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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~19:18:39 - 19:34:18

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I think I am going to have some corn chips. Oh, really? Um... Can I order one salad too? Or one salad for each. Salads, pizzas and some pasta. Oh no, the meal I always order is not on the menu. What? The same one? Salmon cream sauce pasta. Why don't you ask? But... it would be like... I can eat anything. Yeah. How about some drinks? Some drinks. Excuse me. Hold on, I will be with you in a second. You look different today. You think so? - Yeah. You look like an Hawaiian girl lately. You think so? Yeah, you look different for sure. - Are you ready to order? I would like to have a glass of draft beer. - Draft beer, OK. Could I have a glass of iced homemade ginger ale? I would like to have a glass of iced Darjeeling tea. - Iced, OK. Could I have a glass of iced jasmin tea? - Sure. I thought you wanted a banana one. - No. And... I would like to have corn chips. - OK. And... Bacon egg salad. - OK. What else... pizzas? Whatever you like. Whatever you like... - Whatever I like? Any pizzas are fine for me. What is your recommended pizza? Basil and mozzarella pizza is good. - I'll have that, please. Oh, and this one may sound good to you too, zucchini and meat sauce pizza. - I'll have that, please. Which one would you like to order? I think two pizzas would be good since it's kind of a big group. Yes, one for each. One basil and mozzarella pizza and one zucchini and meat sauce. - OK. And I also would like to have Moussaka. Moussaka? What is your recommended pasta? We have a new menu for pasta now... and our recommended pasta is in this new menu. We have pasta with bacon and mushroom. What else is there... would you like pasta with salted cod roe? I am just disappointed with this new menu. It doesn't have my favorite salmon pasta. We haven't had that on our menu for a long time. OK then, I would like to have some pasta. - I think you'd prefer penne pasta. Good, then I will have that. All right, is that all? - Yes, for now. How about potatoes? - Yes, I want some! That was fast. Nomu san, are you going to have the one with anchovy and watercress? Would you like the normal one? - No, no way. - Would like .... one? I think I can eat the normal one. - Let me repeat your order, potatoes with anchovy, corn chips, bacon salad, mozzarella and meat sauce pizzas and penne pasta. Is that all? - Yes, thank you. Is it okay I just act normal during this recording? Yes. That is the most tough part. If I can act normal, ... everything that can't be edited... Maybe you can do it. No? Can you... on the internet? I am not sure yet. I am already feeling a lot of pressure. Huh? Like I have to have a non-stop conversation. Then everything wouldn't be spoiled. Especially when I drink alcohol. Where do you live now? On Kawagoe Kaidou (Route #254)? Yes, exactly. What do you mean by 'exactly'? If you open the window and look outside, then you can see Kawagoe Kaidou. Some rice fields too? I meant to tell you I have a friend in Tokorozawa, and I go to see him by motorcycle sometimes. And I also go to... everytime I am on the motorcycle on Kawagoe Kaidou, I see buses saying "Atomi University". With pink flowers. I know. I pass those buses all the time. And I remembered you were saying something like Kawagoe Kaidou. Is your university in Shiki? - Sorry? Shiki. - Shiki... Yes, you can go to my university from Shiki too. From Shiki or Niiza. Is it close? - From Niiza? Yes. I went... the other day by my motorcycle. Then, as soon as I came out Kawagoe Kaidou like this, So many buses from her university's. Are they school buses of your university? - Yes. School buses came out in front of me like... Those school buses have gaudy patterns, don't they? I mean... they are middle-sized buses but I can't tell whether they have flower-patterns on their buses. I don't know what they are. They've got weird patterns on their buses. It's like pink color. - That's right. So, if I ever wanted to visit your university, I get on the bus he is talking about? - Yeah. Students go to the nearest station and catch those buses. If you choose to walk, it will take about 30 minutes. Is your university... - Yes. Really? - It seems like you want to get on the bus so bad. Your university is in the middle of nowhere. - Yes. I thought your university is in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. That's part of our university's campus too. So that means... um... on Kawagoe Kaidou... You know National Route connects Urawa and Tokorozawa. I am not sure. Which city is your university in? - In Nobidome... In Novidome, Niiza city. Well, do you know Don Quixote on Kawagoe Kaidou? - Yes. It's closer to Saitama prefecture side than to Don Quixote. You can walk to Don Quixote though. I see. There's a road I always get on every time I go to... - Maybe you're right. Really. - On Augurst 7th? I am not sure it is going to be a trial math but it's gonna be at Kurihama. I have no idea about anybody and anywhere you are talking about. Pulitzer is coming, dude. Mr. Pulitzer. Who is it? - Mr. Shimakawa. The guy you saw last time... - Who is it? Who is it? That's terrible. That is Melrose. Australia and New Zealand. They are a sponsor of ... maker. Why don't you start playing Rugby... - So many people are wanting me to play basketball too. Yeah? - They want me to play. Which one, Rugby? - No, basketball. Japan Wheelchair Twin Basketball Federation? - I am not sure. - I think you can join them. I am not tall enough. - Please don't start it. I am 3cm shorter than the time I was fine, seriously. I was shocked. Were you a good basketball player when you were fine? How about tennis? - I used to play tennis but I am not good at it. If people in wheelchairs race, I think playing tennis in wheelchairs... - Oh OK. Thank you for waiting. Do you remember the event you came at the last minute in Ikebukuro? - Yeah, I remember. They told me they were going to demonstrate Wheelchair Tennis behind where we were. Really? I didn't know that. I will bring it shortly. This one is hot. Yes, you put some ice in it and make it cold. As soon as you put a straw into this glass of beer, bubbles... - It may lose carbonation. So, if you like to put a straw, then go for it... OK, understood. No thank you. How about a toast? - Will you give a toast, Maru? Please. He is doing something else, so... Did you get it? - Get what? - An official job offer. Yes, I got it. - Congratulations. Our toast is over. It's over now. Are you sure? Anyway, yes. I got an official job offer. If I can graduate in April, I am going to be SE at Fujitsu. System Engineer? - Yes. I work hard to protect my home as a home security guard too. Aren't you amazed by me? I am a home security guard. It sounds good, you know. My home is secured by SECOM home security service but I guard my home as a home security guard. Anyway, congratulation. Congratulation. - Thank you. Congratulations. Can't you drink it yet? - What? - Or you don't want to drink it. I can't drink beer. - I am gonna use a straw. - No, it's too dangerous. It's definitely too dangerous. - I am scared. But it looks like I can drink now. - No way. Wow, so much foam. I am so exquisite, don't you think? -Foam looks good. - Amazing. It tastes good. I tell you, it tastes really good. I never want to go out with you, ever. - You came by car? By car? Oh, that's why. That's not good. Nobody would say it tastes bad after somebody asking you "It looks good." I wonder why it creates that much foam. Are you going to work at headquarters of Fujitsu? I think so. - In Kawasaki? Is it in Kawasaki? Didn't you know that? - I am not sure but I think I will rent an apartment. ... was working at Fujitsu too but he/she never told me it was in Kawasaki. Really? I don't believe that. - But Fujitsu is a sponsor of Kawasaki Frontale (J. League, soccer team). I am not sure because there are so many sections in Fujitsu, you know. I don't know. - I know somebody works for Fujitsu too. He/she is a marathon runner. I wonder who it is. Fujitsu has many people in wheelchairs. Yeah, I know. - That's what I heard. I heard they hire many handicapped people. I know somebody who is handicapped and works for them too. - It must be close to... zero point... what percentage...if they have that many? One point, how many. 0.8%, maybe? It has to be over 1%. - Thank you for waiting. This is bacon egg salad. If you think that way, workers at Fujitsu... That means it's good, right? 10 in 1,000 people are... Yes, indeed. - I can get it out from my bag. Look at this, it's amazing. I already had some but it doesn't look like I haven't touch it yet. Yeah. - You didn't drink at all though. You need to drink more. - Shut up. You should use this too instead of putting so many jangling stuff on your knees. So I can confirm them in my own eyes if they are on my knees. That's true. - I think he is talking about the looks of it. What is this? Three against one? - Because you know, Because I use it everyday like it's normal thing... - Then give it to me. This? As a present for me. As an anniversary of being a home security guard. Is there anything good about it by giving you this as a present? Then don't give it to me. - No, that's not what I said. I will think about it if there is anything good about it. - Anything good about it? Yes. - I don't think there is. By giving you this, you know... Maybe you will be happy. Maybe your mom will be happy. If it comes back to me like that then... I would be more than happy to give it to you. Anyway, let's play soccer. - No, I don't want to play soccer. Anything has to be about playing soccer. You said you are a home security guard, but you can't do anything even if anybody comes in. Even though you are a home security guard, if someone comes in... - Scream. I am guarding. I lock the door. Oh boy. - Thank you. Living room is ... but I guard other rooms. - It sounds too good to be true.

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GL Japan Tape 14 (iv)

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