized it, everything in one level for you. So, stay tuned.

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