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Richard Dawkins: If Science Worked Like Religion

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Richard Dawkins: If Science Worked Like Religion Brian Kim Another piece of consciousness raising, you've all seen maps of the world, showing what people believe in different places. In the blue area, they're Catholic in them, Red area, they're Protestants and the orange area, they're Eastern Orthodox and the Green area, they're Suni, Muslim and so on. We all take that partly for granted, it seems entirely natural that people's opinions about the cosmos, about morality, about humanity should depend upon the accident of geography where they happened to have been born. Suppose scientists work like that. Take a difficult, an interesting scientific issue, take free for example, the question of what made the dinousaurs go extinct was it an asteroid hitting the earth? was it a comet? was it the rise of mammals? was it the play of viruses? all the different theories have something going for them. In the blue area, the scientists all believe that it was meteorite. in the red area, they believed it was a comet. in the orange area, a virus plague in the green area, the eggs of dinosaurs were all eaten, etc.. I hope yet again to have raised consciousness we all take for granted that it's O.K for religion to be distributed geograpically that kind of way. and yet we immediately see when I shared with you maps like this how totally ridiculous! That is - why do we all accept it as though it one natural, insensible and the ways things should be. Here's another exercise in consciousness raising again using the example of the scientific controversy over what made dinosaurs go extinct the quarterly review of biology is a Germam boilogist published that findings they researched and I have edited an imaginary .. issue of the quarterly review of biology devoted as they sometimes are to a particular tapic, namely the topic did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs. The first paper would be a perfectly respectable normal scientific paper. Iridium layer at KT boundary and potassium argon dated crater in Yucatan , indicate that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs Nobody will be surprised to see a paper like that in any scientific journal. The president of the Royal Society has been vouchsafed a strong inner conviction that an astroid killed the dinosaurs It has been privately revealed to Prof Huxdane that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs Prof Haldly has been brought up to have total and unquestioning faith that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs Prof Hawkins has promulgated an official dogma finding on all loyal Hawkinsians, that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. Prof Huxdane is personally offended by all strident, shrill and polemical denials that an astroid killed the dinosaurs. Prof Hallux derives the deep personal comforts from his beliefs that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. The president of the National Academy of Sciences has issued a fatwa against all who deny that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs.

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A clip from Richard Dawkins' Lecture at UC Berkeley

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