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TROM: 2B-U - Ideas and Situations - Luck (2.0)

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[Luck] [ Definition of luck : Unexpected chance or favorable conjuncture that ensures the success of an action. ] If we relate it to human beings then we think that luck is a favorable situation, generally in extreme circumstances, caused by a process you didn't have any involvement in. Whether you win the lottery or have an accident and survive against the odds, we call that situation luck. But let's talk about luck from the monetary system, because it is a system that relies on it. In the monetary system we have social classes which are determined by the degree of comfort a person has. We can’t choose where to be born, so our future is determined by chance. If a child is born into a rich family he will not be forced to work for confort because his family will provide it for him. Just think that in this system you can put some money in the bank, let's say a million dollars, and the bank can give you every month an amount like a salary. If a family puts a large amount of money in the bank for their child, this child will be paid by the system without doing anything. Luck has two sides; one good, the other bad. This is because our world is based on duality. Bad luck happens in the same manner as good luck, but it has the opposite affect: you loose. This can be illustrated by a child born into an extremely poor family, he could die of starvation or get ill because of the poor conditions. These types of situations are due to the monetary system that allows, and maintains, an extreme inequality between people. It's an extremely risky situation for any human being born on a planet ruled by the monetary system because he can die shortly after birth due to the conditions in which he was born or raised, or he can face an excessive limitation, only because of the environment in which he was born. But luck has even become a selling idea in the monetary system in the form of gambling. From the lottery, to competitions by drawing lots, in the monetary system there are many sorts of situations from which you can raise your level of comfort. But: 1. You can only sell luck in an unequal society because you offer a life changing reward. 2. The monetary system is based on profit leading indirectly to corruption, any game can also be corrupted. Some would say fruit machines are just another form of hassle because like every good hassle they suck you in with the promise of gain something than nothing We all know that plain fruit machines are gamble, but Alex, Jazz and Paul are going to reveal a few things you might not know about your real chances of winning. There's about a quarter of a million fruit machines in this country. There's a good reason for that, the machines cost a lot to buy but the profit returns for the owners are ginormous We used to call this the "one-armed bandit" and that was probably because we were really good at robbing you the money, but It's perfectly legal although the amount of money they decide to take is entirely determined by the operate of the machine The machines can be set by the owners to pay out the fifth percentage of what the gambler puts in. And in UK the minimum percentage they can legally pay back is seventy percent. So that means for every ten pounds inserted the gambler will only win back an average of seven pounds in prices. The last of the seventy percent, you can call almost an organized form of hassling. So that just put you in the corner waiting for you to fall for it. You can get chips like this over the internet *??* you can get hold of this and insert them into the machine I'll show you exactly were they go You see where it says percentage key, over here? If you put one of these chips in there, you can change the percentage *rate?* and put it down as low as twenty percent, so if you are a dodgy fruit machine owner you can slide one of these into your fruit machine and make it pay out a lot less that what it legally should. They are quite *?* and you can't win money on them but in the long one you won't be winning in anyone machine. I mean, what kind of information do you know when you walk up to a machine This one is called *back to axe?*, it has a picture of a large lady with lot of hair That's it, that's all you know A man with a certain configuration of the body may have luck only because the monetary system has created jobs for this certain configuration; like modeling. A sick man who doesn’t have enough money for the surgery he needs can die because he wasn’t lucky enough to be in a more wealthy environment. A child born in New York has access to the internet, he has transportation, television and other useful objects and comfort, all because he was born in America; if he was born in Africa, in a poor city, he might not even have food to eat. A criminal may walk free because of a lack of evidence due to this current justice system which is based on an interpretable language in an unequal society. [ Alternative Solutions ] Luck from the monetary system is not only supported by situations; like maintaining inequality between men, but is also sold through various games. A society that doesn't have social classes and scientifically defines only what does exist, does not produce lucky situations. Again; a society without social classes in which the human being lives to discover, having access to goods, services and information, does not allow luck to exist. [ 1) eliminating social classes through abundance 2) education 3) a different system ] A society that promotes luck either has an interest in it, or is unable to solve the problem. Luck is an invention of human beings, an invention so diluted that it is hard to find it's meaning, but the monetary system, through it's competitive and unequal nature, leaves room for this kind of situation which is interpreted as being lucky. Luck, an invention perpetuated by the monetary system- which is also an invention.

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Description : TROM represents the biggest documentary ever created, but, also the only one that tries to analyse everything : from science to monetary system and real solutions to improve everyone's life. A new and real way to look about the world. " Before the Big-Bang, till present, and beyond."

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