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Using Life as a Reflection

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The spiritual seeker is not reacting to life- he is using life - as a constant mirror that reflects the silence that we are because - we don't have control over -- over others, over the situation - what will you do? stop start to live life suspecting people around that man in his very nature is evil? This is what Christianity says, No? This is what all the organized religions say that man in his essence is evil but it's not what you've experienced when you've touched your essence, and you had a moment of expansion your heart was overflowing with joy You are full of love for everyone around you - people that you don't know - people that you never - you don't need to know their names You wanted to go and hug trees You wanted to kiss the earth You were liberated for a moment and your essence - you are divine So we are going to live now in a continuous suspicion of others? - that yes -when the others in forgetfulness "Off" behavior can happen sure enough But are we going to define ourselves through the other's behavior, our trust is going to be so conditional. Then, it's going to be like the stock market up, down - up and down depends on the flow of events, depends on who we are hanging out - depends on the mood of the person we are hanging out with it depends on their life circumstances and their necessity, etc. etc, it's endless We are going to be lost in that spin that we call life rather - we can let this be a reflection for the stillness within If your trust is broken - let go of it That which can be taken away -- that which doesn't survive the fire test in life that which is temporary - let it go - That will create space for a deeper understanding to happen for a deeper realization and if you find it as a pattern that you are continuously losing trust in the others, in life as we said this morning, We said until the end of time - life is not wrong - if you feel deceived You've been carrying unconsciuosly the wrong expectations Our fault rather than blaming life for deceiving us - we have to take responsibility "Oh, here is a good reflection, I wasn't aware that I'm that I am carrying a dream about how it's supposed to be and how it should be" I was unconscious. It's not that life was wrong" That's how we grow - a spiritual seeker - Going around blaming others, blaming life it's a reaction It's a reaction that is protecting an old understanding that no longer serves us and when the trust is there we don't move into a logical state - of mind but suddenly everything makes sense Then you know that - it's this moment that you know that every - everything that happened in your life had a purpose; had a meaning - and the meaning of it was to prepare you for that moment that you can see not as fragmented flow of events anymore - that happened without connection to that -and that you suddenly see it as a complete picture that led you to this moment - here and now - carried you to this moment here and now- perfectly so you can open your eyes

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Posted by: narottam on Sep 27, 2011

"A spiritual seeker is not reacting to life, he is using life as a constant mirror that reflects the silence that we are."

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