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2019 - Belinda LYGHT _ AUDIO REF

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Hi Belinda thank you for joining us today. When I saw your name on our interview I actually remember you from a blog post - Yes. - from 2016. Yes. - Did you submit that through the blog your story. - Yes. OK. So we spoke years ago about that because I remember working on it with you. I went back and I read your post and I was looking at it and I remember this now. And I know you had such an incredible start - to your business. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Do you want to recap that a little bit for me? So the year is 2015. I had just started selling Tupperware in February of 2015 sorry. 2015 was the beginning of it all. General Elliot recruited me through a party that I had hosted and you know first I was just going to I was unemployed. I wanted to earn a little extra money because I wasn't employed anymore and I was trying really hard to make more than just a little you know it's a multiple parties a week partying both Facebook partying, through in home parties, and just trying to make a go of it. We were expecting our what would have been our third child at the time? and roughly a couple of months later One or two months later we found out that we lost the baby and we had to go through. You know I had to have a DNC because my body wasn't recognizing the issue of having a baby that did not have a heartbeat. And so we went. We endured had that same night that I had the DNC done. I ended up finishing my confidence Start program. So it was you know I mean I had a surgery technically a surgery that day and then I went back and finished because I used Tupperware to propel myself through anything that was difficult because I had I definitely had control over how I could advance in this business - and focus your energy on something good. - Yes. Then would have been two months later my husband started to slur speech and stumble and lose balance easily and you know it's usually not you don't you don't go to the doctor and they don't give you a diagnosis right away. They try to treat the symptoms of what you're having and possibly it might be an infection and maybe things like that after you know a couple of months of going through that we pursued it further. Kind of demanding a sort of neurological evaluation. And they did an MRI and they discovered that he had MS. So that is it's an autoimmune disease. He'll always have it. It is in remission now. So okay. So it's being treated with medications but that the same month is when I stepped up to manager then the following month my daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after having a lot of stomach issues over the summer. And I when I guess you could say I really had to channel it. And because at that point in time I always say to my mother I said I felt like a chair that had four legs cut off And I was just teetering on one leg because it was you know all it was going to take was just a little slight brush and I was going to fall over and I went and I propelled forward with my business I had my largest sales month ever. - And that was - that was in August. It would have been August of 2015. My personal sales as of that date. Obviously things have changed since then. But that was how I got started in the business. And then by April of the following year I stepped up to director. So within a year with all those things happened. What do you think it was about? Tupperware about the business as a whole that helped you to keep going? The people! Honestly it was the people. Because it was my up line. Whom it wasn't like that caring that comes with Oh you're working and that means I'm benefiting from it. It was that genuine caring the genuine love the genuine we would do anything for you not just saying it but meaning it. They were remarkable through all of that. And there were a lot of times I'd go to my up line’s house and I'd cry it out because I couldn’t cry at home I don't want to cry at home in front of them and you know she'd hear me and you know we would kind of come up with a course of action because we knew that that was what drove me through that year. But definitely the people being able to go to an in home party and escape that reality for a few minutes was fun going back home and entering into all the orders more time to be able to do that. So update us from 2016 then to now. What's changed for you? in my business or my life in your business and then how that affects your life. OK. So I stepped up now as to star director and I have an organization that sold over eight hundred thousand last year I have multiple directors within my down line now so I'm talking like I'm like the great grandmother Now so it's kind of crazy to kind of see that happening with all of them. But so I mean huge growth in my business this has enabled my family to do things that we never would have done. My husband and I I've gone to where we took our family to Disney World. On a My Wow. A new director. Then my wild growth. We went to my husband and I went to Hawaii and it was so fun to get to experience that with Scott and Janelle. So my help line same trip as I did. And so we had to spend that quality time with them too. We we've been able to have there's not that stress and that worry about what's going to happen next month? because my husband he was laid off from his job and we were still able to make it through. Had I not had Tupperware that wouldn't have happened! We probably would have had to take out a second mortgage on our house. And is he involved in your business too. - He is. He is so supportive - good he is so supportive. Like we're talking about OK. There’s a vendor event. But I have a party the same day. And he's there helping me make sure I have everything in line so that I have it all ready to go. He helps me all the time with my business. He is really supportive. And I really think that a truly supportive spouse and a truly supportive up line really helps to propel you through the business because you have you have people who genuinely are cheering you on and that feels good. You know it's like a child like you know they're cheering you along the way and you know that's when you take those steps so you take those first steps and second steps and they start running. So how about your kids today use any of the products today. Did they help you with deliveries and thank you. Oh my kids right now are obsessed with the power chef. Like everything has to be diced even if it shouldn't be diced. This has to be everything [Inaudible] - I have now my daughter is my oldest is 11 - OK. My son is almost five and now my child that was born our rainbow baby third child - that was born after - Congratulations - she is almost three. - Wow. So we've got a lot of chefs then the kids you know and they can probably use like the microwave breakfast maker. Oh my daughter my oldest does and she uses the micro breakfast maker she makes. She likes poached eggs. [Inaudible] She says she likes those. And then she's taken a lot of Tupperware to school. I mean it's just kind of like kids I guess, can I get to say this, they say Snob! She's the Tupperware snob but we're totally OK with that That's great. raising her right. Yes. What are... so those are some of her favorite products? what are some of yours or what are some that you must use at your party. I always demo the micro pressure cooker because it saves so much time and I know that there are a lot of people are really into pressure cooking right now - with countertop method. - Yeah but the thing is that the Tupperware is still by far safer. And you have that guarantee on it too. You know if something goes wrong and it's a manufacturer thing. I mean there you go. You have a new one. So I use my pressure cooker. I actually have two. because I always know I have one that's clean because I might use it multiple times a day for myself. - Yeah - but I always demo a pressure cooker at the parties. I also demo the power chef because it's the save us all! A wallet in the kit. - Yes. - So you want to make sure you're using the power chef in every party because you want to want everyone to have a reason to join and that might be the reason is that they want to get that for a great deal. Do you have any favorite pressure cooker recipes? you know I love it for roasts - and I mean I don't necessarily - okay do like the conventional always with the Tupperware recipes but we have done. I think there is that there's a mac and cheese recipe that we've used before like a pressure cooked that's fast. Like if your kids are dying and you don't know Kraft macaroni and cheese. That's the one to use. But we love we do a lot of like we’re meat and potatoes kind of family and we do a lot in there. But you have that's by far the things that we've done a whole chickens in it. - Oh I've never done. - yeah. - Yeah - [Inaudible] so what do you think makes your parties unique. I'm kind of funny. I like to make jokes. Okay. So it's it. I try to lighten the mood because I feel like people come into these parties - and they're you know sometimes they - [Inaudible] pressure. They feel like me and this person is to try to get me to join trade and so I just the moment I walk in the door I'm just you know I'm they're usually setting up at the moment they walk and I'm trying to lighten the mood so that everybody feels like they're my friend. I like I try to build connections and friendships with each and every person that goes to that party because I want them to know that I'm a real person. I'm not just a saleswoman. I am a person who happens to sell Tupperware - and that you know - something relatable. Yes I'm relatable and I'm your friend. - Before I am a salesperson - Yeah. and I'm sure people appreciate that too. I'm sure your guests appreciate that too. Not just coming in and being feeling like you know I think that they don't feel bombarded necessarily with the sale aspect. Like I want them to get to know me and I want to get to know them. And usually by the time because my pirate parties are usually two hours and then the last hourish I collect orders and I answer any questions and I clean up. And typically by then they're just talking away telling me about their entire life. So I think that that's really important is building those connections and you want them to come back to you if you don't establish those connections They can’t come back to you. So since you've joined years ago how have you seen yourself change personally and maybe professionally too but just as a person have you watched yourself grow? I have seen myself. I always felt like I wasn't content in anything that I did because you know I didn't like him to a boss I didn't like having to ask permission - to go do things - Yeah I didn't like. Oh I have to take two hours of PTO to run to this appointment. I just didn't like having to answer to someone else for myself because it felt like a dictatorship. a lot time for me I think that's the free bird and me I want to be flying and I have seen myself I was pretty miserable in a conventional work environment because it just wasn't me and I hadn't found me yet! And I feel like I found myself because of Tupperware like I found then blended, that I was supposed to be that I wasn't going to find in the workforce and who is that person? That person's confident that person enjoys doing what she does instead of dreading doing what I am, what I do which is what I would work used to be for me. It's a person who is feels like she has the ability to connect with people more than just coworkers it's the person who gets to go to their kid's basketball games dance recitals things like that. I get to do those things now without having to ask somebody. So I think overall my entire home life is happier because I'm happy. You know they always say There's that expression "If mommy ain’t happy, ain't no one happy!” There's some truth to that. Happy wife happy life. Yes there's definitely truth to that because if you're content it's just life just seems to click for you and everything. Everything just seems to flow easier. So what's been your best Tupperware moment so far you said a lot. There' so many moments that I've been proud of. But I think the best moment actually was when I promoted out my first director. And then again this past year when she had a lead that was that's really big for me because I like watching the people that are affected by you know me helping them along succeed. So I think that my favorite moments are the pride that I have for those those are in my down line on my team and they're realizing their own ability. Yeah I think that that that's what really makes me the happiest to seeing them succeed. And do you see them grow in the same way that you did. - Oh yeah - yeah Yeah I definitely do. I think that anyone who has given time because you have to give it time you can't just expect that it's a get rich quick thing. You have to give it time and but through that they always say you know time is memories. And it really is because I'm creating all of these memories now with people that I wouldn't have if I hadn't given them time and I think that the pride that I feel far overshadows anything that I've accomplished myself. I'm sure they can see that in you. And that's why they like it to be a part of your team. Yeah. And the one downstairs like two seconds. My VALERIE [Laughing] So how do you find the courage? or the inspiration to do things that are more challenging those more challenging days maybe you just don't feel like going to a party you don't feel like picking up the phone. How do you get through that? My husband and my employee really because you know we don't ever you know if I'm ever feeling like that sluggishness I don't I don't ever tell my team about it. They never know if I'm having bad days except if it's something where I'm like I'm going to be away I have this going on. But I feel like my husband's always the first because he's always the one that I'm talking about things to first and he's always encouraging me. Oh honey you know you're going to get to the party and you're going to feel so much better about the day. You know it might even be oh I lost this in the house and I can't figure out where I put it and because you know you hide things in a place that you know you're going to find them mean you forget where they are. But you know he's very you can be just fine. You're going to get there and everything is going to just fall into place. It's going to be great you know and even my up line any time I've ever had anything that was a struggle or a bother for me and I mentioned it to them it was OK. Now how do we fix it? And it was the" we"! it wasn't the how do "you" fix it. How do "we" fix that? - How are they helping you? - Yeah. And that's really impactful. And you know knowing you're never alone. That's what gets me through Knows I'm never alone. And it sounds like you carry that same feeling On you to pay it forward. - [Inaudible] - Yeah. I think you mentioned this but why Tupperware? Why not another drug sales company? There were before. Before there was I mean I had tried Avon. I tried. Perfectly Posh. I had tried other things. Nothing ever seemed to just fall into place. It just didn't work. And I didn't necessarily love the products. I think it was like a convenience like what have I heard of in this area. Oh this is what I'll do. And nothing just took off you know and I did try. I gave it time and it didn't work. And so I was like well I'm not meant to do this. I think we made Tupperware unique was that you Yes you are the face that sells the Tupperware But Tupperware has such a reputation it tends To sell itself especially you know bulls. You know when you get into the newer products like the pressure cooker and the Micro pro grill. These are things that do. That's why you demo those at parties because everybody they know about the bowls. That's the trademark. This stuff is newer. They need to know about these things too. But I think it was the that everyone's like Tupperware. I love Tupperware because they know it. It's so tried and true and I honestly do it's the support I got for my up line. It was I mean I would say at least every other day when I was starting off that Janelle would reach out to me. I mean look at her though. - I mean we get her now. - Yeah and I joined her when she was a director. So I've seen her and Stephanie Meester who was her up line. - All just boom. - [Inaudible] - Rock on. - Yeah. You know the potential. - [Inaudible] - Yeah. I mean I I've seen what can happen in this business and how fast it can happen you know and I've seen what a good leader did for me and why she has seen so much growth so in your area then Tupperware is pretty well known but when you do the demos at your parties with things like the pressure cooker are they surprised or your guests like i don't know. Yeah. Oh it's always this. I didn't even know Tupperware Even made stuff like that. You know you hear that. I would say I if I had a dollar for every time I heard that I would have probably a few thousand dollars! And what do you say back to that. Or is it more to show you. Well usually I just say to them I'm like you know Tupperware started as the bowls You know and I tell the story about How Tupperware started and you know and how it was? It was bowls and i said that you know and then as time went on we started adding different items and we've had a lot. I mean we had toys you know but as far as microwaveable and that and especially metal! that goes into the microwave. What are you talking about? I got a funny story about that one It’s just a squirrel. My daughter took her thermos and stuck it in the microwave at school because she thought she could. I'm like Oh Hanna! No! it's just the special Tupperware that has metal. [Laughing] It's like a special metal not that one. And I was like you’re lucky it didn't explode or anything so Yeah. She's good but maybe she'll join the research and design team. - [Inaudible] - There we go. But yeah I think that explaining how it's like Tupperware has evolved. We still have the bowls but we've gone and we have products that really are you know I mean when you're talking about the initial Lock and Serve and now what we have is Vent & Serves better quality and more uses. I mean gosh you know I get so many different uses that I haven't even got my quick my quick chef I my power chef I do a lot with those I cook bake cakes I use that for baking cakes because I mix them in it it's those are the products that you do have to sell them on. Those are the products that they. That's why you need to show them you. I always bring bowls so that they can feel them but those are the things that I need to demo the ones that are the newer products. It's usually just. I didn't know they made stuff like that but they usually buy them. So. So I'm Tupperware is growing expanding broadening their product line but at the same time they're really helping a lot of women have careers who may not have otherwise had one or for whatever reason. What would what do you feel about what Tupperware has done for women well in a world where a lot of six figure jobs are almost if you have 10 applicants and seven of them are women and three of them are men. The likelihood that the man is going to get the job even though it's a 70 30 ratio is probably 80 percent. You know I mean the world is still as much as we've come a long ways. We're still struggling but with Tupperware there are so many women that even I know who make six figures a year from selling bulls quote unquote because that's what people say. You mean people make money selling bowls I mean women have the ability to be the income earner in their family. The higher income earner the almost you know the head of household even in my tax account. [Inaudible] But a lot of women and a lot of the women that I know they do make more than their husbands. They make two or three times more than their husbands. It doesn't mean that we look down on them or anything like that because that's not who we are. But it helps gain confidence for us because we finally have jobs and not necessarily a position but we're you know - Self-employed entrepreneurs. - Entrepreneur We have a chance to make a difference in our lives but also encourage women and men along the way. I do have a male director in my down line so I was the first one in the rock on. So I mean that's still I'm OK with watching men succeed. I just think that women need to have venues and Tupperware is that venue and it's very doable and I've seen it happen and multiple times. So I just think that women gain confidence in knowing that they have capability. And what do you think that means for your daughter to be watching you succeed so much with your own business. Well I don't know where she's going to like sell Tupperware too. because that's her plan to go outside her mom. And I was like OK well you got to find your own people. She's ready to sell Tupperware because she's seen how it's changed things for me. So I think it's so wonderful because I see her looking at direct sales and Tupperware as an opportunity as a female. And she's a child who is extremely artistic. She wants to be an artist and she knows that it's not necessarily something that's going to pay out isn't going to be very livable. When she starts out and she's like that's okay mom, I'll do Tupperware - so she knows that you have [inaudible]. - [Inaudible] she knows that you can actually make livable wages and all livable income. And she knows that that's possible. I think that's pretty awesome that she can live her dream and fund it with Tupperware. - Yeah that's so awesome. - You know. - Yeah. - She's smart. [Inaudible] Was there anything you want to share about? your stories that you haven't already [Inaudible] you mentioned how much to now and Stephanie has inspired you. Is there any anything else that inspires you? Well they'll inspire me. Kirsten. Stephanie and Janelle. So Kirsten is she's remarkable. I mean I've I watched her or grow too because right around the time I came along is when things started to boom it's just watching women who build people up instead of tearing them down as like is huge for me because that's not that's not the norm in a work a work type environment and to have that in your life is extremely encouraging. And I've flown out to Seattle so that I could go to fall fest and spend time with Kirsten and Stephanie and Janelle. And it's beyond Tupperware. Lifelong friendships and true loyal friendships. And I think that’s also just as important as the income as the business is. The friendships you make and with your team people that will always be part of your life and you know like family. And I think that that is something that has deeply impacted me is just how much more love I have to share and how much more love I've been given because of Tupperware. It's really well said. [Inaudible] [Laughing] Well I really appreciated hearing your story and your time today. So thank you very much. Thank you. So we got a picture. I hope it wasn't much pressure. I hope we made it easy It’s not too bad, m just sitting [Inaudible] you did not seem like that little.

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2019 - Belinda LYGHT _ AUDIO REF

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