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Carbon Footprint

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I like Washington because it rains a lot here and I just love that about Seattle My name is Will Fuller; I attend Salmon Bay School and I am an eighth grader. I first heard about global warming when I was in a class in the school, and we were learning about climate. The teacher said that we were going to watch An Inconvenient Truth. She said it was about global warming. I've heard that word before but I never really understood what it meant. We started watching the movie and it was a big shock to me that this was happening and I hadn't heard about it. I remember I was in Sam's homeroom and he talked about it a little bit more and he actually talked about stuff that was happening around the world We saw some movies that the Bridges kids made from Guatemala After Hurricane Katrina this other hurricane hit Guatemala and had a huge mudslide and it almost covered the whole village. That was pretty shocking to me; I didn't know that it was already happening. I remember I was just...I felt so bad and I felt that we were all doomed and there's nothing I can do. I just had a sense of hopelessness. And then, Sam also was talking about Global Warming and I remember he was like, "So there's this whole..." They give you this sheet and it will tell you how much carbon you emit and here's some stuff that you can cut back on. I asked my parents, "Is there any way we could cut down our carbon footprint?" They told me there was some stuff that we could do. My mom drives her car every day to work and that accounts for 50% of our carbon emissions. We have three cars, actually; we have a small Toyota (it gets really good gas mileage) and we have a big minivan that we don't use that much, that we're actually trying to sell. We didn't really need a big car. I think government officials can do stuff to help Global Warming too, and to help prevent it. I think they can give tax breaks to local farmers that are growing their foods and also put tax on people that have really big cars; they are one of the main causes of global warming. I heard that there is a tax break for people that actually have big cars and that's a little shocking to me. I think the government should give grants to people that are developing renewable resources. Good leaders are like coaches: they guide us and inspire us. You are our leaders. We need to make changes. Please be bold.

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Posted by: martabridges on Jun 9, 2008

Salmon Bay Middle School student project.

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