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Sidse Babett Knudsen interview from World News Australia

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First of all, can I ask you, have you been surprised by the success of Borgen? Absolutely, I’m still not really I'll come to x with that because it was even risky for Denmark we were x enought to expect a small audience than The Killing and the other series that have been very popular in Denmark because it's political it's a bit in a maybe for the chose and few when I started travelling... I couldn’t believe it Why do you think it’s been such a success sop in Australia which after all is so far away from Denmark? Of God, I’m the last one to answer that question I have no idea I hope it’s because it’s a good show and I think it’s hard to see your own kind there must be something xxx about it but we’re so used to that so I can’t see it I mean there’s something about, you know, putting that I'm female political leader that is sort of new I don’t know, but it just really happened People often mistake you could start for a real live spin doctor does anybody mistake you for real live Prime Minister? Are not mistake but I remember there was recently a lot of demostrations in Denmark about something a wellfare issue and when I walked out the people said that wouldn't have not you with the prime minister and could you are got to do something about it I think, I did also hear someone talking about the Prime Minister saying something on the news the other day I’m sorry, that was you saying that, wasn’t it?

that sort confused a little bit but I do feel like fine when I went to France

I was really received as a states minister, which was very nice.

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Posted by: peregi91 on Oct 23, 2014

"SBS reporter Brian Thomson sat down with Danish actress Sidse Babett Knudsen star of hit TV show Borgen." Description from World News Australia

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