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Nathalie Leblonde

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Okay, what do I think that what makes Orkin the best company to work is that they do a lot more than a normal company. They're really gonna give the necessary tools to do a "job above and beyond." That's it. Just with the tools they give us... And not just with the tools, too, but let's say we have trouble, I say, "Ah, I have a question. », We have "management" where there is a lot of information and resources. If ever, especially with the job here is really different from any other job in Orkin. I'm not a technician, I work with the dog. So it's really knowing who to talk to for information. It's a long, a big learning curve with the job here, for canine handler. From the beginning, I had a lot of questions. How does it work with the dog? What do I do "wrong"? Business of the same kind and because Orkin is really a pest control company. They don't know much when it comes to dogs. Not everyone. But my boss tells me, "Go talk to this person." and you know she has the information. So, if he doesn't have the answer, you come here and they'll give you all the information you need. Okay, so My name is Nathalie Leblond. It's N-A-T-H-A-L-I-E L-E-B-L-O-N-D. It's been about a year and a half that I'm in Orkin and my job is to train the dog, so canine handler with Orkin. You don't want me to spell it? Okay. My name it's Nathalie Leblond and it's been about a year and a half that I work for Orkin. And my job is to train the dog, so canine handler for Orkin. I have my working dog. It's Stella, yes. We've had him for about eight months and she's about three years old. So she's gonna work for a good five to seven years. She just started in this job. She's good to go for another five to seven years. As a working woman for Orkin, I think we should have more. There should be more women who come to work here. It really would be to let them knowing that even if it's not too sure how it works. Or if you can do the job, that you all have possible resources where they will show you what to do, give you all the necessary tools. They're gonna send you in training to make sure you can do the job. I think there should be more women who are willing, to take the chance to come work in a job where it is, I would say, more "male oriented". So, it's just to give them a little boost. from the beginning, to know they're gonna have everything they need, if that's what they want to do. The job here is one that takes a lot of attention. It's really work. You really have to love working with dogs. because when you get home, it's "24 hours a day." You train her all the time. I have to walk her, I have to take her to the vet... There's a lot of business coming with the job here. So you really have to like working with dogs and train them all the time to improve them. So when I go to work, she comes to my house with me. She lives with me. The dog belongs to Orkin, but I take care of her. So, make sure she gets enough exercise, feed her, take her to the vet, things like that. I'm the one who takes care of her. So it doesn't take much. It's really a 24-hour job. Evenings, weekends, I work her all the time. You really need to have a passion for dogs and for working with dogs to be able to do this job. If you have this, it's the perfect job. Yeah, that's right. The rest of us, a lot of our contracts, what we do is we go every month. We have contracts that we go and inspect. It must be 10 to 20 rooms per month to be sure. It's really preventive. So if there's a bug, we want to make sure we find it before someone, a client, comes in and finds it. And we want to make sure we find it before it's a big infestation. So, this is really important to be proactive. It's to come in and make sure that even if we don't find anything, eventually we'll find the only bug there before someone else finds it. And let's say... She can find a bug where it is easy for us, as technicians, to miss it . because the bug can be hidden in the furniture, in the wall, but even if there is only one, she will find it. And then, let's say she does her inspection and sits down, because that's what she'll do, she'll sit down and let me know there's a bug, I'll go confirm, I'll make sure there's a bug. Even though I have to flip everything upside down just to make sure there's something there. And when I find her, she's gonna get her food. With her it's "fun" because it's a game. It's really like, she wants to find the bug because she wants food. It's not like a job to her, it's like a game. That's why she comes so excited when we go to work because it's "fun" and she's going to have good food. It's really important to keep your working dog that way. It's not really to force her to work, it's really "fun" for her. And she likes it. You can see... She comes so excited. She's really calm. as a dog, but when she starts working you can really see her energy because she loves it so much

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Nathalie Leblonde

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