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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~13:31:17 - 13:46:18

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"...I would've gone if it had been close to the village... So that..." He's looking at me, he knows! What's it that you're holding? "He would have... learned at this school..." "He would have…. and he was quick to learn and his…" -"...teachers love him..." -Don't take it though. "...why does the teacher love him?" -They'll take more tomorrow. They're coming again then. -Oh my! -That's because they're all kids. -Are these kids? -They'll come. "He wasn’t…he wasn’t different from his mother’s personality..." -"He was quiet and loving..." -These. What are they keeping them for? You should ask the owner. Fred! Yeah, what? Sorry. He wrote, "exercise". -Exercise books. -Books, he's actually written books there? -A book. 80 pages. Were you with the filmmakers at school? Even in class and break time! Even after we got off school and while playing netball. But I don't know what pictures he took, the other one went and ate first. -Where? -When we were leaving. But we met them when we got here. -Maybe... -He left and the other two were left. Yeah, the ones left behind were the man and woman. So how many thingies did they give you? -How many answers should you give? -3. -3? If you would listen to what the teacher was saying... the answers aren't that hard. Bring it here, I'll read it. -Chichewa? -Yeah. Edith, please come and see... Come here, let me show you what I was talking about. -Where? -I said that pictures were showing! That's her dress. -Maybe, but it doesn’t look like a cloth for wiping oneself, does it? -Which one? -He said the cloth is used to wipe yourself? -He sad, it seems like the one up there. -Which one? -Like the one at the front, apparently. He made it so that if he leaves again… It should just slot into the legs. -Where are the numbers? -Now? It’s bright where the pictures are showing. They didn't made it for the display. -He hasn't made it to show? -Looks like he's made it now. -Lindi, what have you given to Simeon? -A bag? Is Simeon coming? -Are they bringing the bag? -The bag? Charles did. -Let's go, let's go! -Where? -Around back? -Around back. -I'm going too. Go ahead, Likita. -Should I keep your thingie, or leave it here... -What? -Is that all? His assignments aren't difficult. -So let's take a break. -That's all? -We're also going to go look for "miss to gwira." -Hey, no pushing! -Simeon plays that way. -That's how you play, right Simi? -Yep. I'm following Simeon right up to the top-side. Here, take this. -I'm going too! -We should all just go up there, right? -Yeah, anywhere. Hurry up! Hey Simeon, here's the pen, otherwise I’ll lose it. -Let's go. -On a journey, on a journey! -Lindi, you need to stay behind, got it? Simeon, here's the book, you're only troubling yourself, you'll see. -Where are you going? -To 'miss to gwira'. -Did she go? -Yes. -I sat on it, I didn't see it. -How could you not have seen it if you sat on it? Let's go! Lindi, you're staying behind. Stay here.. You're going there? So are you going through the bush? No, it's not far. It's close by. Look, it's a mess now. There! Yeah, it's all dumpy now. One! Two! We'll play with the balls, right dude? -You're kidding! We'll play. -I won’t play if you're playing ball. We'd rather play filabo! Filabo? I thought that's what I was saying. Right, Charles! Filabo, right? -Filabo would be better! -Ok, we'll play when we get back. -We'll first start with 'miss to gwira.' -So what day did you make the sweet potatoes? That guy's still following. -Ned, move away! -What? -We're going in front. -Oh man, you're so stupid! Exactly! Just so you look up. -Man, you're walking like you've eaten leftovers. -Hey, was I left behind? -My head looks like this in the camera. -Like this. -And in the water. -So, is he going to pass through in the water too? -Oh yeah. -Edith, Edith! You should stand here while go and break it. -You're right. No, Edith! Some of them will leave when they break it. -Edith, you'll stand right there, we'll leave when we break it. -Yeah. -No, let's all go. -No, you guys. So you need to hurry up there. Yes, we need to hurry up. I'm not going with you guys into the bush. -Are there bananas? -Huh? -Are there bananas? -Yeah. They took it off! I'll eat it by myself when I find it. -Me too! At the water? -What's wrong, Naomi? He's doing that to be seen. What's wrong? Should I stand in front? If you stood in the back, could you see? -You’d be able to see if you if you weren't so far. -But only if you were closer. -When they show it. -You'll be seen breaking stalks of black-eyed peas. -But it's busy. Don't laugh! -Argh! They’ve dumped these! -What? -Frazer and them are mucking about. -What? -Frazer lied to them. -What does he want to do? Eh, does he want to go there? -Yeah. -It looks like he's trying to hide from her. -Maybe Hilda's looking for him. That’s children’s tactics for when it’s time to go; many like to do this, like in a film. Camera... Where's Lindiwe? I don't know, she must have gone home. Camera! Somewhere there they wrote 'vi... They wrote 'video'! I thought it was a video camera! They wrote 'video camera'. -Where? -There! On that big belt! Somewhere on there they've written, 'video'. Come here, let me see those potatoes! [Singing a local song] -Getting drunk. -Smiling…baring teeth… So with the blanket! I thought that he said that was something used to wipe yourself. He said he turned it a little. -This is used... -To shield the wind. This is a potato! -But Edith, Edith! -You’re going to get in trouble. -Edith! -Just this one. -Those aren't yours. Stop digging up the ones that have just been planted! But... You've started lying. -All of these! Starting from him. -Better if it was Hilda, Noel. Me? I'm a liar? But Hilda, he'll stay on it... He's a news reporter! I thought he fell on the floor. He pulled out the grass. He says he'll show up. He'll show up when he's fighting a fight. That's funny: a kneeling pose. I can see Hilda, Noel, and Leza there! Ok, I'll go see. -Hey, stany there? -Where Edith? Let's go! Hey! It's showing Edith. It's showing Hilda too! Hilda? Edith! It's looks blue! Is it blue? -You can see Charles doing karate. -You can see us playing! We're seeing ourselves. Your first, I'm second! Oh my! We'll say when we go! I said I was first. You can see us! -Stand over there! -Yeah, stand there! Those guys went over there.. They went home to get the camera, right? He's going to get hurt! You guys shouldn't be turning that so fast! 1, 2, 3 see, begin! They're running for it. Memory, you'll start going to your spot alone! All of you! All of you! I'll go in before! Do the B. -Yes, just begin to start. -Can you wait a little! -Come on, let's start. -Simeon, go in! -Wait a little!

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Director: Jason Price
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