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POK2 - Class 4 - Volunteering

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Wherever we have opened up A new branch of the Kabbalah Centre, immediately we don't have to ask for any volunteers these people come forth and say "We have been looking for you," All these years, where have you been? "Team Kabbalah" is the Kabbalah Centres volunteer program The program of the students and organized framework To give of their time and talents In order to discover the fulfillment found in sharing and giving selflessly and enthusiastically, this isn't just learning Kabbalah, it's living it, when practiced regularly transformational sharing has the power to change your life and change the world. "Team Kabbalah" gives us the opportunity to incorporate transformational sharing into our everyday lives through volunteering Volunteering is the thing that makes a difference between bringing the teachings of Kabbalah into the actual, and just taking that information into ourself, it's when we give it to another human being, or work on a project, or get involved in one way the other the moment you step out of yourself the moment you become part of the whole of the team, of the oneness of the group suddenly you start realizing you actualize the teachings that you've been taught and that's the beauty of it the beauty of it is, in a very subtle way you are the volunteer that receives the energy of that light at the end of the project you receive from that which you share and that's Kabbalah 101 so any of you that really want to experience the teachings, I invite you to be with us, to join "Team Kabbalah" to do something to feel for yourself, you know me and Rav always used to say, don't thank us for creating The Kabbalah Centre, it's us that receives from it it's up there that we get the goody points you want some points? Volunteer By being part of "Team Kabbalah" you're helping to plant the seeds for amazing events, for amazing opportunities for people and at the same time we get to work on our own desire or transformation that we want to work on through the unity and through the creativity of "Team Kabbalah" and I feel it brings us closer to the Centre and to the understanding that when we give of ourselves and when we do things unconditionally, when we work as a group togethther we have so many more opportunities to bring light into our life and to the lives of the people coming to the event Hi, I'm Katherine from Australia, it's a privilege to be able to be involved in this project and we had a great response from the senators and it's amazing to be able to be injecting light into this part of the country and yeah, it was a great experience Feeding the Homeless [music] [music] Mother's Day Event what they are doing for us it just feels really good and it makes, it just makes me personally want to be successful is to give back and to change my life to get myself situated, you know, you can tell and you can see that they care, otherwise why would they be doing this? you know? it makes me feel good! it's about to bring tears to my eyes right now, but it makes me feel really good I can sit here and tell you all how great volunteering is cause I really feel it in my heart that it's amazing but it's not something that I do, it's something that need in my life, I need it, but I don't think that anybody will get what that feels like until you do it people really start to get closer together they create unity among each other, and their just their is such amazing transformation happening among them you know, I know students that came to the first training and they were shy and closed and they weren't outgoing and you see them today and they are leaders and they are like so much more inspiring The program offers a range of opportunities, such as supporting classes mentoring new students volunteering at the bookstore sharing Kabbalah with others assisting at local and international events participating in community outreach and Kabbalah Centre charitable causes Distributing Zohar throughout the world or supporting our team of volunteers Team Kabbalah. Don't wait. Volunteer to change your life and the world.

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Rav & Karen talk about volunteering

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