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How to Run an Online Program-NEW

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>> Are you curious how online entrepreneurs put together amazing virtual programs for their clients? In this module, we'll not only teach you the exact steps to take to launch an online program, we're also giving you two programs you can use to support your clients virtually. What's so great about online programs anyway? Online programs are a wonderful way to give your prospects a taste of what it's like to work with you at a much lower price point. Once they've taken your program, the likelihood that they'll sign up for private coaching is much higher. You can look at these offerings as a gateway to your private coaching programs. They're also a fantastic way to bring in passive income because you can set them up once and then offer them without much support, which means you're making money while working less. Pretty cool, huh. Let's walk through the steps of launching these programs. One, decide on the kind of program you're going to offer. In this course, we've included a 7-day and a 30-day done-for-you program you can use online. Creating your own can take a lot of work, so we've done all the writing and the design for you. If you do decide to create your own, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper. What will your program be about? How long will it be? Who will write it? Who will design it? Two, choose your price. What will you charge for this program? Prices can be very subjective and vary depending on the coach and the audience. Think about the length of your program and the type of support you'll be providing. The longer the program and the more support you'll offer, the higher you'll want to set the price. To get an idea of what to charge for your program, check out what other entrepreneurs in your niche charge for their programs. This will give you a ballpark range to choose from. Three, decide on how you'll offer your program. There are two ways you can offer online programs, live or do it yourself. Live programs start and end at a specific time and are usually offered to groups of people. These live programs often include a private Facebook group and live calls for support. Because of the higher level of support, these programs can be offered at a higher price point. However, they do limit the signups for your program to the registration period and they require more of a time commitment. Do-it-yourself or DIY programs start the moment the client hits the buy button on your website. These courses are typically offered without any extra support and are open for registration year-round, although there may be periods where you promote them more than usual. Four, get clear on what's included. Some ideas of what you might include are an ebook with relevant information, an email series that supports them throughout the program, a Facebook group where they can ask questions and interact with other participants, email coaching where you answer any questions they have related to the program by email, private coaching calls which you can offer for an additional fee. Five, choose your upsell. What will you promote to clients after the program is over? Will you promote your group program or private coaching packages? You can include this in an email that you send upon completion of the program. We've included an example of this kind of follow up email and the email sequences for the 7-day and 30-day programs. Six, set everything up. For this step, we suggest hiring someone to help you with the technical aspects of setting up your online program. If you're more technically inclined, you can use online tutorials and the resources included in the How to Set Up your Opt in Offer and How to Set Up your Follow-up Email Series handout to set everything up yourself. Seven, market and promote your program. In this course, we've talked about a variety of ways to market yourself both online and offline. Due to the nature of online programs, we found that the best way to promote an online course is through email marketing and social media. Use the resources provided to you in this course to create a marketing plan that will help you to reach your goals for your launch. In this module, we've included a Launch Timeline and Launch Planning worksheet to help you plan your launch. The worksheets will walk you through each step of the process and they'll serve as a guide for your launch. To recap, we talked about how you can use online programs to grow your business and sign new coaching clients. We then learned how to create, launch, and promote an online program. Be sure to check out the Launch Timeline and Launch Planning worksheet to get started.

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How to Run an Online Program-NEW

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