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Lotus People Mental Health Awareness Month - Meditation

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I've always heard such positive reviews of meditation people talking about improved quality of sleep better concentration during the day and just a general appreciation of the smaller things in life I'm one of those people whose mind is always racing I'm always thinking of 10 things at once and I started to realise that my mind was always in overdrive and it was starting to effect my physical health I think the concept of meditation is so simple it's free, you can do it anywhere, I thought why not give it a go. The thing I've found, and would say most people would agree with to really benefit from meditation, it needs to become a daily habit Like trying to create any new habit, this was difficult for me at first When I first started I would meditate in the evenings but my evenings are just too inconsistent I could often stick to it from Monday to Thursday but as soon as the weekend came around, I'd forget or I'd just find something better to do and now I meditate in the mornings, it's the first thing I do when I wake up before checking emails, before making a tea and its such a beautiful way to start the day to just sit with yourself and just 'be', for 15 - 20 minutes before all that external stimuli starts entering the brain and I've found that evening sticking to it for a week I can really start to feel the benefits Meditation has honestly had such a positive effect on my life I sometimes forget, and it might not be until I'm away for a weekend and I miss a morning of meditation and I wonder why I feel a bit crap that day I think my general levels of happiness have increased so I feel like I'm able to handle stressful situations better I'm able to reflect on my emotions rather than let them take over and another big one for me is the quality of sleep and being able to fall asleep quicker My advise for anyone wanting to start meditation and give it a go is to join a class or do an introduction to meditation workshop or use an app I use the Headspace app and really love it there are just so many different meditations to choose from for different situations and I think at first you really need to commit to doing guided meditations it can be really challenging just sitting on your own and trying to meditate if you have no idea what you're doing It's a skill, and it's something you need to train your brain to do like any other skill So definitely my advise would be to make the most of the apps and the classes and the other resources out there available

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