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GOODBYE L WORD! - Lizzy the Lezzy says goodbye to the L Word

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Helloo. I’m Lizzy the Lezzy and Oh boo hoo hoo, no more L word. Tut. Everyone’s complaining that they didn’t like the ending of the last season but what the hell did you expect to happen? Did you think Jenny would suddenly wake up from a dream and find her self back in Tim’s bed having boring missionary sex? Did you think that Tina would finally get revenge on cheating Bette, and run off with Jodie? Actually, Shane seems to know sign language pretty well I bet she’s been banging Jodie on the side this whole time. Who wouldn’t? And did you really think that Alice and Tasha and that other chick would have a hot threesome? Come on... let’s get gay marriage legalized first before we start showing everyone what really goes on, hehe. Bloody lesbians, never satisfied. What do you want? They gave us everything! We got to see Kit finally cop off with a decent guy. We got to see sexy Bette dancing again and all you Tibetters got your wish as well because thank god Tina will never see the little video of Bette ‘pretending’ to 'pick up broken glass'. I’m on to you Bette, you dirty lezzy. And we got to see little miss Helena with all her money back and finally getting regular sex. We got to see Max with a beard, with a moustache and with a rather large stomach. We even got to see sexy Carmen and hot Marina again! But mostly, we got to see Jenny exactly how we wanted her – not talking shit any more and being wheeled off into an ambulance. That’s closure enough for me. At least we know that all lesbians are safe now. Fucking Jenny. Fuck Jenny, fucking fuck I’m gonna fucking kill her. Anyway, let’s face it. We don’t really care about the story line. All we care about is lesbian visibility and representation in the media and of course, watching some hot and steamy soft lezzy porn once in a while. So instead of moaning like a bunch of wet pussies let’s say thank you L word, for showing us lesbians that we are not alone. We might not be able to pull such hot chicks like you do but we’ll never, ever be as fucked up as Jenny Schecter.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Ruth Selwyn
Director: Ruth Selwyn
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Posted by: lizzythelezzy on Jan 2, 2010

Lizzy says goodbye to the L Word!
*warning - some season 6 spoilers*

Well what did you think would happen? What did you want to happen?

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